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On-Shed ” Preserving the steam locomotive legacy.. and more..on film”

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Backlit Steam at Buckfastleigh GWR 0-6-0PT No. 6412 departs from Buckfastleigh station on the South Devon Railway. This was at the end of the first day of the February 2015 Branchline Weekend.(C) Nigel Power on Steam Tube


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Steam Tube Video Highlights
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100 Trains….the journey so far….
Tornado…The Story so far…
New & ReBuild News.
B & O Railroad Museum TV
A-Z Great Railway Engineers (S)
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Radstock to Frome Railway Project
Christian Wolmar…
Around the World in 80 Railways. (No 57:India’s Frontier Railways)
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A warm welcome to this edition of “On Shed”. As well as the usual features, there are filmed interviews with Martin Creese, Jeremy Higgins, and Christian Wolmar… and comments from Gerry Troyna about his life and work with filming the railways of India…
First, the interview with Jeremy Higgins, whose book “Great War Railwaymen” was featured in the Michael Portillo presented “Railways of The Great War”. We met at Leamington Spa Station, which was signicant, and key to the writing of the book….

Jeremy Higgins, author of Great War Railwaymen explains the inspiration behind his book, and his personal reactions and feelings to his seven year (and counting!) research project and support for two worthy and related charities.

Steam Tube Photographic Highlights 

Swanage's boiler, MHR,  27 March 201545699 Galatea at Hoghton Towers2807 at Winchcombe on the GWSR 17th March 2015KWVR Winter Gala 2015 Steel Steam & Stars IV Autotrain at LlangollenP1010144Hornby Dublo 3 rail item 3217 0-6-2 Tank 69567martrest 0020 Mayflower at Tempsford 12th March 2015dublo-3rail-prices34067 - Tangmere'Sapper' on the Crossing Steel Steam and Stars IV GalaNegotiating the bendSher gala 1aa10Miles Platting Bank Mayflower 1/3/15img039bress1023IMG_3555 DUCHESS of SUTHERLAND

Steam Tube Video Highlights

46115 Flattens Aisgill on The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express 28/3/15.West Somerset Railway Spring Steam Gala 2015Boilershop shunting, Ropley, MHR, 27 March 2015Ride behind GWR 2 8 0 No 2857 from Highley to Bewdley outputLMS Jubilee 45699 Galatea at Preston Railway Station with 'The Pendle Dalesman'Severn Valley Railway Spring Steam Gala pt2 Sat 21 March 2015Preserved Line Bluebell Railway Titfield Thunderbolt Live! (2012)THE CUMBRIAN JUBILEE 21-3-1545690 Leander - Takes On The S&C & Storms Shap - Cumbrian JubileeLMS Royal Scot 46115 Scots Guardsman at Carlisle Railway Station with 'The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express' 46115 Storms through Oxenholme on the ill fated The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express 21/3/15.45690 Attacks Blea Moor on The Cumbrian Jubilee 21/3/15Llangollen Railway, Steel,Steam and Stars IV 2015 03 13, 14, 15, Berwyn 1 in 80Slideshow - Welsh Narrow Gauge Railways, photographed in 1967. 34092 & 3802 On The Night Ferry Through Berwyn - Steel Steam & Stars IVLlangollen Railway - Steel, Steam & Stars IV - Berwyn Station46115 Storms up Shap on The Cumbrian Coast Express 14/3/15.Main Line 2010 Pt3 North Norfolk Railway, March Steam Gala pt2 Sat 7 March 2015Tangmere 07 03 2015The Easterling, 61306 Mayflower, 8th March 2015.The Red Dragon 07-03-2015

Steam Tube Blogs

Steam Age Daydreams – Trains of thought (Dave Wilson)

Let’s do the time warp again

44871blkwht It’s April 1966, the country is in the grip of World Cup fever, Bobby Charlton has hair, and it’s a couple of months to go before we hear, ‘they thinks it’s all over, …. it is now’. Two years later and the steam railway we knew and loved had joined the Dodo and the Dinosaur, just a few old bones in dusty museums. Science and technology would provide us with a clean bright future, there would be no more ‘jam tomorrow’ – it was to be jam today and everyday. Clearly they either lied, or they meant traffic jam, maybe a bit of both. There’s an odd kind of solidity about the scene, great slabs of riveted metal,  station buildings, erected using local stone, even the squat, brick built, signal box seems rooted. No.44871 has a bit of a patina, genuinely ‘weathered’, steam clings around the injectors and drifts idly from the taps, a line of passengers move across the footbridge to and from the train – it’s almost real. The oddity of it – attempting to photographically re-create, no resurrect, those dusty dinosaur bones and flightless Dodo feathers – to make visible the contents of our memory. Images created from 0 and 1, lasting no longer than a few hundredths of  a second, haul us back, back to a point where things did seem solid, known, and understood – an escape from an intangible and uncertain future.  Before our very eyes a world of fakebelieve has become an industry – all our yesterdays have become tomorrow’s money maker  – ‘All aboard’, the gravy train is now departing.

More like this at: http://steamagedaydreams.co.uk

Other titles include: Rural Rustic    and  God’s not so green acres 

100 Trains….the journey so far….

KIndle Version. Join Iain on his virtual train trip “Greatest Train Journeys In The World” …..HERE..and at  www.100trains.com. 100 Trains was originally planned as a single, rather long, personal round-the-world-by-train journey. Over 50,000km on the rails. A journey which would include all of the best railways and trains in the world. A very detailed journey that was 18 months in the planning. I set out from Glasgow (on the world-famous West Highland Railway) on Monday 12 August 2013. However, due to a worsening medical condition, the journey was abandoned in Novosibirsk, Siberia. After completing over 21,000 km. So not bad going. The highlight of the original attempt was, without doubt, the Inlandsbanan in Sweden. UPDATE: March 2015 Now, after 17 months of being poked and prodded by a never-ending procession of head-scratching medical professionals, a diagnosis of my health condition has still to be made. Other than “it is evidently a very rare condition”. No Shit, Sherlock! Recently though, symptoms have worsened to the extent that, if I ever want to complete this journey (and there is nothing I want more) then it has become a case of “Now or Never” – while there is still some communication between my brain & legs.

Tim White and myself (left) on the Kyle Line on Day 1 of the original trip.

