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Welcome…and news….
Editor’s Selection 1.The Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Editor’s Selection 2 The Art of HD Tylle
Editor’s Selection: Excerpts from Paul Salveson’s Weekly “Salvo”
100 Trains….the journey so far….
Steam Tube Photographic Highlights
Steam Tube Video Highlights
Tornado…The Story so far…
New & ReBuild News.
B & O Railroad Museum TV
Mainline Steam Schedule
On This Day in History.
Radstock to Frome Railway Project
Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.Global Conquest: How Railways Took Over The World.(rescheduled)
Around the World in 80 Railways (No 76 – Night Train to Patagonia with Chris Tarrant)
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Welcome…and news….

Welcome to this slightly later posting of the December 2016 edition of “On Shed”.

The changing circumstances for Steam Tube ..we now are on Facebook..means that there are fewer highlights to select from for your enjoyment. However, previous contributors to the growing Steam Tube library will be followed, and their best work shown here. Steam Tube will continue to be “The Home of The Best of Steam on the Net!”

In this month’s edition, we take a look at US railroad photography, courtesy The Center for Railroad Photography & Art. And HD Tylle’s industrial landscape art provides another perspective on railway life and times.

The usual features are included in this edition…updates on several rebuild and new build projects… a look at This Day In Railway History…. Christian Wolmar’s next public lecture is well worth the ticket price (if there are any left!)… and a look at an Extreme Railway in Patagonia with Chris Tarrant.

Editor’s Selection 1.The Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Just recently, On Shed was able to make contact with The Center for Railroad Photography & Art, based in Wisconsin,USA. We have been given permission to make use of their extensive collections…

This is how they describe their mission:

“Our mission: to preserve and present significant images of railroading.

The Center for Railroad Photography & Art has become America’s foremost organization for interpreting the intersection of railroad art and culture with America’s history and culture. We have achieved that status through successful publications (especially our journal, Railroad Heritage®), exhibitions, conferences, and an online web portal (railroadheritage.org) that features the best of railroad photography and art coupled with descriptive summaries that enhance understanding of railroad history, technology, and artistry. The portal’s “railroad history in a nutshell” gives a broad overview, in 30 pictures or less, with capsule discussions. We intend to continue to be the leader in the Railroad Heritage® community’s visual world through our exhibitions, publications, conferences, and railroadheritage.org and we intend to continue informing the railroad community and the public that railroads changed the world.”

So, as an introduction to the extensive archive, here is a selection of images from various collections:

Northern Pacific Roundhouse by Hal Lewisn Pacific steam locomotives at the railroad’s Seattle roundhouse in 1955. Photograph by Hal Lewis. Lewis donated his photography collection to the Center in 2011.

From the Wallace W Abbey Collection:


From John F Bjorklund Collection


From the Leo King Collection.


More in future editions:

With grateful thanks to The Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Editor’s Selection 2 The Art of HD Tylle

H.D. Tylle, realistischer Maler spezialisiert auf Landschaftsgemälde und Industriegemälde - landscape and industrial paintings

HD Tylle

H.D. Tylle is a man with a dual mission: to dignify labor and put a human face on mass-produced products. His principal tool is the paint brush; his dominant muse is modern technology. Tylle specializes in the relatively ignored field of industrial art.
Along the way, he has captured scenes in workplaces that few artists – or members of the general public, for that matter – have visited. He has immortalized factory scenes and individual laborers, and underscored the importance of America’s shrinking industrial base.

And he’s enjoyed every painful, dangerous, gut-wrenching moment of it.“In my art,” Tylle said, “I am attempting to reach two levels: people who are involved in art but don’t know about working circumstances, and people working in factories who are normally not involved in art.”
In the course of his long career, Tylle said, he has sought to follow the example of Vincent Van Gogh by actually going where the workers are to depict them.

