Railway Pro Technology & Services Forum. 24th& 25th February, 2016. Buzau, Romania.

The 11th edition of the Railway Pro Technology & Services Forum will take place on 24 and 25 February, 2016 in the city of Buzau, Romania. The emphasis of the topics addressed within the reunion will be placed on infrastructure and signaling, through a series of presentations and discussions that are designed to inspire and enthrall.

By accepting our invitation, you will be joining over 100 participants that are interested in an objective and thorough analysis of the ever evolving and developing railway market, through a comprehensive dialogue between the key representatives that are looking at the railway infrastructure expansion as a safer and environmentally friendly alternative, contributing towards the modernization of local, regional and international transport.

The subjects debated within our event will be focusing on urban rail transport, improvement of rail infrastructure through the implementation of new technologies and the Single European Railway Area, as well as ways to increase the capacity and reduce the pollution caused by railway.

The full agenda of the Forum can be accessed  here