Not exactly what I’d planned (but life’s like that I suppose). The enforced change of plans does have one major benefit though: When I was originally planning the best route to take, there was one area where I had two options. Eastern Europe to Asia. And I wanted to do both (but the logistics of the trip meant that I could only do one or the other). The northern route, the one I ended up following, meant a journey on the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway (a lifelong dream of mine). The southern route, through Turkey and Iran, which was just as appealing, only narrowly missed out when I had to choose between them. Now though? I will return by the southern route – and experience both routes after all 🙂 Every cloud…. I now need YOUR help to continue this project. Be part of it! The original journey was self-funded. However, as all personal funds have been swallowed up by living expenses and medical bills over the last 15 months, this final leg is being funded by YOU (the Friends of 100 Trains). If you would like to support this project, and be recognised for doing so, please Become a “Friend of 100 Trains” today.   So what do you get for your £25? (less than USD$40) Twitter Retweets (RT): All of your own future tweets will be RT’d by: @UKHotelNetwork (over 18,000 followers); @100trains (over 6,000 followers); and @hotrev (almost 5,000 followers). SEO: Where applicable, direct links will be made to your website, Facebook & Twitter pages from our Friends of 100Trains page.

100 Trains. Be part of it.

*Paypal will convert to your currency of choice.        A million thanks! Now, All Aboard!

Tornado…The Story so far…

Steam Tube’s Log of Tornado’s Career to date

Where to travel Please keep an eye on this page for the annual diary of Tornado’s 2015 mainline tours plus her preserved railway visits. More details will be published on this website as more trains are finalised (contact details for the rail tour companies and preserved lines appear at the bottom of the page)

30th May – ‘The Cumbrian Fells Express’ Britsol to Appleby and return (Tornado, Crewe – Appleby – Crewe) – Pathfinder

2nd June – ‘The White Rose’ King’s Cross to York with D9009 Alycidon and return with Tornado – UK Railtours

4th June – The Railway Children Special – Belmond British Pullman

10th July – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

22nd July – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

8th August – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

11th August – 2nd September – Nene Valley Railway – full details here.

11th September – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

23rd September – London Victoria to Bristol and return – Belmond British Pullman

6th November – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

8th December – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

12th December – Surrey Hills Excursion – Belmond British Pullman

31st December – ‘St. Mungo Anniversary Tour’ York to Newcastle and return – A1SLT

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.

Please carefully check Tornado’s dates of operation and services on the preserved lines visits using the relevant website links below as actual dates and times of operation may vary from the above shown.

Belmond British Pullman

Tel: 020 3117 1300020 3117 1300

Web: www.belmond.com/british-pullman-train

Nene Valley Railway

Tel: 01780 78444401780 784444

Web: www.nvr.org.uk

Pathfinder Tours

Tel: 01453 83541401453 835414

Web: www.pathfindertours.co.uk

UK Railtours

Tel: 01438 71505001438 715050

Web: www.ukrailtours.com

New & ReBuild News.(Hengist, Unknown Warrior.. Miller Project)

Hengist: Latest news at http://www.72010-hengist.org/

LMS Patriot Project

Project Miller 41001 Returns!.

US Union Pacific Big Boy 4014

Latest News..and Video..HERE.  

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust

More information at: http://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/news.php

Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2

. Photo

Photo courtesy B & O Museum Large Steam Locomotive of the East #1309 is transferred to Western Maryland Scenic Railroad for restoration and operation Latest News…on Facebook

Australia Project 6029 (Beyer Garratt 6029 ex-NSWGR) Up to date information regarding steam locomotive 6029 in Canberra, ACT Australia. Beyer Garratt 6029 is an EX NSWGR locomotive and was a member of the largest, and most powerful class in Australia. The restoration to full working order has been  undertaken by volunteers in Canberra. Latest  news at http://blog.project6029.com   Latest News: http://www.vicsteam.com/

B & O Railroad Museum TV: Each month the B&O TV Network, starring actor Michael Gross, spotlights a moment in B&O Railroad history. Take a journey into the past and view one or all of these episodes posted on YouTube.

A-Z Great Railway Engineers (S)

(Details being added…)

Rudolf Sanzin(Austria)  measurement techniques

Friedrich Sauthoff.(GER) Sauthoff’s resistance formula for train motion

Ferdinand Schichau (GER) Schichau-Werke

Wilhelm Schmidt. (GER) hot steam Schmidt, developer of the superheated steam technology

Matthias Schönerer (Austria) railway pioneer

Johann Andreas Schubert. (GER) first practical German steam locomotive Saxonia 1839

Marc Seguin,France, first French locomotive engineer; independent inventor of the fire-tube boiler and blast pipe

Ephraim Shay, (US) inventor of the Shay locomotive

Werner von Siemens(GER) first electric locomotive, Siemens-Werke

Frank Julian Sprague, (US) “Father of electric traction” in the USA, tramway, train safety system

Moritz Stambke (GER) development of the German state railway norms

George Stephenson, (9 June 1781 – 12 August 1848) built the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotion (Liverpool – Manchester(1830)Renowned as the “Father of Railways”, his rail gauge of 4 feet 8 12 inches (1,435 mm), sometimes called “Stephenson gauge”, is the standard gauge by name and by convention for most of the world’s railways. Photo

“Father of the Railways”

Robert Stephenson, (16 October 1803 – 12 October 1859) son of George, winner of the Rainhill trials.

Robert L. Stevens,(US) inventor of the Flanged T rail

Patrick Stirling, CME of the Great Northern Railway where his famous 8 ft singles (4-2-2’s) were the principal express engines for many years, achieving world-wide fame

George S. Strong,(US) introduced new locomotives types in American much in advance of their time

William Stroudley, one of Britain’s most famous steam locomotive engineers of the 19th century, working principally for LB&SCR. Designed some of the most famous and longest lived steam locomotives of his era

Emil Strub, Strub rack railway system (SWTZ)

Johann Stumpf (GER) best known for popularising the uniflow steam engine around 1909

Mainline Steam Schedule

Railway Herald – Railtours

Listing offered in good faith. No guarantees offered or implied. Please confirm runnings with operators. Please observe Network Rail photographic guidelines.Thank you.

