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100th anniversary double headed 12 car train led by Loco 33.107 on the Semmering route, exiting the Weinzettel-Wand Tunnel.November 1954 (Courtesy: Hugh Cantlie)

Welcome…and news….
Editor’s Selection : The Robber Barons by Matthew Josephson 
100 Trains….the journey so far….
Steam Tube Photographic Highlights
Steam Tube Video Highlights
Steam Tube Blogs (Steam Age Daydreams)
Tornado…The Story so far…
New & ReBuild News.
B & O Railroad Museum TV
Mainline Steam Schedule
On This Day in History.
Radstock to Frome Railway Project
Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.Global Conquest: How Railways Took Over The World.(rescheduled)
Around the World in 80 Railways (No 78 La Trochita-The Old Patagonian Express)
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Welcome..and news!

Firstly , sincere apologies for this late edition of “On Shed” for February 2017.
At the end of January 2017 I was experiencing intermittent broadband issues and connectivity, which, after a couple of “Live” texts, seems to have righted itself within a couple of days. Then an engineer called……He managed to divert both of our lines so that the broadband line was diverted to our primary line, and our primary line was connected to..well, nothing!
And we only discovered this by chance! So, another texting session later, and an engineer called on Saturday last ..two hours later we were back online…

So, to matters at hand..

Steam enthusiasts, as this is being written, will be out on the Settle and Carlisle line, catching sight of “Tornado” hauling timetabled trains for 3 days..(14th – 16th February 2017). We shall present the best of these currently available from Steam Tube members in this edition of “On Shed” . It will certainly add to “Tornado’s” impressive CV. Congratulations to Mark Allatt and the A1 Steam Trust…..

Elsewhere..in the Steam Tube photos section, a collection of shots from Hugh Cantlie, which were gifted him by an American acquaintance Mr Dick Pennoyer some years ago…..In a future edition, On Shed will look at the career of Hugh Cantlie’s father , Lt-Col Kenneth Cantlie,who for some years in the early 1930s was CME of China Railways…and that is some story…

Our selection will also include passing comments on Great American Railroad Journeys with Michael Portillo, and a book prompted by the first series of same entitled “The Robber Barons”, written in the 1930s by Matthew Josephson..

So, on with this edition…

Editor’s Selection : The Robber Barons by Matthew Josephson 

I decided to obtain a copy of this book after it was mentioned in an early episode of Great American Railroad Journeys with Michael Portillo.He has referred to the “Gilded Age” ..and The Robber Barons….

The book was written in the early 1930s by Matthew Josephson..during the Great Depression.Indeed, in the Foreword he asks how, after “The New Era of Prosperity”, the nation had come to “such a pass.”
The answer is effectively tied up with the opening quotation from Francis Bacon on the Title Page…

“There are never wanting some persons of violent and undertaking natures, who, so they may have power and business, will take it at any cost”

And the evidence gathered in this volume backs up that point, and more.
Violence, fraud, theft, bribery,corruption, buying politicians…all these crimes, and more, are recalled. The effect on the employees and the travelling public hardly seemed to matter to these Barons in their pursuit of power and money.

Some might argue that this was typical of the times…well, if that is the case, it does not speak well of society at that, or any other time, especially when related to business matters and business conduct. Some of the actions of the Barons may not have (then) been illegal, but there was certainly a sad lack of moral uprightness.

The names of these “Influential Capitalists Who Transformed America’s Future”… including Vanderbilt, Drew, Cooke,Fisk, Gould, The Erie Ring, Pierpoint Morgan, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie..all take on added meaning in this excellent volume. You decide.

100 Trains….the journey so far….

Iain McGeachin, aka The Kilted Walker, is continuing with his epic project…

Upcoming Events: 24th – 27th March 2017   Arran Walk

Next:  April/May 2017. A Walk Across Canada (From Coast to Coast)             Distance: 3,900 miles    


We wish Iain well with his project. He deserves to succeed.