H.D. Tylle - Am Schmelzofen (Studie), Dura-Bar, Woodstock, Il, USA, 28.03.2014, 40 x 60 cm, Öl/Malkarton

H.D. Tylle – Am Schmelzofen (Studie), Dura-Bar, Woodstock, Il, USA, 28.03.2014

HD Tylle - Maintenance tram 425, DB factory Nuremberg, Germany, 2016, 80 x 120 cm, oil / canvas <br> <a style = "color: # 969" href = "mailto: info@tylle.de? Tractors 425 "> Price inquiry </a>

HD Tylle – Maintenance tram 425, DB factory Nuremberg, Germany

Editor’s Selection: Excerpts from Paul Salveson’s website

Paul’s website covering railways, politics, local history, chip shops and much more(his words!!)

So, here is a look back at an early entry, featuring steam locomotives and their admirers

Steam Pages

 Steam on the Strathspey

During our recent Scottish holiday we popped in to see the Stratehsepy Railway. We arrived at Boat of Garten just as 46512 pulled in with a decent load of 6 coaches – a challenge for a wee 2MT. Bolton had several of these excellent machines (following the closure of Bury shed in April 1966)  – steam men affectionately called them ‘Mickey Mice’ and I remember one fireman saying of Bolton sister loco 46504 ‘it would steam off a candle’.

46512 pulls into Boat of Garten on September 20th

Mickey Mouse no. 46512 pulls into a very nicely decorated Boat of Garten on September 20th








We went up to Broomhill and back and enjoyed the leisurely jaunt along the Spey. The lady in the booking office/bookshop was lovely and I made some good purchases from the wonderful range of second-hand books. These included the original Ian Allan booklets on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.

The railway has launched a campaign to extend to Grantown-on-Spey which would be a great destination. There isn’t much at Broomhill itself, you have to admit (apart from second-hand railway books so it can’t be all bad). We’ll back – when, if not before, the extension opens and do the whole line this time.

My last Jubilee: the debate continues (From Weekly Salvo 32)

It may be a matter of complete irrelevance to some readers but I am always heartened by the number of correspondents who comment on sheer trivia. And what more trivial – or is it – then the question of ‘which was your last Jubilee?’

‘Alberta’ with Farnley Jc crew about to leave Blackpool on the SuO Illuminations Special to Leeds, October 1966. Who are the men?

Now I realise some readers may never have ‘copped’ all their Jubilees, and a new reader confessed never having seen either 45720 or 45727, both Corkerhill (Glasgow) engines. I actually spotted them for a train heading for the ‘Leeds New Line’ over Farnley Junction – both nestling on Holbeck shed after working in over the S&C from Scotland. The story of my ‘last Jubilee’ is known to at least one reader of this website but that’s no reason why I shouldn’t share it with others. By the summer of 1964 I had managed to ‘cop’ all of my LMS Jubilees bar two (not Bar Fleur). These were 45557 New Brunswick – a Midlands-based engine, and 45682 Trafalgar, a long-time denizen of Bristol Barrow Road, which assiduous readers will know was 82E. York was actually a good place to spot Bristol ‘Jubs’ as they had a regular working on a Bristol – York express.

45593 waits for the ‘right away’ on a grim Easter Monday in Blackburn, 1966








I saw Kempenfelt, Leander, Galatea and others, countless times. But never the elusive 45682, though I did catch up on it eventually (please wait). However, I may have seen 45557 on a summer Saturday in 1964. I was cycling back from a morning’s spotting at Leyland with my pal Chris, who was well aware of the all-consuming need for me to clear my Jubilees. We stopped for a sandwich by Chorley Viaduct, just off the Bolton road, and within minutes a Jubilee came roaring past heading south on what looked like a holiday special returning from Blackpool. I couldn’t see the number, but my friend’s eyesight was better than mine and he claimed that it was the much sought-after 45557.

