MetroRail 2016, Chiltern Railways… and Vossloh Locomotive 68013

On Friday last (27th May 2016) I responded to an invitation to attend MetroRail2016 at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

There were the expected exhibitors, and brief discussions were enjoyed with Honeywell(Len McNally), Crossrail(Adam), Hitachi , PowerMat(Peter Evans) , London Reconnections..( Neville) and Bombardier(James Rollin – Head of PR)..and a number of useful brochures. An altogether enlightening experience.

Then came the return trip from Marylebone to Warwick Parkway.

Unfortunately, the Departure Boards were listening out for announcements of departures was called for…I duly boarded the 1715 loco hauled service on Platform 1, which was heading for Kidderminster, with a first scheduled stop at Banbury.

So it came as something of a surprise when we drifted to a halt at High Wycombe.. After about 10 minutes, the train manager announced that a train fault was being investigated. Another ten minutes later, this announcement was repeated..

Then…”We don’t want anyone to panic(!!), but the driver is just going to move forward slowly and do a brake test!!!!!”

It was then announced that we were 34 minutes down (4 minutes over the cut off point for compensation(!!), and would proceed at reduced speed……A limited number of claim forms were available!

We arrived at Warwick Parkway… 34 or so minutes that was reduced speed!!!!

When I detrained, i just had to make sure that I had a shot of the errant locomotive..(or was the fault elsewhere on the train?)

And then, on returning home, I set about the fairly simple task of claiming the due compensation online…

A couple of days later, this was the e-mail reply confirming the fault…”Thank you for your recent correspondence concerning the inconvenience you encountered on the 27th May 2016 as a consequence of your delayed train from London Marylebone to Warwick Parkway. The delay was due to a brake problem on your train in the High Wycombe area…..”

The only suggestion I would make…Is it wise to tell the passengers that the driver is going to do a brake test!!!!????