Largest bicycle rental system of Deutsche Bahn: 3,500 “LIDL BIKES” for Berlin


Bahn subsidiary DB Rent conducts offer purely commercial • Lidl Germany will sponsor the new bike rental system of the DB in Berlin • fleet compared to the previous offer more than doubled

(Berlin, 03 November 2016) DB Rent is planning together with the sponsor Lidl Germany an intrinsically economic Bicycle Rental System for Berlin. The new offer named “LIDL-BIKE” is the largest bicycle rental system of Deutsche Bahn. With the launch in spring 2017 3.500 bicycles will be available, which may, flexible check out, and the customer within the S-Bahn ring, without fixed stations.

“The transport bike and the sharing trend win in Berlin in particular are becoming increasingly important. With a more than twice as large, we offer from spring 2017 in the capital an even bigger and more environmentally friendly part of the public transport, “says Sylvia Lier, chairman of the management DB Rent. “We are grateful to this Lidl Germany for support as a sponsor.”

Wolf Tiedemann, management Lidl Germany, emphasizes: “Our goal is to be the most sustainable discounters in Germany. The Lidl Bike allows Berliners as an additional module to enter the zero-emission mobility – as with the first Lidl-charging stations for electric cars and electric bikes, which are installed in the capital “.

All customers of Call a Bike, a bicycle hire systems with other partners are on “LIDL-BIKE” can access without prior notification. Just then is also LIDL BIKE customers all Call a Bike-family in Germany without further registration.

The new offer DB Rent takes further the role of the system operator and is responsible for the customer. Lidl will be the namesake of the new bike rental system and characterize the color design of completely new Radflotte.

DB Rent is almost 15 years active in the bicycle rental business and currently around 10,000 bikes in 50 cities the leading provider in Germany.

Lidl operates around 3,200 stores in Germany and, with over 75,000 employees of the leading food retailers in Germany. In Berlin, there are about 140 Lidl stores.

For climate and noise protection, DB has set clear targets to 2020. More information at: .