Wednesday 1st April 2015

The Pendle Dalesman (Compass By West Coast)

  • WCRC 47/57 Northampton (pu) – Rugby (pu) – Nuneaton (pu) – Tamworth Low Level (pu) – Lichfield Trent Valley (pu) – Rugeley Trent Valley (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Warrington Bank Quay (pu) – Wigan North Western (pu) – Preston (pu) –
  • Steam tba Preston – Blackburn – Hellifield – S&C – Appleby – Carlisle
  • Steam tba Carlisle (pu) – Shap – Preston (sd) –
  • WRCC 47/57 Preston – Wigan North Western (sd) – Warrington Bank Quay (sd) – Crewe (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Rugeley Trent Valley (sd) – Lichfield Trent Valley (sd) – Tamworth Low Level (sd) – Nuneaton (sd) – Rugby (sd) – Northampton

The Cathedrals Express (Steam Dreams)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Oxford (pu) – Goring & Streatley (pu) – Aldermaston (pu) – Newbury (pu) – Westbury
  • 61306 Westbury – Taunton – Exeter St. Davids (pu) – (sd) – Newton Abbot – Paignton (sd) – Kingswear
  • 61306 Kingswear (pu) – Paignton (pu) – Newton Abbot – Exeter St. Davidfs (sd) (pu) – Taunton – Westbury
  • WCRC 47/57 pool Westbury – Newbury (sd) – Aldermaston (sd) – Goring & Streatley (sd) – Oxford

Friday 3rd April 2015

The Easter Chieftain: Day 1 (Pathfinder Tours)

  • To be confirmed Salisbury (pu) – Westbury (pu) – Chippenham (pu) – Swindon (pu) – Oxford (pu) – Banbury (pu) – Leamington Spa (pu) – Coventry (pu) – Nuneaton (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Preston (pu) – Inverness

Saturday 4th April 2015

The Easter Chieftain: Day 2 (Pathfinder Tours)

  • To be confirmed Inverness (pu) – Kyle of Lochalsh (break/rev) -Inverness

The Wansbeck (Railway Touring Company)

  • WCRC 47/57 York (pu) – Darlington (pu) – Durham (pu) – Newcastle upon Tyne (pu) – Heaton Yard
  • 61994 and 61264 tnt Heaton Yard – Morpeth
  • 61994 and 61264 tnt Morpeth – Bedlington – Newsham
  • 61994 and 61264 tnt Newsham – Marches House & Ashington Junctions – Lynemouth Colliery
  • 61994 and 61264 tnt Lynemouth Colliery – Marches House Junction
  • 61994 and 61264 tnt Marches House Junction – North Blyth
  • 61994 and 61264 North Blyth – Bedlingtonc – Newsham – Newcastle upon Tyne – Durham – Stockton – Middlesbrough – Boulby
  • 61994 and 61264 Boulby – Middlesbrough – Tees yard
  • 61994 Tees Yard – Eaglescliffe – Darlington – Newcastle upon Tyne (sd) –
  • WCRC 47/57 Newcastle upon Tyne – Durham (sd) – Darlington (sd) – York

Additional Tour Information

29/1: Revised route

Added 17:45 on Friday 30th January 2015

The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express (re-dated To 11th April) (Railway Touring Company)

  • 86259 London Euston (pu) – Watford Junction (pu) – Milton Keynes Central (pu) – Northampton (by service train to Rugby) – Rugby – Nuneaton – Crewe (pu)
  • To be confirmed Carnforth – Shap – Carlisle
  • To be confirmed Carlisle – Appleby – S&C – Hellifield – Blackburn (sd) (for Preston) – Warrington Bank Quay – Crewe (sd)
  • 86259 Crewe – Nuneaton (sd) – Rugby (sd) – (Northampton by service train from Rugby) – Milton Keynes Central (sd) – Watford Junction (sd) – London Euston

Chester Or Llandudno (West Coast Railway Company)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Cleethorpes (pu) – Grimsby (pu) – Harbrough (pu) – Barnetby (pu) – Scunthorpe (pu) – Thorne South (pu) – Chester (sd) – Flint – Rhyl – Colwyn Bay – Llandudno Junction – Llandudno Town (break/rev) & return

Sunday 5th April 2015

The Easter Chieftain: Day 3 (Pathfinder Tours)

  • To be confirmed Inverness (pu) – Tain (sd) – Lairg (sd) – Dunrobin Castle (sd) – Thurso (break/rev) & return

Monday 6th April 2015

The Easter Chieftain: Day 4 (Pathfinder Tours)

  • To be confirmed Inverness (pu) – Preston (sd) – Crewe (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Nuneaton (sd) – Coventry (sd) – Leamington Spa (sd) – Banbury (sd) – Oxford (sd) – Swindon (sd) – Chippenham (sd) – Westbury (sd) – Salisbury

The Hadrian (re-dated From 11th April) (Railway Touring Company)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Leicester (pu) – Loughborough – East Midlands Parkway (pu) – Langley Mill (pu) – Alfreton (pu) – Leeds – Skipton – Hellifield
  • 60009 Hellifield – SC – Appleby – Carlisle
  • 60009 Carlisle (pu) – Hexham – Durham – York
  • WCRC 47/57 pool York – Alfreton (sd) – Langley Mill (sd) – East Midlands Parkway (sd) – Loughborough (sd) – Leicester

Wednesday 8th April 2015

The Cathedrals Express (Steam Dreams)

  • 61306 Salisbury (pu) – Andover (pu) – Whitchurch (pu) – Basingstoke (pu) – Farnborough (pu) – Woking (pu) – Hounslow (pu) – Clapham Junction (pu) – Bromley South (pu) -Canterbury West
  • 61306 Canterbury West – Kent Coast – Bromley South – Clapham Junction – ?
  • WCRC Class 47/57 ? – Hounslow (sd) – Woking (sd) – Farnborough (sd) – Basingstoke (sd) – Whitchurch (sd) – Andover (sd) – Salisbury

The Salopian Express (To Be Confirmed)

  • WCRC 47/57 Dumfries (pu) – Annan (pu) – Gretna Green (pu) – Carlisle (pu) – Penrith (pu) – Oxenholme Lake District (pu) – Lancaster (pu) – Preston (pu) –
  • Steam tba Preston – Wigan North Western (pu) – Warrington Bank Quay – Frodsham – Chester – Wrexham General – Gobowen – Shrewsbury
  • Steam tba Shrewsbury – Whitchurch – Crewe – Wigan North Western (sd) – Preston (sd) –
  • WCRC 47/57 Preston – Lancaster (sd) – Oxenholme Lake District (sd) – Penrith (sd) – Carlisle (sd) – Gretna Green (sd) – Annan (sd) – Dumfries

Saturday 11th April 2015

Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter (52A Tours)

  • 55009 Linlithgow (pu) – Edinburgh Waverley (pu) – Newcastle upon Tyne (pu) – Darlington (pu) – York (pu) – London Kings Cross (break/rev) & return

The Great Western Express (Chester Model Railway Club)

  • WCRC 47 Hooton (pu) – Bache (pu) – Wrexham General (pu) – Gobowen (pu) – Shrewsbury (pu) – Wellington – Cosford – Wolverhampton – Kidderminster – Worcester Shrub Hill (sd) – Cheltenham Spa (sd) – Stroud – Sapperton – Swindon – Didcot – Oxford
  • WCRC 47 Oxford (pu) – Moreton-in-Marsh – Evesham – Worcester Shrub Hill (pu) – Kidderminster – Wolverhampton – Cosford – Wellington – Shrewsbury (sd) – Gobowen (sd) – Wrtexham General (sd) – Bache (sd) – Hooton

