USHSR News… Big Moves in Infrastructure Investment – $180 Billion Proposed for Transit

As we move into a new era for America, big proposals that will make America great are starting to come out. Today the Senate presented the first major proposal for a trillion dollar infrastructure bill including $180 Billion for rail and buses following President Trump’s promise on Friday during his inauguration speech to the nation:

“We will build new roads, and highways, and bridges, and airports, and tunnels, and railways all across our wonderful nation.” -President Trump, 1/20/17

The Senate infrastructure proposal includes the following:
$180 billion to rail and bus systems
$65 billion to ports, airports and waterways
$110 billion for water and sewer systems
$100 billion for energy infrastructure
$20 billion for public and tribal lands
Its important to get active and push our leaders to pass this plan into action. Steering our leaders into an increased focus on major rail investment, Transit Oriented Development, and sustainability is more important than ever. Maintaining and increasing the nation’s great progress on livability, walkability, affordability, and climate solutions becomes the mission for all of us now.

We encourage everyone to get involved and active to help make sure our leaders follow through on these plans. Advocating for a transformation of our nation’s transportation policy towards vastly increased rail investment is most important, since rail is the main driver of TOD, livability, and sustainability. Congress and the states together are still spending over $200 Billion each year expanding our roads as if we’re still stuck in the 1950s. At the same time, rail investment gets blocked or left out of the picture.

Polls show 78% of Americans want major rail investment and change. TOD and urban living has become the hottest real estate market in decades proving this is where the great demand is. Its essential now that we get the nation’s transportation investments aligned with where the demand is – TOD and walkable urbanism. This means switching our national priorities and investments from road projects to rail projects. It also means not wasting time and money on distractions like driverless cars.

We are calling on all of you to get involved and active on this issue by putting sustained pressure on Congress, your governor, and local mayors to start seriously funding new rail projects in regions all across America as our main transportation investments going forward. We need to protect Amtrak’s current funding while scaling up serious investment. We need both public and private funding!

The real estate development world has already moved on to TOD and urban living as the most desired market and living arrangements people want. So its now essential that we all now pressure Congress to move on to funding 21st century transportation – high speed rail, metros, light rail, and streetcars.

The US High Speed Rail Association and the TOD Institute are committed to furthering the mission, principles, and advocacy for these important issues at this key time in American history.

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