Premiere for Berlin’s longest carwash! (Deutsche Bahn)

New plant in Friedrichsfelde cleans S-Bahn trains to the highest environmental level • defroster for winter days increased vehicle availability

(Berlin, November 9, 2016) The S-Bahn Berlin extends the cleaning program for its red and yellow trains. With Berlin’s longest carwash to 160 meters in length is the 100-percent subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn new standards in terms of functionality, efficiency and environmental compatibility. The plant belongs to the maintenance center Friedrichsfelde and ensures that the nearly 200/4 trains on the subnet rail every 14 days get a fresh look. The construction costs of 5.5 million euros financed the S-Bahn Berlin from its own resources. The construction took twelve months.

“The cleanliness of trains for our passengers a hot topic. With annual admixtures of one million euros, we have already been able to increase the quality of stay in the vehicle interior significantly. Now it is also the public image ahead a bit. Visible cleanliness is a quality and contributes to the increase of subjective security. “

Peter Buchner, CEO of S-Bahn Berlin


Annually, around 5,000 washes for the trains of the lines  S3, S5, S75 and S9 provided at the site. Here is a complete implementation with eight cars can be treated respectively. Thanks to the latest washing technology, the procedure usually takes only 30 minutes. Comparable systems require approximately 60 minutes, the double time. is washed in the evening and at night and on weekends, as the trains are required daytime during operation.

Sustainable cleaning concept eco-hydrological cycle and organic detergent

For reasons of environmental sustainability, the new washing system has a closed water circuit. This includes the preliminary cleansing water already used. 80 percent of the wash water remaining in the treatment cycle and be used multiple times. The total water consumption per wash enforcement is 3200 liters. Another new feature is the use of a fully biodegradable detergent that is dosed in accordance with requirements of the season and degree of contamination of trains.

The XXL wash the S-Bahn Berlin has two self-propelled washing portals that move during the cleaning operation along the vehicle. It is equipped with a system of spray lines and a system of brushes. The control system will automatically detect the beginning and end of the train. To operate the washer, the arrival of the train and the preparation of the washing process, only one employee is needed.

Ulf Dittrich, head of maintenance workshop Friedrichsfelde the S-Bahn Berlin, says:

“The new cleaning plant contributes to the stabilization and further increase our operational quality. Previously necessary trips accounted for washing plant at Wannsee. Thus we can use our resources more effectively. “

Winter program: Fast defrosting with 40 degree hot air nozzles

On winter days with temperatures below freezing, the plant will for Abtauhalle for S-Bahn trainsets. Icing on the device containers underneath the car body complicate previously the timely repair of electric vehicle components at extreme temperatures. With an output of 780 kilowatt hours – equivalent to the power of 650 commercial hairdryers – trains with a 40 degrees Celsius warm airflow over hot air nozzles are treated and are available for about 60 minutes for maintenance available.

This longest carwash in Berlin was built by the Polish company AGAT. It is the first project, with which the company takes on the German market in appearance. Reference projects there including in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow and Lodz. As part of a European tender to AGAT prevailed priced and technically well thought out solutions over the competition.

The construction of a second plant is already provided on the premises of S-Bahn-Grünau workshop for the year of 2019. A call for tender is in preparation. There will also get the new S-Bahn trains in Berlin and Brandenburg, which come in ring subnet / Southeast from 2021 to use their 14-daily laundry.