The Wight & Sussex Express (Compass By West Coast)

  • WCRC 47/57 Hooton (pu) – Bache (pu) – Wrexham General (pu) – Gobowen (pu) – Shrewsbury (pu) – Wellington (pu) – Telford Central (pu) – Wolverhampton (pu) – Rowley Regis (pu) – Stourbridge Junction (pu) – Kidderminster (pu) – Worcester Shrub Hill (pu) – Portsmouth Harbour (sd) – Chichester (break/rev) & return

The Chester Experience (PMR Tours)

  • WCRC 47/57 Lincoln (pu) – Newark Castle (pu) – Nottingham (pu) – Derby (pu) –
  • 46233 Derby – Burton upon Trent (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe – Chester
  • 46233 Chester (pu) – Crewe – Stafford (sd) – Burton upon Trent (sd) – Derby (sd) –
  • WCRC 47/57 Derby – Nottingham (sd) – Newark Castle (sd) – Lincoln

The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express (Railway Touring Company)

  • 86259 London Euston (pu) – Watford Junction (pu) – Milton Keynes Central (pu) – Northampton (by service train to Rugby) – Rugby – Nuneaton – Crewe (pu)
  • 46115 Crewe (pu) – Preston (pu) (outwards) – Lancaster – Shap – Carlisle
  • 46115 Carlisle (pu) – Appleby – S&C – Hellifield – Blackburn – Farington Junction (tbc)
  • 86259 Farington Junction (tbc) – Crewe (sd) – Lichfield Trent Valley – Nuneaton (sd) – Rugby (sd) – (Northampton (sd) by service train) – Milton Keynes Central (sd) – Watford Junction (sd) – London Euston

Additional Tour Information

6?11: re-dated due to ‘encountering problems accessing the WCML on 4th April’.

Added 01:26 on Friday 7th November 2014

The Hadrian (re-dated To 6th April) (Railway Touring Company)

  • To be confirmed Leicester – Carlisle – Hexham – Durham – York – Leicester

Additional Tour Information

6/11: related forward to 6th April due to engineering work in Leicester area

Added 01:21 on Friday 7th November 2014

The Settle & Carlisle Statesman (Statesman Rail)

  • WCRC Class 47 Cardiff Central (pu) – Newport (pu) – Cwmbran (pu) – Abergavenny (pu) – Hereford (pu) – Leominster (pu) – Ludlow (pu) – Craven Arms (pu) – Church Stretton (pu) – Shrewsbury (pu) – Nantwich (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Warrington Bank Quay (pu) – Wigan North Western (pu) – Blackburn – Hellifield – S&C – Carlisle
  • WCRC Class 47 Carlisle (pu) – Cumbrian Coast – Wigan North Western (sd) – Warrington Bank Quay (sd) – Crewe (sd) – Nantwich (sd) – Shrewsbury (sd) – Church Stretton (sd) – Craven Arms (sd) – Ludlow (sd) – Leominster (sd) – Hereford (sd) – Abergavenny (sd) – Cwmbran (sd) – Newport (sd) – Cardiff Central

The Humber Sceptre (UK Railtours)

  • tba Finsbury Park (pu) – Potters Bar (pu) – Stevenage (pu) – Peterborough (pu) – Newark Northgate – Lincoln – Market Rasen – Barnetby – Stallingborough – ABP Grimsby & Immingham Docks branches (route tbc) – Ulceby – Stallingborough – Cleethorpes
  • tba Cleethorpes – Barnetby – Market Rasen – Lincoln – Newark Northgate – Peterborough (sd) – Stevenage (sd) – Potters Bar (sd) – Finsbury Park

The Coastal Explorer (re-dated To 18 April) (Vintage Trains)

  • To be confirmed Tyseley – Shap – Carlisle – Cumbrian Coast – Carnforth – Tyseley

Additional Tour Information

28/11/14: re-dated to 18th April

Added 09:06 on Friday 28th November 2014

The City Of New Orleans (Vintage Trains)

  • 5043 Tyseley Warwick Road (pu) – Coleshill Parkway (pu) – Nuneaton – Leicester – Sheet Stores to Stenson Junctions – Burton upon Trent – Tamworth – Coleshill Parkway (sd) – Tyseley Warwick Road

Steam Along The Cumbrian Coast (West Coast Railway Company)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Bridlington (pu) – Driffield (pu) – Beverley (pu) – Cottingham (pu) – Brough (pu) – Selby (pu) – Leeds – Hellifield – S&C – Carlisle
  • Steam tba Carlisle (pu) – Maryport – Workington – Ravenglass – Ulverston – Grange over sands – Carnforth – Wennington – Giggleswick – Hellifield – Skipton – Leeds – York – Darlington (sd) – Eaglescliffe (sd) – Thornaby (sd) – Middlesbrough (sd) – Redcar Central (sd) – Saltburn
  • WCRC 47/57 Carnforth – Selby (sd) – Brough (sd) – Cottingham (sd) – Beverley (sd) – Driffield (sd) – Bridlington

Sunday 12th April 2015

The Dimple, Darley And Dale (Pathfinder Tours)

  • DRS Class 20 x 2 Crewe (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Rugeley Town – Cannock – Walsall (pu) – Dudley Rub Round Siding
  • DRS Class 20 x 2 and DRS Class 37 tnt Dudley Run Round Siding – Walsall – Sutton Park – Castle Bromwich – Camp Hill Line – Kings Norton – Barnt Green – Bromsgrove
  • DRS Class 20 x 2 Bromsgrove – Barnt Green – Selly Oak – Birmingham New Street – Aston – Sutton Coldfield – Lichfield City – Alrewas – Wichnor Junction – Burton upon Trent – derby – Ambergate Junction – Matlock – Rowsley South
  • DRS Class 20 x 2 Rowsley South – Matlock – Ambergate Junction – Derby – Burton upon Trent – Tamworth High Level – Water Orton – Sutton Park – Walsall (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Crewe

Monday 13th April 2015

The North Yorkshire Moors & Heartbeat Exolorer (Compass By West Coast)

  • WCRC 47/57 Chester (pu) – Frodsham (pu) – Warrington Bank Quay (pu) – Wigan North Western (pu) – Leyland (pu) – Blackburn (pu) – Accrington (pu) – Burnley Manchester Road (pu) – Hebden Bridge (pu) – Sowerby Bridge (pu) – Brighouse (pu) – Grosmont (sd) – Whitby (break/rev) & return

Wednesday 15th April 2015

The Royal Windsor Express (Compass By West Coast)

