GB Railfreight celebrates 10 years of success on London Underground contract.(GBRf)

At the end of last month, GB Railfreight (GBRf) celebrated the success of its 10 year track renewals contract with London Underground as it ran the last of its trains for the infrastructure manager.

Since 2006, GBRf has run between two and eight trains each weekend, bringing sleepers, rails, ballast and materials from Wellingborough and Ferme Park to the District or Metropolitan lines, taking away spoil and life expired track panels.

GBRf locomotives “Sir Peter Hendy CBE” (66718) and 66721 awaiting departure from Wellingborough on Thursday 24th March 2016

Managing Director John Smith, Chief Operating Officer David Knowles and the GB Railfreight operations team.

66718 on the District Line near Barking.

All images Courtesy: Richard Gennis.