The New Railway Silk Road, a vision for China-Europe intercontinental high-speed rail.(Courtesy: Think Railways)

The New Railway Silk Road, a vision for China-Europe intercontinental high-speed rail

A new perspective over the role of high speed railways is taking shape. From a sustainable transportation solution connecting large national cities, or capitals of neighboring countries, high speed rail is evolving towards connecting cities from macro-regions and further to linking metropolis on different continents. More


CFR Calatori announces rolling stock fleet renewal and modernisation

Romanian state owned rail passenger operator CFR Calatori plans to launch a tender for the acquisition of five new electric multiple units. The operator expects RON 100 million (EUR 22 million) to be provided by the state government for this project and a total of RON 126 million (EUR 27 million) financing from the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (LIOP) 2014 -2020 and other sources. More

Latvian Railways completes its largest IT system modernization project

Latvian Railways (Latvijas dzelzceļš, LDz) has completed the Data transmission network modernization in the East-West transport corridor project. According to LDz, this in the most modern data transmission network in Latvia and the largest IT system upgrading project in the history of the company. More


PKP Polish Railway Lines tests solar panels as source of energy for railway stations

PKP Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK) examines the possibility of obtaining energy from renewable sources and has installed three photo-voltaic panels on its premises in Nowy Sącz. First tests show that the electricity produced will be able to provide power to small and medium-sized railway stations, like Zakopane. More