Stories that you never forget ! Moving Exhibition of DB in cooperation with the STAR touring from June nationwide through shopping Stations ..(Deutsche Bahn)

Berlin, June 7, 2016 (LSL) Under the motto “stories that you will never forget”, the Berlin Hauptbahnhof from 10 to 06.20.2016 a moving exhibition of the Deutsche Bahn in cooperation with the magazine STERN. 30 spectacular STARS Title photos from the past almost 70 years – from the early postwar years on the Kennedy assassination through to darkly glowing Eiffel Tower after the attacks last November – tours for the first time by a total of eight German purchasing stations. The presentation is a matter of the time travel, because every image embodies the spirit from the moment of its birth. Admission is free!

Berlin Hbf - Ebene plus 2

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (DB Image)
Since 1948 form STARS Title photos from what is currently important for people. More than 3,000 have now been published. Who looks through, embarks on a journey through the history of the Federal Republic. Each cover evokes personal memories. Starting with the first moon landing on the world sensation “floating fetuses” – the first image of an unborn child in the womb – up to record Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Theme, language, color and aesthetics are arrested throughout the relevant period, and closely associated with her. The paintings are snapshots that invite to talk to each other and to exchange personal experiences at this time.