‘Alberta’ a week earlier on same train, rounds the curve at Miles Platting







Should I believe him? Well I did, but was never completely convinced, until…(please wait). However, I copped 45682 languishing on the scrap line at Bath Green Park (82F), a few months after its withdrawal in 1965. But for years after I was haunted by that summer afternoon’s sighting (or not) of New Brunswick. Then about 15 years ago I was at a railway film show in Bolton Library and what should appear but a clip of 45557 heading a return Blackpool – Nottingham special, passing Lostock Junction ( a few miles south of Chorley). The time of year fitted with my recollection and given how rare Midland Lines Jubs were in Lancashire it must have been that train which I saw crossing Chorley Viaduct. Vindicated at last! (please rate this article on a  scale of pointlessness).

In praise of steam

Flann O’Brien, perhaps Ireland’s greatest writer after James Joyce, was an avid railway crank. The collection of his stories and journalism from The Irish Times– ‘The Best of Myles’ – has a chapter (‘For Steam Men’) devoted to his railway writings, published in the 1940s.

Clasic Irish Steam: no. 27 ‘Lough Erne’ (ex SLNCR) negotiates the Belfast Docks railway with a consignment of loco coal. August 1969.

They show deep if sometimes flawed understanding of the workings of the steam locomotive and are recommended to anyone with an interest in surrealist literature and steam.  He was born on October 4th 1911 and The Irish Times has been celebrating his centenary with excerpts from his writings, including some railway material. On the same subject, The Rat Race pub in Hartlepool (see ‘Railway Pubs and Cafes’) displays examples of the work of Belgian surrealist painter Paul Delvaux. It’s a good pint too.

Great Train Spotters of History

Antonin Dvorak was a great steam enthusiast and often interrrupted his master classes in New York to pop out to see what was on ‘The 20th Century Limited’. Who can blame him?

The person on the left isn’t Dvorak but the distinguished train spotter and chip shop connoisseur known as ‘The Railway Doctor’ trying his hand at the controls of miniature B1 at Carlisle Community Rail Day.

Welcome suggestions in comments below on other great train spotters of history. Lenin? He did travel by train, to the Finland Station. Maybe he found time to get a cab ride. Certainly Stalin was featured in a socialist realist painting, reproduced by Roger Ford in ‘Modern Railways’, on the footplate of some Russian steam giant.

and it’s not just a man thing…

Here’s Janet Jobber, Labour Party activist, champion bread baker and stalwart of local railway model club trying out her re-gauged live steam saddletank at last Monday’s Garden Party at Bank Top.


Steam Through Slawit Last Summer (but one)


34067 Southern Pacific ‘Tangmere’ on The  Scarborough Spa Express from Crewe to the seaside. Friday evening July 29th 2011 saw it working hard through Golcar (site of old station). Who’d ha’ thowt it?




Friday August 5th saw 6201 ‘Princess Elizabeth’ working the train. Here it is leaving Stalybridge in the morning.


Iain McGeachin, aka The Kilted Walker, is continuing with his epic project…

“On Shed” was able to get a few words from him, updating his progress so far……

“My walk through Spain ended in Murcia (the last destination that I walked to). From Murcia, I continued to Almeria by bus (the area between the two cities is not exactly walker-friendly – too barren and dry). When I got to Almeria, I was mugged by two local hoodlums. Nothing was stolen (but that was definitely their intention), and other than a bashed-in right ankle, I suffered no lasting physical damage. I had my ankle X-rayed in Ayr on my return, and no bones are broken (as suspected). So it’s only ligament/tendon damage, which will heal in time.

None of what happened in Spain has dented my enthusiasm for walking some more (yes, I know, daft!). So.

My US walk is now a trans-Canada walk.

And trains are the driving force behind this!

When I suspended my original 2013 “round-the-world-by-train” journey in Siberia, I hadn’t yet reached Canada – so was unable to use the coast-to-coast train tickets that VIA Rail had arranged for me (travelling on the “Canadian” between Vancouver and Toronto; another journey between Toronto and Montreal; and finally, riding the “Ocean” train between Montreal and Halifax).

I maintained contact with the girls at VIA Rail while I was undergoing the subsequent medical tests (2023-2015), and was assured that the tickets were still waiting for me when I was well enough to travel.

