14-16 June 2016,European Mobility Exhibition in Paris will focus on the latest developments concerning the future of public transport. (UITP)

From June 14th-16th, the European Mobility Exhibition in Paris will be focused on the latest developments concerning the future of public transport.
It will be notably the perfect opportunity to address and discuss our key messages 6 months after the COP21. UITP was very active during COP21 and we are convinced that public transport is the key element in the fight against climate change and congestion in cities. Any strategy against global warming must make the development of public transport and mass transit a priority.

UITP considers that new mobility services are a complement to efficient and innovative urban public transport, which promotes electro-mobility, inter-modality and accessibility. Mass transit is the best leverage for modal shift and strongly reducing the use of private cars in cities.

For a long time, cities have not been sufficiently considered by Europeans institutions. However, in cities, with the daily travels of hundreds of millions of citizens, we are facing air pollution, traffic noise, congestion, health issues. Consequently, cities should become a European priority. Integrating urban dimension is a sine qua non condition to the success of many ambitious horizontal European policies. With the taking into account of urban nodes in the financing of the TEN-T or the recent adoption of the Amsterdam Pact, progress is real in the consideration that urban issues are of crucial importance.

We hope to see you in Paris to discuss these topics much further. Meanwhile, we present you a selection of news from UITP work and from the European Institutions.
Enjoy your reading!

Nicolas Blain, President of the UITP European Union Committee