Lidl bike starts on 5 March in Berlin.(Deutsche Bahn)

3,500 Lidl Bike Berlin • return within the S-Bahn ring on every corner possible • 353 return zones for discounted Loan • Opening event at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof


DB11730 Berlin Main Station

Berlin Main Station. Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Christian Bedeschinski


(Berlin, February 23, 2017) DB Rent starts on Sunday March 5 with the sponsor Lidl Germany the station unbound Bicycle Rental System Lidl Bike for Berlin. On this day, a launch event for customers and bicycle enthusiasts at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof takes place. All Berliners are invited to test the new offer at the start tag for free. Lidl Bike is part of the Call a Bike-family and currently the largest bike rental system in Germany. come 3,500 brand-new bicycles to use.

Sylvia Lier, chairman of the management DB Rent, says:

“We are pleased that we can bring so early in the season on the road Lidl bike already. Lidl bike is compared to the DB-listing last year more than twice as large. Together with Lidl, we have an even greater and more environmentally friendly part of the public transport in Berlin.  It is also comfortable: 3,500 bicycles are available throughout the downtown area and may be redeemed on every street corner.”

Wolf Tiedemann, management Lidl Germany, emphasizes:

“The Lidl bike we offer in Berlin an easy entry into the low-emission mobility. E-charging stations for pedelecs and cars at selected Lidl stores in the metropolitan area complement this service offer. For us, this is a further step to be the most sustainable discounters in Germany. “

The basic fare Lidl bike costs one euro per 30 minutes if the customer uses one of the 353 return zones in return. In comfort fare the first half hour is then even free. The 88km2-wide usage area covers the area within the Berlin S-Bahn ring. The 39 Lidl stores in the area are up to 200 meters away from a return zone.

All customers of Call a Bike, a bicycle hire systems with other partners can access Lidl bike without prior notification. Similarly, customers of Lidl-Bike is the entire Call a Bike deal in Germany without any further registration. The new offer DB Rent takes over the role of the system operator and is responsible for the customer. Lidl is sponsor and namesake of the bicycle rental system.

DB Rent has been active for nearly 15 years in the bicycle rental business and currently with around 13,000 bikes in 50 cities the leading provider in Germany.

Lidl operates around 3,200 stores in Germany and, with over 75,000 employees of the leading food retailers in Germany. In Berlin, there are about 140 Lidl stores.