Further European Adventures with Bob Branch… (30742 Charters)

Further European Adventures with Bob Branch

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Good Morning all,

I thought it might be an opportunity , especially with North Wales on the horizon, with  Michael and Peter from Berlin in attendance, to let you know of our future plans. Please remember that they are only plans and not set in tablets of stone just yet. However due to the complexity of planning, travel arrangements, and financial costs involved I thought it wise to let you in on the game plan, so that at least the shock won’t be too sever, after all we aren’t getting any younger.
I am sure Michael and Peter will answer any queries that you may have, or even suggestions, with the below trips on offer.
Early March 2016 Saxony.  Although this trip is fully booked if you were interested we may have a cancellation prior to February 2016 and we could add you to the tour.
Late April 2016    Poland.  Details from me if interested, see below.
Mid October 2016  Saxony.  Bad Muskau and Zittau , details have been circulated however an additional day may be added to this trip. So yet another invite shortly into next year.
Early February 2017   Harz.  Tour almost fully booked, however for your information Richard and myself are going to Wernigerode for a meeting with Tobias in late February next year to discuss all our options. Expect freight trains, Vintage Railcars and lots of extras.
September 2017     Furka.  Yes I know some of you are aware of a trip and Michael and Peter are working really hard on putting our own tour together for your benefit. We are looking at four days if possible with multiple engines and stock. Two things which must be stated, the first is reasonable health, it’s high altitude and steep mountain sides! Secondly this ain’t going to be cheap, so fore warned is fore armed !
Early March  2018  Saxony  There are a couple of railways that must be done and Kipsdorf is on the radar.
September 2018   Cumbres & Toltec plus Durango & Silverton , maybe another for good measure as why go all that way for one week ! And that’s me done boys, make the last one a big one.
There will be other Tanago trips within Europe and I will keep you advised. If you are per chance interested in any of these offerings then please let me know.

Poland: full steam ahead in Znin with Px38 805 LAS Ty3471, and surprise guests

From Wednesday, April 20 to Saturday, April 23  2016, we have photo trains on narrow gauge in Znin and Sroda with different steam locomotives. Take this opportunity to experience this wonderful little train in Wielkopolska in operation with authentic features.

Planned are inserts of Locomotive  Px 38 to 805  (1938 / Fablok Chrzanow) and LAS TY3471 before several photo Trains on 600mm gauge of Znin after Wenecja and on to Gasawa. All participants ride on the train with, we photograph and film the most beautiful photo points of the track. In addition to several open and covered wagons, the narrow-gauge railway in Znin now available, so for us also offers a newly refurbished tank wagons and several green cars the opportunity to form a passenger train, freight trains and GMP.

May not be missing, of course our night shots in Znin. In October 2015, the hub was vorm Lokschuppen still not repaired, it should still be in April so we soft back out onto the tracks in front of the premises.

Also in Sroda we want the “full monty” with selected photo Holding unpack on the route and night shots at the station / Banhbetriebswerk.

We are currently planning the use of further locomotives during our photo tours, which we want to incorporate as a surprise guest in the program.

The participation fee is a flat rate 700 euro for all photo trips on the overall organization of 4 days.
Of course you can also book individual days, but we ask for your understanding that we can confirm individual days after booking deadline to block reservations for the total events no spaces. The number of participants is limited.

The transfers to and from Poland, as well as overnight stays in Poland are not included in the price. The prices of the optional nights in Znin and Sroda will be 55 euros for a single room). If you wish, we can book your room right added.

We offer turn an optional  transfer in Tanago tour bus from Berlin Südkreuz / Tegel Airport / Schoenefeld / Poznan main station Airport / Poznan Airport to Znin. Please note this option on your application, if desired.

Closing date for this trip is 31 January 2016, if not already booked in advance.
And here we come to the good news: the stunning photographic success of our Herbstttour beginning in October 2015 had been so many bookings arrive (without there ever prices and programs! ) that we can confirm the execution of the tour already (mid October 2015)! So do not book too late, we are already at 60% “full”.