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Shareholders – The Annual General Meeting is on Saturday 5 November 2016 at the Royal York Hotel starting at 1:30pm. To register your attendance and download the meeting papers click here.

76084 is FULLY Main Line

In late July 76084 was passed to run to/from Cromer at 25 mph by Network Rail. To achieve this much effort was put in behind the scenes to ensure not only all 3 safety technologies were on-board and fully functional but also 76084 was mechanically sound and up to the task.

So on Wednesday 10 August 2016 the first North Norfolkman Dining Train left Sheringham hauled by the Class 20 Preservation Society’s 20227 with 76084 at the rear at noon being flagged away by local MP Norman Lamb. On arrival at Cromer the train awaited a late-running Abellio service which actually terminated there leaving some dozen passengers for Sheringham stranded. Hugh Harkett the MD of the North Norfolk Railway (NNR) took matters into his own hands and provided transport for them on the dining train now hauled by 76084. John Oldcorn a Director of 76084 Locomotive Company Limited was interviewed on the platform and appeared later that day on Anglian TV.

76084 repeated her main line exploits in the evening and twice on the following day. Further runs took place in early September.

The feedback from those that traveled was very positive and the NNR were reported as saying the toe-in-the-water exercise had wiped its face. Here’s the best video of the North Norfolkman Dining Train to Cromer

60 mph Tests

On Monday 19 September 76084 set off from Sheringham being initially towed to Cromer by a Class 37 diesel with our support coach sandwiched between. She ran through the day and into the darkness reaching Carnforth in the evening. We believe this journey at 317 miles is the longest single run 76084 has ever done. Because of her driving wheel size she will be timed at 50 mph on main line runs but for these test runs she ran at 60 mph.

The following day 76084 was attached to 7 coaches and the Class 37 and was load tested around the Carnforth – Blackburn loop. At no time did the back up diesel assist 76084 and the sight and sound of her cresting Wilpshire Bank was something to behold. The West Coast Railway Company footplate crews had nothing but praise for our little 4.5 MT. See our YouTube Playlist

The following day 76084, with support coach in tow, ran to Grosmont having a service stop at the National Railway Museum at York on the way. By the end of this third day 76084 had run almost 600 miles on the main line – all trouble-free!!

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Main Line Costs
It took approximately £100k to get 76084FULLY main line accredited. No small feat for a Company with only 200 shareholders. We fully appreciate the assistance of all our supporters without whom 76084 would not be where she is today.
76084 on the Moors
At the ‘Moors’

To get to the NYMR 76084 traveled nearly 600 miles on the main line. She will undergo winter maintenance in November (starting on the 7th – volunteer helpers welcome) and hopefully have a few turns on the Santa Specials in December. Our northern supporters should take advantage of her present ready accessibility.
Plans are at an early stage for our first revenue-earning main line charter in early 2017. As a subscriber to this e-News you will be the first to know when the date and route are announced.
Earlier this year we asked through our social media channels how we should celebrate 76084’s 60th birthday (28 March 2017) and top of the suggestions was a trip around what has become affectionately know as the ‘Cotton Mill’ loop featuring the climb up Copy Pit. Be assured this is on our radar.
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