  • WCRC 47/57 Holyhead (pu) – Llanfair (pu) – Bangor (pu) – Llandudno Junction (pu) – Colwyn Bay (pu) – Rhyl (pu) – Flint (pu) – Chester (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Lichfield Trent Valley (pu) – Kensington Olympia (sd) – Windsor & Eton Riverside (break/rev) & return

Thursday 16th April 2015

The Cathedrals Express (Steam Dreams)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Colchester (pu) – Ipswich (pu) – Bury St.Edmunds (sd) – Ely (pu) – March (sd) – Peterborough (pu) – Grantham (pu) – Hellifield
  • Steam tbc Hellifield – S&C – Appleby – Carlisle (break/rev) – Carlisle – Appleby – S&C – Hellifield
  • WCRC 47/57 Hellifeld – Grantham (sd) – Peterborough (sd) – March (sd) – Ely (sd) – Bury St. Edmunds (sd) – Ipswich (sd) – Colchester

Friday 17th April 2015

Cornish Riviera Statesman: Day 1 (Statesman Rail)

  • WCRC Class 47 Leeds (pu) – Wakefield Westgate (pu) – Doncaster (pu) – Meadowhall (pu) – Sheffield (pu) – Chesterfield (pu) – Belper (pu) – Derby (pu) – Long Eaton (pu) – East Midlands Parkway (pu) – Loughborough (pu) – Leicester (pu) – Hinckley (pu) – Nuneaton (pu) – Water Orton (pu) – Barnt Green (pu) – Truro (sd) – Penzance

Saturday 18th April 2015

The Green Dragon (Hastings Diesels Limited)

  • Hastings DEMU Hastings (pu) – St. Leonards Warrior Square (pu) – Battle (pu) – Etchingham (pu) – Tunbridge Wells (pu) – Tonbridge (pu) – Redhill (pu) – Reading (pu) – Swindon – Bristol Parkway – Severn Tunnel – Newport – Cardiff Central

The Dean Forest Explorer (NENTA Traintours)

  • WCRC 47/57 pool Dereham (MNR) (pu) – Norwich (pu) – Wymondham (pu) – Attleborough (pu) – Thetford (pu) – Brandon (pu) – Ely (pu) – Cambridge (pu) – Royston (pu) – Hitchin (pu) – Bath Spa (sd) – Bristol Temple Meads (break/rev) & return

York & North Eastern Explorer (Pathfinder Tours)

  • DBS Class 67 Westbury (pu) – Trowbridge (pu) – Bradford upon Avon (pu) – Bath Spa (pu) – Bristol Parkway (pu) – Cam & Dursley (pu) – Cheltenham Spa (pu) – Barnt Green (pu) – Derby – Chesterfield – York (sd) – Darlington (sd) – Durham (sd) – Newcastle upon Tyne (break/rev) & return-

The Buxton Spa Express (Railway Touring Company)

  • WCRC Class 47 Preston (pu) – Wigan North Western (pu) – Bolton (pu) – Manchester Victoria (pu) –
  • 61994 Manchester Victoria – Route tbc – Buxton Spa
  • 61994 Buxton Spa (pu) – Chinley – Hope Valley – Sheffield – Moorthorpe – Wakefield Kirkgate – Mirfield – Brighouse – Hebdon Bridge – Todmorden – Copy Pit – Blackburn – Manchester Victoria
  • WCRC Class 47 Manchester Victoria – Bolton (sd) – Wigan North Western (sd) – Preston

The Dartmouth Express (Railway Touring Company)

  • WCRC Class 47 Woking (pu) – Guildford (pu) – Reading (pu) – Newbury (pu) – Westbury (pu)
  • 70000 Westbury – Taunton – Exeter St. Davids – Newton Abbot – Torquay – Paignton – Kingswear
  • 70000 Kingswear – Paignton – Torquay – Newton Abbot – Exeter St. Davids – Taunton – Westbury (sd)
  • WCRC Class 47 Westbury – Newbury (sd) – Reading (sd) – Guildford (sd) – Woking

The Coastal Explorer (Vintage Trains)

  • 47773 Tyseley Warwick Road (pu) – Birmingham New Street (pu) – Wolverhampton (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Wiagn North Western (pu) – Carnforth
  • 5043 Carnforth – Shap – Penrith – Carlisle
  • 5043 Carlisle (pu) – Maryport – Workington – Raavenglass – Ulverston – Grange over Sands – Carnforth
  • 47773 and 5043 Carnforth- Wigan North Western (sd) – Crewe (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Wolverhampton (sd) – Birmingham New Street (sd) – Tyseley Warwick Road

Sunday 19th April 2015

BLS S&C Desiro Tracker (Branch Line Society)

  • TPE Class 185 x 2 Manchester Piccadilly (pu) – tba (rev) – Manchester Piccadilly – Manchester Oxford Road – Wigan North Western (pu) – Preston Carriage Sidings & Shunting Road – Carnforth D&UGL – Oxenholme DGL – Tebay DGL – Shap Summit (crossover to Up) – Hardendale (crossover to Down) – Harriisons Sidings DGL – Penrith (pl. 3) – Upperby Bridge Junction – Carlisle – High Wapping Siding – Wall Siding No. 1 – Quintinshill DPL – Lockerbie DL – Beattock (rev) – Lockerbie UPL – Quintinshill UPL – Carlisle (break) – Kirkby Stephen (photo stop) – Kirkby Stephen URS – Garsdale URS – Blea Moor UGL – Hellifield UGL – Blackburn – Wigan North Western (sd) – Manchester Oxford Road (sd) – Manchester Piccadilly

Cornish Riviera Statesman: Day 3 (Statesman Rail)

  • WCRC Class 47 Penzance (pu) – Truro (sd) – Barnt Green (sd) – Water Orton (sd) – Nuneaton (sd) – Hinckley (sd) – Leicester (sd) – Loughborough (sd) – East Midlands Parkway (sd) – Long Eaton (sd) – Derby (sd) – Belper (sd) – Chesterfield (sd) – Sheffield (sd) – Meadowhall (sd) – Doncaster (sd) – Wakefield Westgate (sd) – Leeds (no main line activity on day 2)

The Cathedral Express (Steam Dreams)

  • WCRC 47/57 London Paddington (pu) – Slough (pu) – Maidenhead (pu) – Reading (pu) – Newbury (pu) – Westbury
  • 61306 Westbury – Taunton – Exeter St. Davids (sd) – Newton Abbot – Torquay – Paignton – Kingswear
  • 61306 Kingswear (pu) – Paignton – Torquay – Newton Abbot – Exeter St. Davids – Taunton – Westbury
  • WCRC 47/57 Westbury – Newbury (sd) – Reading (sd) – Maidenhead (sd) – Slough (sd) – London Paddington

