New construction … 470 million euros in the rail network is planned by DB..(Deutsche Bahn)

New construction fronts until the end

DB is 470 million euros in the rail network planned by • A major employer in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern • Solid construction schedule ensures punctuality despite high construction

The German Railways, the planned funds (470 million euros) for the region also get this year in time. A series of projects has already been completed on time. This addition further expansion and construction projects, which are financed from the demand plan rail.

Alexander Kaczmarek, Corporate Representative of DB for the State of Berlin: “The web is an important economic engine. On our construction sites are on average 200 participants per day busy throughout the year distributed more than 74,000. Through a solid Baufahrplan we have the limitations of our passengers minimized. And – despite the 80 to 100 sites a day, were with stand today 97.1 percent of commuter trains, 95.2 percent of regional trains and 85.2 percent of the ICE and IC on time “!

For Berlin the work between Rummelsburg and Erkner and the new train control system S-Bahn (ZBS) core issues remain. From November, the construction of the ZBS between stations Friedrichstrasse and Ostbahnhof continues. From July next year the Berlin Stadtbahn, the centerpiece of Berlin’s rail traffic, for the next ten to fifteen year will be back to normal. Work on the east cross and the adjacent lines are continued. A major new development starts on February 9 at Karower Cross. There the railway systems are completely renewed. At the stations of the city, the exchange program for elevators and escalators is further reacted.

Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße

Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße.(DB Image)

In August, work on the expansion route Berlin-Dresden have begun. The goal is the journey time of about 80 minutes between the main stations in Berlin and Dresden. The travel time is between Eberswalde and Frankfurt (Oder) shorter. After modernization travelers have a secure connection to the RE. 1

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the modernization of the station Neubrandenburg and redesign of the traffic station in Bad Kleinen are the focus.

Construction has partially large impact on rail operations. Passengers may have to switch to buses or other cars and expect longer travel time. In the schedules the works are considered. Keep up the website is . Press and background information: and