I needed to check that this is still the case now that the main thrust of my travels has changed (it was “trains”, now it is ataxia – with trains added on where poss). I’m just waiting to hear back from them.

I just need to get to Vancouver and Halifax first. And now that I’m no longer arriving by train, walking between the cities, as part of my “Global Walk for Ataxia”, seems as good a way as any.

All is detailed at:



Steam Tube can now be found on Facebook….HERE

Steam Tube Photographic Highlights

Steam Tube Video Highlights(Thumbnails)


Ronik24 …and Xxbec3509 on YouTube


John Edkins on YouTube


Chris Eden-Green on YouTube


GJ Dobbzy on YouTube

Tornado…The Story so far…


Tornado’s packed main line and heritage railway diary for 2016 can be seen below or you can view/download the Tour Guide here:

  • Thursday 1st December – ‘The Bath Spa Christmas Express’ – A1SLT promoted tour, bookings through UK Railtours
  • Wednesday 7th December – Belmond British Pullman – The Golden Age of Travel (Surrey Hills)
  • Monday 12th December – ‘The Christmas Canterbury Tale’ – A1SLT promoted tour, bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 17th December – ‘Belmond British Pullman’ – The Golden Age of Travel (Surrey Hills)


  • Saturday 4th February – ‘Belmond British Pullman’ – The Golden Age of Travel (Surrey Hills)
  • Saturday 11th February – ‘The Red Rose’ – London Victoria to Cosford, Telford Central and Shrewsbury –  A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Wednesday 1st March – ‘The Saint David’ – London Paddington to Cardiff – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Friday 31st March – ‘Belmond British Pullman’ – The Golden Age of Travel (Surrey Hills)
  • Saturday 29th April – ‘The North Briton’ – Leicester to Carlisle – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Monday 1st May – ‘The Heart of Midlothian’ – Peterborough to Edinburgh – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 6th May – ‘The Talisman’ – London King’s Cross to Darlington – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings
    through UK Railtours
  • Monday 29th May – ‘The Cornishman’ – London Paddington – Penzance – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is proud that Tornado will continue to be operated on the Network Rail main line by DB Cargo, which has worked successfully with the Trust since the locomotive’s completion in 2008.

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.


New & ReBuild News.

General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society


Last month the GSNLRS held a couple of society stands at the Mid Hants ‘Watercress Line’ Autumn Steam gala and the Exeter Garden Railway show. Both of these events were a huge success with the society selling lots of memberships and mugs. A big thank you goes out to those who helped man our stands and those who visited us to make both events a success.

Stuart Black has continued his work on the second 35011 print that is exclusive to our shareholders. It features General Steam Navigation in her 1957 condition with a cut down tender and later BR crest. Once the prints are finished we will be messaging our shareholders individually to choose which one they want for their collection. For those who are getting all 3 we will message you when they are ready to be dispatched. Stuart has kindly let us share his second print of 35011 which is still a work in process. For those who are interested in purchasing shares and helping put the steam back into General Steam Navigation you can find out more here.


The Clan Project..72010 Hengist


Latest News at  www.theclanproject.org

The Brighton Belle 

Donate Here!!


The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has recently announced that it will be holding a series of presentations on the project to build new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales at venues along the route of the East Coast Main Line from London to Edinburgh and all the way to Aberdeen during 2017. Each presentation will feature key Trust personnel including Mark Allatt (Chairman) and David Elliott (Director of Engineering) and will cover the background to the project, progress to-date, future plans and details of how to get involved. The presentations will run from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs on each of the days listed below and are open to existing supporters and interested members of the public:

• Saturday 14th January 2017 – The London Transport Museum, London
• Saturday 18th February 2017 – The Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough
• Saturday 18th March 2017 – Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery, Doncaster
• Saturday 22nd April 2017 – York Railway Institute, York
• Saturday 13th May 2017 – Darlington Locomotive Works, Darlington
• Saturday 17th June 2017 – Newcastle Mining Institute, Newcastle
• Saturday 1st July 2017 – Edinburgh Jury’s Inn, Edinburgh
• Saturday 14th October 2017 – Dundee Heritage Trust Discovery Point, Dundee
• Saturday 25th November 2017 – Aberdeen Jury’s Inn, Aberdeen.