Thursday 23rd April 2015

The Cathedral Express (Steam Dreams)

  • 61306 Southend Airport (pu) – Hockley (pu) – Wickford (pu) – Shenfield (pu) – Stratford (East London) – Oxford – Warwick (sd) – Stratford upon Avon
  • 61306 Stratford upon Avon (pu) – Warwick (pu) – Oxford – London area
  • WCRC 47/57 London Area – Stratford (East London) (sd) – Shenfield (sd) – Wickford (sd) – Hockley (sd) – Southend Airport

Saturday 25th April 2015

The Jolly Fisherman (Compass By West Coast)

  • WCRC 47/57 Preston (pu) – wigan North Western (pu) – St. Helens Central (pu) – Liverpool Lime Street (pu) – Liverpool South Parkway (pu) – Runcorn (pu) – Hartford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Stoke on Trent (pu) – Blythe Bridge (pu) – Uttoxeter (pu) – Tutbury & Hatton (pu) – Lincoln Central (sd) – Skegness (break/rev) & return

The Torbay Explorer (Pathfinder Tours)

  • DRS Class 37 x 2 Crewe (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Tame Bridge Parkway (pu) – Birmingham New street (pu) – Barnt Green (pu) – Cheltenham Spa (pu) – Cam & Dursley (pu) – Bristol Parkway (pu) – Taunton – Exeter St. Davids
  • DRS Class 37 x 2 Exeter St. Davids – Crediton – Okehampton (break/rev) – Crediton – Exeter St. Davids
  • Class 37 x 2 Exeter St. Davids – Exeter Central – Honiton – Yeovil Junction – Yeovil Pen Mill – Castle Cary – Westbury – Bath Spa – Bristol Parkway (sd) – Cam & Dursley (sd) – Cheltenham Spa (sd) – Barnt Green (sd) – Birmingham New Street (sd) – Tame Bridge Parkway (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Crewe

The Heart Of Wales (Railway Touring Company)

  • WCRC Class 47 Chesterfield (pu) – Alfreton (pu) – Langley Mill (pu) – East Midlands Parkway (pu) – Loughborough (pu) – Leicester (pu) – Nuneaton (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Shrewsbury
  • 44871 and 45407 Shrewsbury – Craven Arms – Llandrindod Wells (break) – Llandeilo – Pantyffynnon – Swansea District Line – Port Talbot Parkway – Bridgend – Cardiff – Pengam Sidings
  • WCRC Class 47 Pengam Sidings – Severn tunnel Junction – Chepstow – Gloucester – Lickey Incline – Birmingham New Street (sd) – Nuneaton (sd) – Leicester (sd) – Loughborough (sd) – East Midlands Parkway (sd) – Langley Mill (sd) – Alfreton (sd) – Chesterfield

Additional Tour Information

25/3: now steam hauled from Shrewsbury to Pengam Sidings via Llandrindod Wells and the Central Wales Line. Outward via Wolverhampton returning via Gloucester, Lickey Incline and Birmingham New Street (sd for Crewe).

Added 11:35 on Wednesday 25th March 2015

Settle & Carlisle Statesman (Statesman Rail)

  • WCRC Class 47 Derby (pu) – Long Eaton (pu) – East Midlands Parkway (pu) – Loughborough (pu) – Leicester (pu) – Narborough (pu) – Hinckley (pu) – Nuneaton (pu) – Tamworth Low Level (pu) – Lichfield Trent Valley (pu) – Rugeley Trent Valley (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Blackburn – S&C – Carlisle
  • WCRC Class 47 Carlisle (pu) – Cumbrian Coast – Crewe (sd) – Stafford (sd) – Rugeley Trent Valley (sd) – Lichfield Trent Valley (sd) – Tamworth Low Level (sd) – Nuneaton (sd) – Hinckley (sd) – Leicester (sd) – Loughborough (sd) – East Midlands Parkway (sd) – Long Eaton (sd) – Derby

Ticket To Ryde (UK Railtours)

  • SWT 159 London Waterloo (pu) – Woking (pu) – Portsmouth Harbour (for Isle of Wight) (break/rev) & return

The Ticket To Ride (Vintage Trains)

  • 5043 Tyseley Warwick Road (pu) – Birmingham New Street (pu) – Wolverhampton (pu) – Stafford (pu) – Crewe (pu) – Liverpool Lime Street (break/rev) & return

Sunday 26th April 2015

The Fife Circle (morning Train) (SRPS Railtours)

  • 46233 Edinburgh Waverley (pu) – Princes Street Gardens – Haymarket – Dalmeny – Forth Bridge – Inverkeithing – Burntisland – Kirkcaldy – Thornton Junctions – Cowdenbeath – Dunfermline Town – Inverkeithing – Forth Bridge – Dalmeny – Haymarket West Junction – Edinburgh South Suburban Line – Niddrie West to Portobello Junctions – Edinburgh Waverley

The Fife Circle (afternoon Train) (SRPS Railtours)

  • 46233 Edinburgh Waverley (pu) – Princes Street Gardens – Haymarket – Dalmeny – Forth Bridge – Inverkeithing – Burntisland – Kirkcaldy – Thornton Junctions – Cowdenbeath – Dunfermline Town – Inverkeithing – Forth Bridge – Dalmeny – Haymarket West Junction – Edinburgh South Suburban Line – Niddrie West to Portobello Junctions – Edinburgh Waverley

Tuesday 28th April 2015

The Great Britain VIII: Day 1 (Railway Touring Company)

  • 34067 London Victoria (pu) – Kensington Olympia – Acton – Reading – Newbury – Westbury – Taunton – Exeter st. Davids –
  • 34067 and 70000 Exeter St.Davids – Dawlish – Newton Abbot – Plymouth – Liskeard – Par

The Cathedrals Express (Steam Dreams)

  • 61306 Horsham (pu) – Ockley (pu) – Holmwood (pu) – Dorking (pu) – Leatherhead (pu) – Cheam (pu) – Bath Spa (sd) – Bristol Temple Meads
  • 61306 Bristol Temple Meads (pu) – Bath Spa (pu) – London Area
  • WCRC 47/57 London Area – Cheam (sd) – Leatherhead (sd) – Dorking (sd) – Holmwood (sd) – Ockley (sd) – Horsham

Wednesday 29th April 2015

The Great Britain VIII: Day 2 (Railway Touring Company)

  • 34067 and 70000 Penzance (pu) – Truro – Liskeard – Plymouth – Newton Abbot – Exeter St. Davids – Taunton – Bristol Temple Meads – Cardiff Central

Thursday 30th April 2015

The Great Britain VIII: Day 3 (Railway Touring Company)

  • 44871 and 45407 Cardiff Central (pu) – Newport – Abergavenny – Hereford – Craven Arms – Shrewsbury – Gobowen – Wrexham General – Chester – Helsby – Warrington Bank Quay – Preston – Carnforth – Grange-over-Sands
  • ——————————————————————————————————————————

On This Day In History

–/04/1916 Motor Rail deliver the first of over 900 petrol engined 60 cm narrow gauge railway locomotives for the British War Department Light Railways on the Western Front (World War I); substantially the same design is in production until the 1980s

1–4/04/2009 Hefei-Wuhan Passenger Railway opens for service in China Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Passenger Railway opens for service in China

01/04/1994 Railtrack takes over running of British Rail infrastructure.

