Appeal from railway and federal police to children and adolescents – Safe through the summer holidays: railway facilities are not an adventure playground!(Deutsche Bahn)

Every accident is one too many selfies • the track and climbing on parked trains are not cool, but dangerous • Free information and teaching materials available online

Unfallprävention, Deutsche Bahn AG

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(Berlin, July 21, 2016) At last – in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are the long-awaited summer vacation just around the corner! Time to meet up with friends to unwind and have adventures. “Especially our equipment, trains and tracks exert on young people often a great fascination and awaken curiosity. We are therefore important now to make the start of the holidays again attention to proper behavior on railway property, so is “out of the fun not suddenly deadly serious emphasized Markus Krittian, railway superintendent of DB Netz AG. “Every accident is one too many -. And to avoid by following some simple rules”

The main principle is: railways are not playgrounds, it is forbidden to enter it! Even if a photo or selfie still appear so enticing and predictable on railway tracks or the shortcut across the tracks at first glance – here threatens serious danger! Trains, unlike vehicles on the road, obstacles not dodge and due to their large mass a braking distance of up to 1,000 meters. Moreover, modern trains are much quieter than their predecessors and therefore late to hear. The speed is also not to be underestimated: ICE trains are traveling, for example, an average of 160 kilometers per hour – in some stations and stops.

“Even climbing on parked trains is extremely dangerous,” warns Superintendent Steve Nicolai Schipfer by the Federal Police. “Again and again passes through a traction power accidents with children or teenagers. Most of these accidents end in severe injury or death. Often young people do not even realize that in the railway catenary with 15,000 volts about 65 times more current flows as in the wall socket at home. And you have the overhead line not even touch – even at a mere approximation, it can cause a life-threatening current rollover. Hence our appeal: Please stay technical railway facilities away “!

DB AG and the Federal Police for years involved in order to avoid accidents. The needs are still great: In just the past five years occurred at DB AG hundreds of accidents caused by unauthorized crossing the tracks. More about 50 accidents happened in the same period by climbing onto cars or power poles.

The media package of Deutsche Bahn “Olis Chance” consists of an animated film and a brochure for the multidisciplinary teaching.
The material is intended for the grades four to eight.

For pre- and younger elementary school students, the media package was “safe are Oli” designed. Under there is a security package with information and films about the correct behavior to railway facilities. The range is supplemented by an interview with a security professional, a poster with the main warning and information signs and a cut-out sheet.

The safety campaign “We want that you arrive safely” is primarily aimed at teenagers and young parents. It includes eight video spots that aim to raise awareness of potential risks in the station, at the station and on railway tracks and at level crossings. The videos areävention on the youth website to find.

All movies, media packages and more information, please

The media package of the Federal Police “Attention traction power 15 000 volts are deadly – looking for you something else” is directed to the victim Vanessa especially to young people. In addition to prevention film, the package includes a theatrical trailer, in-depth interviews of the participants, accompanying films, leaflets, posters, presentations and various preventive and educational materials for prevention work.

The materials are under available for download and can be obtained free of charge.