Latest News at : www.lms-patriot.org.uk


Latest News at www.125group.org.uk


Big Boy, PRR T1, and Chesapeake & Ohio  2-6-6-2 projects..

Updates: Big Boy: www.up.com

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust


More information at:http://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/news.php

Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2

Latest news on Facebook HERE


Photo courtesy B & O Museum


Project 6029 (Beyer Garratt 6029 ex-NSWGR)

Latest news from The Project 6029 blog HERE

UPDATE! The buffer beam has been made. Thanks to all for your support and donations to the group so far….. More details at: http://www.claudhamiltonlocomotivegroup.co.uk/

With design work well underway and the cab being handled by the fabricators, we would now like to ask for your continued support.

By signing up to pledge $5 a week ($22 per month) we will be able to produce more new parts and drawings of V499.

If you would like to help us out and see the locomotive built, please visits our website and click the PayPal buttons.

See more

Welcome to the official website of the Victorian Steam Locomotive Company, which will keep you up to date and informed about the V499 Project.

B & O Railroad Museum TV

Each month the B&O TV Network, starring actor Michael Gross, spotlights a moment in B&O Railroad history. Take a journey into the past and view one or all of these episodes posted on YouTube.

Mainline Steam Schedule

This listing is offered in good faith, so there is no guarantee offered or implied.Please confirm running with the relevant tour operator.
And adhere, please, to Network Rail’s photographic guidelines…..HERE
The tour schedule for December 2016..and beyond..can be found  at  Railway Herald

On This Day in History.


–/12/1928        Great Western Railway of England commences series production at its Swindon Works of ’Hall’ Class 4-6-0 steam locomotives, of which there will eventually be 339.

01/12/1929        Underground Electric Railways Company of London officially opens its notable new headquarters building at 55 Broadway, above St. James’s Park tube station, designed by Charles Holden

01/12/1909       The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway publicly inaugurates England’s first suburban surface railway electrification system on its South London line, known as the “Elevated Electric” (overhead wire 6.7 kV a.c. at 25 Hz)

03/12/1927       Official opening of London Post Office Railway.

04/12/1957       Accident at Lewisham (90 fatalities. 176 injured)

16/12/1914         O. Winston Link, American photographer who documented the end of steam locomotive use on the Norfolk and Western Railway in the 1950s born.

17/12/1915        The St Bedes Junction rail crash in England kills 19 people.

20/12/1909       Henry Fowler is appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Midland Railway, succeeding Richard Deeley

24/12/1901        The New Zealand Government Railways become the first major railway to place a 4-6-2 steam locomotive into service, having ordered thirteen Q class from the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia

24/12/1910        The Hawes Junction train disaster in Cumbria, England, occurs when a busy signalman forgets about a pair of bank engines waiting at his starting signal and he then allows two trains into the one block section

Radstock to Frome Railway Project

Latest News from this group can be found HERE

Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.Global Conquest: How Railways Took Over The World.(rescheduled)

Book review: The English Railway Station

Next event:Tuesday 21st February 2017: Global Conquest: How Railways took over the World

Venue: Conference Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
NW1 2DB – See more at: http://www.bl.uk/events/global-conquest-how-railways-took-over-the-world#sthash.ui5wcZhy.dpuf

..and check ticket availability…

Railway network map

In 1830,  the world’s first railway opened between Liverpool and Manchester. By the end of the century, there were 200,000 miles of track across the world, and this continued unabated into the 20th century, with the world’s longest, the Trans Siberian, completed in 1916. By the time Harry Beck produced his influential London Underground map in 1933, cities and whole countries had been re-shaped by the possibilities of mass transit. Author, commentator and railway historian Christian Wolmar charts how the iron road spread so rapidly and extensively. – See more at: http://www.bl.uk/events/global-conquest-how-railways-took-over-the-world#sthash.ui5wcZhy.dpuf