01/04/1901 The West Highland Railway’s Mallaig Extension Railway, operated by the North British Railway, is opened throughout to Mallaig on the west coast of Scotland

05/04/1969 The South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh, reopens as a preserved steam railway, the Dart Valley Railway.

06/04/1927 Garratt locomotives introduced on Toton-Brent coal trains

06/04/1992 First section of Manchester Metrolink opens.

09/04/1984 Saltaire Station,West Yorkshire reopens 20 years after British Railways closure.

13/04/1771 Trevithick, who was born in Cornwall on April 13 1771, patented his steam engine in 1802 and just two years later designed the first railway locomotive. He died in 1833 at the age of 62.

14/04/1951 Southern Railway (India) created as the first zone of Indian Railways by merger of South Indian Railway, Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway and Mysore State Railway

16/04/1853 New Delhi: Exactly 160 years ago and four years before the great revolution of 1857, India’s first passenger train chugged out of Bori Bunder, in what was then Bombay, for Thane, 34 kilometres away. The first railway passenger journey in India happened on April 16, 1853. Three steam locomotives, Sultan, Sindh and Sahib, took 400 invited passengers in 14 carriages on a 57 minute journey

19/04/1916 Ephraim Shay, inventor of the Shay locomotive (b. 1839).

21/04/2010 The Pretoria train accident occurred on 21 April 2010 when a train of carriages on a luxury tourist train operated by Rovos Rail )ran away for 12 miles (19 km) from Centurion Station and derailed at Pretoria. Three people were killed and seven were seriously injured.

22/04/1913 John Saxby, English railway signalling engineer (b. 1821).

25/04/1997 Construction on Phase 2 of Manchester Metrolink project begins.

25/04/1983 Driverless trains on Lille metro opening.

28/04/1996 Gatwick Express,Midland Mainline and Great North Eastern Railway franchises begin…

28/04/2008 Wrexham & Shropshire begin to run passenger services between London Marylebone, West Midlands, Shropshire and north-east Wales. On 28 January 2011 operations ceased after a review concluded there was no prospect of the business ever being profitable.The last train was the 18:30 from London Marylebone to Wrexham General.

30/04/1972 Brighton Belle service between London and Brighton is suspended. http://www.brightonbelle.com/

Help us get her back on the mainline quickly!

People said that it couldn’t be done, but we are bringing back a complete early 1930s train to the mainline; in all its Art Deco splendour, the world’s most famous electric train, the Brighton Belle. The journey has been more complex, more time-consuming and more expensive than we envisaged when we launched the project. While the end is in sight, how soon we complete the restoration really depends on you. Our ambition is to have a complete five car set running within two years – can you help us achieve this. Become a Friend of the Brighton Belle – your regular contributions allow our technical team to better plan ahead and speed up progress. Or dig deep into your pockets and make a donation which takes just a few seconds…..and convince your friends and colleagues to do the same as every contribution gets us to the launch date quicker. Every single pound will bring forward the date when this wonderful train returns to the mainline – where she belongs.                  

Radstock and Frome Railway Project

The Somer-Rail Trust is proud to announce that we have exceeded our initial target of 100 members. The current membership total at the time of this newsletter going to press stands at 118. We could not ever hope to achieve our aims without you and would like to express our gratitude for supporting this project. Thank you! The railway features in Radstock’s regeneration plans The future of Area 3 (the former site of the Marcroft wagon works) was in the spotlight as N.R.R. Co. (Norton Radstock Regeneration Company) and Linden Homes unveiled their plans before the people of Radstock back in February. The next phase of the regeneration of the former railway land will see the construction of 80 larger family homes, with just under half of the site set aside for community use, this will include the possibility of a return of the railway to the town. The main line that runs throughout the entire length of Area 3 has been retained. The plans allow enough room for a platform to be built, running alongside the remaining track. The Brunel engine shed will be seperated from the rail link by a new road., it is highly unlikely the structure will be used for its original purpose. Whether we will be awarded part or full occupancy of the engine shed is at this point unknown, and subject to ongoing negotiations by various interested parties. On the 14th February a working party began clearing vegetation on the line and loosening rails at Great Elm. A second working party to complete the task took place on the 14th March. The rails on the embankment were prepared for removal as far as the Network Rail boundary. This will allow for the next phase of the cycling/walking path to be laid alongside the Mendip Rail line from Great Elm to Frome Junction. This former section of the Bristol to Frome railway is used for the transportation of limestone from the nearby Whatley quarry. The trackwork from Radstock (outside of Area 3) to Great Elm will remain at this time. An alternative route for the cycling/walking path has been acquired by Railway Paths Limited, allowing the railway at a later stage to extend back to Frome. The Mendip Rail line, the extension of the Sustrans Route 24 cyclepath will run alongside…

Christian Wolmar

Christian Wolmar is Britain’s leading transport commentator….so we  were pleased to be able to get an opportunity to speak with Christian about his railway writing career.. This is the first part  of that interview…..The entire interview will be added to On Shed Extra as soon as edited…) Christian Wolmar Interview Part 1 Monday 30th March 2015 Christian Wolmar tells of his getting started in railway writing, and along the way touches on privatisation….

Around the World in 80 Railways. (No 57:India’s Frontier Railways)

MASTER border card 2

Image Courtesy : 3di-tv

If you think of India, and its railways, then you most likely associate the name of Gerry Troyna. Over the years, his name has become synonymous (well, to me, anyway) with outstanding documentaries capturing the reality of the Indian Railway system, whether they be the Hill Railways (Darjeeling, Shimla, Nilgiri) or  urban systems….like Bombay’s railways, from where came the phrase…”super dense crush load“, , coined by railway officials to describe passenger loads on peak-hour trains… And not forgetting the tones of Bernard Hill’s voiceover….. Gerry Troyna and The Railway Chronicle shared a conversation together earlier today (18/03/14)


gerry troyna

Gerry Troyna( Courtesy: www.gerrytroyna.com)

1. Which was your first railway documentary?

My first railway documentary was in 1979. Inspired by Paul Theroux’s book  The Great Railway Bazaar, my BBC boss, decided he wanted to produce a pilot film for a documentary series tentatively called Great Railway Journeys of the World. I was privileged to be selected to produce and direct the pilot in the USA on a train journey that followed the route taken by Robert Louis Stevenson. I travelled with Sir Ludovic Kennedy across America – coast to coast on Amtrak. It was an extraordinary opportunity and unique experience for a young director.

