Making train travel more accessible.(Papworth Trust)

Making train travel more accessible

We want train travel in the UK to be easier for disabled and older people.

Accessible trains survey

Nearly 800 disabled people told us about their experiences of travelling by train. We received lots of comments from people praising rail staff as very helpful and polite.

However, over half of people who took part avoid or prefer not to use the train.

In 12 years, train companies have made great progress in making stations more accessible, meaning that 2 in 3 journeys in England are now made through an accessible station.

In our report, we’ve suggested ways the Government and train companies can improve accessibility at more stations. We have identified some small and easy changes which could make a big difference for disabled passengers.

Improvements to rail accessibility

One significant change could be made by making access improvements at only 67 stations. This would mean that three quarters of all journeys in England would be made through accessible stations.

Two thirds of disabled people responding to our survey said they would be more likely to use trains more frequently if they could turn up and go, rather than book assistance ahead of their journey. We think train companies are missing opportunities by not introducing a ‘turn up and go’ service at accessible stations.

In an article by The Guardian about our report findings, the transport minister Lady Kramer responded,

As well as investing in stations, we are encouraging more operators to introduce ‘turn up and go’ service for disabled passengers.

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