Around the World in 80 Railways (No 76 Night Train to Patagonia.. with Chris Tarrant)

“Extreme Railways with Chris Tarrant”

Channel 5 has just started showing the third series of this enthralling subject..
This is how the series is described on the Channel 5 website…
“Documentary series in which Chris Tarrant explores the world’s most extreme railway lines.
Chris travels by train across a thousand-mile stretch of Argentina to the heart of Patagonia. In the heyday of its “Belle Époque” this country boasted one of the largest and finest railways in the world, largely funded and built by the British. As he heads further and further South in his quest to ride the iconic Old Patagonian Express, Chris finds out just how far this once great railway network has fallen.

Director: Jeff Morgan Producer: Valeria Appel
© Whitworth Media Ltd/ Engine Porn 2016

Series premiere on Channel 5 (UK) 7th November 2016




Part of Wattrain’s purpose is expressed on the Home Page as follows…..

“At the moment we are preparing the case for the continued use of coal in steam locomotives and how members can reduce their carbon footprint when operating steam traction. One of our longer term projects is we intend to create an electronic version of the Alexandria Library. This was set up in the eighth century BC by Ptolemy 1, Pharaoh of Egypt, to collect all the world’s knowledge. Whilst we don’t want to collect all the worlds knowledge we do want to collect as much knowledge on railways as possible. It is hoped that this will not only disseminate information and advice but also facilitate the search for those seeking to resource specialist parts, equipment and services..”

WATTRAIN train Annual General Meeting 2016.  This meeting was held in National Rail Museum, Chanyakapuri, New Delhi on 20th October 2016 as part of the WATTRAIN 2016 Conference. Reports will follow…

The next WATTRAIN Conference is in 2018 in Frisco Texas.


The APHTRO conference 2016 was held in New Delhi, India (19-21st October 2016)

One of the speakers was Adrian Shooter, who presented “The Economic Value of Tourist Railways”. The presentation included a slide show showing the variety of UK locations, stunning scenery, imaginative marketing , recreating steam era days events (e.g. Victorian, World War 2..etc..)and community benefits from a successfully run heritage..tourist..railway.

As a case in point..the North Yorkshire Moors Railway..29 km long, and carries 300,000 passengers per year…each person stays an average of just over 6 days in the area..total spend of visitors is £36 million..with £10 million spent on accommodation, £8 million on food, and £6 million on shopping.

And a total of 730 indirect jobs are supported as a result….

More reports from the conference in future editions of “On Shed”

For more information: www.aphtro.org

New Europe Railway Heritage Trust Logo

NERHT is a voluntary society founded in 1999 to help railway preservation in the former Soviet Union and the other ex-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Access the latest Eastern Star newsletter: HERE

30742 Charters

Latest News from Martin Creese….
Find 30742 Charters on Facebook at www.facebook.com/30742charters

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Eastern Alps (almost) Steam Tour, September 13-15 2016.(A Roni Film)

Part of the IGE Eastern Alps steam charter in September. I started at Verona, then followed to Trieste. Next day after a fantastic early morning coastal climb from Trieste Centrale, the special traversed the Slovenian Alps on the Bohinj Railway and continued from Jesenice to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. After an overnight stay and exploring the city, the train departed at noon towards Maribor and the Austrian border.
Steam engines in use were FS 685.196, 728.022, SZ 33-037, 06-018 and ÖBB 52.1227. On the second day due to fire hazard a GM-EMD licensed “Reagan” class 664 diesel took over for a bit, the following day part of the trip had to be diesel-hauled due to a mechanical defect.

———- clickable index —————-
0:15 Verona, Trieste: 685.196, 728.022
6:56 Villa Opicina, Bohinj Railway: 728.022, 664-118
11:38 Jesenice – Ljubljana: 33-037
16:13 Ljubljana city, station, roundhouse: 06-018 Borsig
20:45 Ljubljana – Spielfeld-Straß – Graz: 06-018, 664-114, 52.1227