The film was judged worthy of a series and a year later I was making Deccan, a railway journey in India, travelling with writer Brian Thompson – from Bombay to Cochin. And so began my love affair with India and the railways. Both the film Deccan and the series Great Railway Journeys were nominated for BAFTA awards and several seasons of GRJ have followed over the next 20 years.

2. The Bombay Railway and Monsoon Railway…these films must have been challenging to do. How long, typically does preparation and filming take?

Any filming in India is a challenge. Dealing with the Indian bureaucracy is the biggest challenge of all. No filming can take place without the relevant permissions. So there is no set time for preparation, but once you have the relevant paperwork, I usually spend anything between 2 and 6 months researching and filming. During this period I set up office in a suitable location and recruit my team – who are all Indian. Sometimes I will bring a Cameraman or Director from the UK, but the team is predominantly Indian. Each one-hour documentary will take at least one month to research and one month shooting. For Bombay Railway I lived in the city for almost 9 months and for Monsoon Railway in Kolkata for about four months.

3. Your style is quickly apparent… weaving several characters into a composite whole.. and all arriving at the end of the piece together. How do you decide which characters to feature?

The Indian team of researchers is briefed as to what I am looking for and to be conscious of the timescale – since individual stories should have some development and resolution within the production period. Each researcher will be charged with finding two or three interesting characters and stories both on and off the railways. We will discuss how their characters could complement each other, and focus on just a few of them. The final decision on who is in and who is out can only be made in the editing process. The edit for each film takes approximately 3 months.

4. The Indian Hill Railways..an excellent series…had some touching moments…the lady porter whose aspirations for her son bore fruit….How do these individuals respond when they realize that the most intimate details of their lives will be open for all to see?

The advantage of having an Indian research team is that they know the country, the culture and most importantly, they speak the language. Some of them have been working with me for 10 years.

They form lasting relationships with their characters – based on mutual trust – and often these friendships continue for years after the films have been completed.

We never betray that trust and many of these people, by telling their stories often receive help and advice both from the production, its associates and a worldwide audience. The lady porter in Darjeeling, bringing up three children on her own, received so many offers of help from the TV audience that we had to open a bank account for her. She was very happy. We work very hard to ensure that our subjects are fully aware of what we are filming and we have never received any complaint of misrepresentation or that the films have caused them any problems. On the contrary, they are always very happy about the way we have told their story in a positive way.

5.Your latest series (Frontier Railways) must have been filmed in somewhat tense circumstances. Or was it really like that? Preparation and communication must have been at the fore…

Frontier Railways has been the most complicated of any of the Railway series to date. It meant maintaining and coordinating two production teams on either side of the border. It also involved gaining the trust and cooperation of the governments of four countries, as well as the bureaucracies of many ministries, railways, and organisations. Borders are sensitive areas and security is the top priority in considering any application for filming. So no matter how long and positive your ‘track record’ – authorities remain suspicious of your motives. It was an uphill struggle to persuade them of our positive intentions. Dealing with officials in Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, whose experience of the media was generally negative – bad news – disasters, corruption, and bombings are all too frequent – so it was very difficult. There were tensions – added to which, during the two years of the production, each of the countries held General Elections so official personnel changed.

But I believe we remained true to the spirit of the project: our aim was to reunite the subcontinent through these international trains, and to emphasize what they still had in common which predated British Partition.

“Borders divide – the train unites”. I hope we have succeeded.

6. Which film gave you the most satisfaction?

Impossible to answer.   Interview responses (C)  3di-tv  (18th March 2015)   The Railway Chronicle would like to extend its grateful thanks to Gerry Troyna for his insightful comments on his film productions.

Available films can be found at  www.3di-tv.com


Wattrain - Working to ensure the preservation of the World’s railway heritage.

At this very moment in time someone will be riding a heritage tram or train somewhere in the world and it is WATTRAIN’s aim to ensure that this will be the case for many years to come. Although different countries may have different laws and cultures, our heritage trams and trains all face the same sorts of issues; finance; restoration costs; Insurance; volunteer shortages and other similar things. WATTRAIN is here to bring organisations together, to allow them to learn from each other, passing on new ideas and also showing others what to avoid on their way to succeeding in their efforts.

If you or your organisation agrees with what we are trying to achieve, please consider joining us in our endeavours details can be found on our membership pages.

Although there are many activities in the heritage and tourist railway sector in the Asia – Pacific region, they are busily advancing their plans separately; it seems there is little co-operation between countries. On the other hand, the international co-operation has been achieved and succeeded in the other rigion: Europe, North and Latin America and Whole World. It is essential to establish and improve regional co-operation. This should be closer, more frequent and appropriate at the local level than worldwide level. APHTRO, Asia Pacific Heritage and Tourist Rail Organisation will mainly help the improvement of our treasured heritage railways and museums by forming a co-operative organisation to unite the countries. It will provide a forum where we can share experience and exchange ideas, advice and information in many aspects. APHTRO is able to act an important role and contribute to the growth and development of the heritage and tourist railways in the Asia – Pacific region. Latest APHTRO Newsletter at http://www.aphtro.org/news/LocoShedNo1.pdf

30742 Charters

Who is “30742 Charters”? The opportunity to meet the moving force behind this organization was afforded recently at Winchcombe on the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway. Martin Creese told us about how he started this enterprise, and the high points so far…not even the excessive rain dampening his enthusiasm…..  
Interview with Martin Creese,(30742 Charters) at Winchcombe on the Gloucester Warwicks Railway on Monday 16th March 2015 during a photographic charter event with ex-GWR 28xx Class No.2807, the oldest surviving Churchward standard locomotive (Built October 1905), destined for scrap at Woodhams in 1963, but saved and restored to steam in 2010.

Stafford Railwayana Auctions News
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Rail enthusiasts often want to acquire a bit of railway history, be it a LOCO nameplate, NUMBER PLATES, GWR CABSIDES, Station totems , whistles, lamps, SIGNALLING, POSTERS or any other RAILWAY RELATED item(s) that links in with the railway past, or do you need a trusted price, age or value?

Do you have any railway collectable items ‘For Sale’?

Are you looking for a specific nameplate, numberplate or sign?

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Along the bank of Lake Baikal.(Reproduced by kind permission Mr Tim Fischer)