50th Edition of Rajendra B Aklekar’s “Great Indian Railway Romance” on Rail Tube!!

Rajendra B Aklekar

(Rajendra B Aklekar)

One year ago, I asked Rajendra B Aklekar if he would like to provide a weekly column on Indian railway news for Rail Tube. Rajendra has considerable journalistic experience, having worked with The Mumbai Mirror and Times of India newspapers.  And he is the author of the best selling book on the beginning of India’s railway system in Bombay(now Mumbai)..”Halt Station India”

So, it is a pleasure to introduce this 50th consecutive edition of “Great Indian Railway Romance”…with a few endorsements from some well respected writers on railway matters….



We congratulate Mr Peter Lewis and Rail-Tube for completing 50 weeks of Highlighting the progress of Indian Railways on their very informative Platform on railways developments .

We have known Mr Lewis for the last few months and from being ‘One of the many’ visitors of Rail Tube , Now We Count Him As A Good Friend and Our Special Business Collaborator and We are highly grateful for the same .

Even though his multiple ventures like Rail Tube & Steam Tube are excellent resources for updates on Railways throughout the world , It is very heartening for us to see the special place he has accorded on Rail Tube to the Indian Railways and we highly appreciate his efforts . We would also like to congratulate Mr Rajendra B. Aklekar on this special achievement and his great endeavors on highlighting the ongoing progress of Railways in India .

On this special occasion , We wish Mr Peter Lewis many more years of success & achieve greater heights ..& We hope to continue our collaboration along the way …

Thank you ,

Tanveer Goyal, Director Rail Analysis India www.railanalysis.com

“Rail Analysis is a networking platform focused on the Railway Industry of India . It provides the latest opportunities on Indian projects for International companies to connect with each other and collaborate for projects in India along with information and analysis on railway projects in India , projects , transactions and their latest update in India.”


 Tim Fischer Portrait 2013.jpg

Tim Fischer

“All roads lead to Rome and all Indian rail leads to the big three, namely Delhi, Kolcutta and Mumbai. It is always good to romance the Indian railways and salute a year of same.”

Tim Fischer (former deputy PM Australia)

Timothy Andrew “Tim” Fischer, AC (born 3 May 1946), has been involved in Australian politics in one form or another since 1971. He served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Howard Government from 1996 to 1999. He retired from Parliament in 2001, and was the Australian Ambassador to the Holy See between 2008 and 2012. We had the pleasure of meeting at the inaugural WATTRAIN Congress at the NRM York in October 2012.

He has authored several books, including “Trains Unlimited”



Adrian Vaughan

“Congratulations to Rail Tube’s Indian correspondent, Rajendra B Aklekar, on his reaching the 50th consecutive milepost of articles on Indian Railways. Best wishes to him and Rail Tube for the next 50.”

Adrian Vaughan.(leading author on the GWR and IK Brunel.Adrian is the UK’s foremost railway historian, he writes from his home in Norfolk and has had over 30 titles published. He is also a photographer, lecturer, and volunteer on the local steam railway. (www.adrianvaughan.co.uk)

GW last year

vale rail front  


Book review: The English Railway Station

‘Railtube goes from strength to strength and I particularly enjoy the contributions from its Indian correspondent Rajendra B Aklekar who combines nostalgia with up to date information on Indian railways’.Christian Wolmar.

Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. A book on Indian Railways is out next year…..(www.christianwolmar.co.uk)

CW To-the-Edge-of-the-WorldCW The Great Railway RevolutionChristian Wolmar On The Wrong Line


“Rail Tube is an invaluable source of information for all those interested in railways and specially for steam fans like me. If we are to preserve steam heritage and fight for railways in the competitive transport world it is essential that we all stand together. Rail Tube keeps us together.”  Mark Tully, BBC former India Correspondent and author..

Image result for Mark Tully

(Mark Tully. Courtesy Penguin Books India)

Mark’s favourite book is “India’s Unending Journey” published in India and UK by Random House. His latest book is “Non Stop India” published by Penguin in India and “India -The Way Ahead” published by Random House in UK. Early next year a collection of short stories will be published by an Indian publisher Speaking Tiger.

michael williams


“Congratulations on the 50th column in the Great Indian Railway Romance series in Rail Tube. It is always a pleasure to tune into this and Rail Tube –both authoritative and full of unexpected delights” Michael Williams


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New Europe Railway Heritage Trust Logo


” Congratulations to Rajendra B Aklekar and Rail Tube on the occasion of his 50th “Great Indian Railways Romance” column.   And many thanks to Rail Tube for covering news of preservation in  Eastern Europe”.

Stephen Wiggs Chairman (NEHRT)


All that remains, is for me to express personal thanks to the writers above, and Rajendra B Aklekar, for making these expressions of support, and encouragement.

Rail Tube hopes to be able to deliver more of the same in the future.

Currently, Rail Tube is averaging about 15,000 visits per week..,which translates as 0.75 million annually. Hopefully, we should soon be up to a million visits per year!!

Thank you for your support and readership over the past year. If you would like to write for us, as Rajendra B Aklekar has done, then perhaps in a year’s time we could be reading some glowing tributes about your contributions!


Peter S Lewis. Rail Tube – Editor