On This Day in Railway History…………

The first section of the Taff Vale Railway opens from Cardiff to Navigation House (later named Abercynon).

On this day 180 years ago, the first passenger train,pulled by “Hibernia” departed Westland Row on the Dublin and Kingstown Railway; Ireland’s first passenger railway.

Dublin Kingstown railway 1837 map.jpg

The line in 1837.(Source: Wikipedia)

From Bradshaw’s 1843 timetable:

From both ends on week days, every half-hour from 6 a.m. until 11½ p.m., stopping at all stations, Viz: Booterstown, Black Rock and Salt Hill.
An extra train from Kingstown at 9¼ a.m. stopping at Merrion in addition to the usual stations.
An extra train every day, at 4¾ p.m., stopping at Merrion only. This train will convey passengers to Her Majesty’s mail packet, starting from Kingstown at 5¼ p.m.
The 11 p.m. Up and Down, also stop at Merrion every day.
Sunday trains same hours as on weekdays, with extra trains every ¼ of an hour from 11¾ a.m. to 5¾ p.m. and from 7¾ to 10¼ p.m.
FARES — First Class 1s, second class 8d, third class 6d.

The mail bags are conveyed by the 8½ a.m. by Holyhead; 5 and 10 p.m. by Liverpool.

Source: Wikipedia