Crossrail 2……Supporting Growth…

London and the wider South East are growing rapidly. In London alone there are now a record 8.6 million people; this will increase to 10 million by 2030. These extra people will mean five million more journeys each day on the transport network. Overcrowding on the Tube is forecast to double by 2041, and National Rail services will face similar challenges.

Transport improvements already underway across the network, including Crossrail 1, which will help offset the pressure in the short term. But we need a plan to cope with longer term growth. Crossrail 2 will give our transport network the extra capacity we need to keep the wider South East working and growing, and to make life here better.

Crossrail 2 would:

Transform travel across London and the wider South East, providing direct train services to destinations across the region.
Grow the UK economy, support 60,000 full-time jobs across the UK while Crossrail 2 is being built and, when operational, support 200,000 new jobs.
Provide new capacity for up to 270,000 more people travelling into London in peak periods, helping relieve crowding and congestion on the transport network.
Free up space on National Rail lines, allowing towns and cities like Cambridge, Southampton, Basingstoke, Woking, Guildford and Portsmouth to potentially benefit from more frequent services.
Provide step-free access at all stations on the proposed Crossrail 2 route.
Support regeneration and the development of around 200,000 new homes across the region.

Government’s vote of confidence in Crossrail 2
The Government has identified Crossrail 2 as a ‘priority’ and provided £80million to develop the project. This comes after the National Infrastructure Commission endorsed the scheme and called for it to be fully developed now so it can secure powers by 2019 and open in the early 2030s.

This welcome news comes as we publish the findings of our recent consultation. Nearly 21,000 people responded to our recent consultation, the findings of which have now been made available.