Steam Tube Photographic Highlights

These few shots, of varied types, and from various countries, come from the collection of Mr Dick Pennoyer, courtesy Mr Hugh Cantlie.

There are plenty more where they came from! The only downside is the lack of type,location and date in any captions or notes on these photographs, but I daresay the knowledgeable amongst us should be able to fill in the details!!


Steam Tube Video Highlights


Mladějovská průmyslová dráha / parní lokomotiva Krauss – Linz 7485
Dominik Schön

Masters Of The Mainline – U.K Steam Train Review – 2016 (Courtesy: Marsh Steam Videos™)

The mammoth operation of British mainline steam in 2016, will go down as an improvement on it’s previous year which was probably one of the most turbulent years on the mainline. This year would see some big name locos return to the mainline scene, although loco availability would see still plague tour operators and the southern half of England, as many tours were being cancelled. With eyes still on West Coast Railways, who are treading carefully after their suspensions, the rail operator are now looking to be heading in the right direction, which is paramount as this video would not be possible without the successful running of their operation !

This year’s compilation covers my favourite highlights throughout the year, which features 70 scenes involving 16 locomotives. This compilation features what I deem to be my best clips of the year and the scenes are edited to provide you constant action, while still providing a build up of anticipation. There is a brief on screen intro to each scene, though I’m happy to answer any questions you have !

I hope you enjoy the video.

Locomotives featured (in order of appearance)

46100 ‘Royal Scot’
45699 ‘Galatea’
6201 ‘Princess Elizabeth’
45690 ‘Leander’
60163 ‘Tornado’
5043 ‘Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe’
45407 ‘Lancashire Fusilier
44871 ‘Black Five’
60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’
46233 ‘Duchess Of Sutherland’
34052 ‘Lord Dowding’
46115 ‘Scots Guardsman
9466 Hawksworth Pannier’
34067 ‘Tangmere’
4965 ‘Rood Ashton Hall’
9600 ‘Pannier Tank’

All footage included in this video, are copyright of Liam Marsh, unless otherwise stated. All video media featured here cannot be used elsewhere, without prior permission from the relevant author or copyright owner.

© Marsh Steam Videos 2017 ©


A video report of a rail photo tour organized in January 2017. 3 steam locomotives of the YC and YD classes are shown on the lines Bago to Pyuntaza and Bago to Mawlamyine hauling passenger and freight trains whose livery and composition are consistent with the bygone era of steam in Myanmar. A tour by www.farrail.net

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 14th Jan 2017 Courtesy: KF Baker..and Penny.

Steam Tube Blogs (Steam Age Daydreams)

Steam Tube is grateful to Dave Wilson of Steam Age Daydreams. His thoughtful pieces on steam age history are always worthy of a careful read


How many times, over the years, have a pair of Black 5s set out to do battle over the Highland line to Inverness. This pair, pilot engine No.45231, now named Sherwood Forester, and No.45407, are on the last stretch of the climb from Stirling to Gleneagles, approaching Blackford. Sometimes known as Dunblane bank it is but a little bump,  a foretaste, of what is to come, Druimuachdar and Slochd lie in wait.

The timings of the GB Rail Tours, this is GB II, allow you to photograph them in a variety of locations all the way to the top of Slochd, and many do just this. On one memorable occasion I watched a chap videoing stood on the seat, in a Range Rover with  the sun roof open, as they  paced  the train – this was on the A9, no less.

And here they are, Nos. 45213 & 45407, with the same GB II tour, on top of Druimauchdar, near Dalnaspidle, in the background, the last vestiges of the winter snow cling to the side of the surrounding hills.

If you have enjoyed my blogs – I have written a book about my 60 years involvement with railways, from trainspotter, via steam age footplateman, to railway author and photographer, this is a link to it:


or: To celebrate the author’s up coming 70th birthday, you could grab yourself an eBook  copy of “Gricing, The Real Story of the Railway Children”, for just £2.99  – offer ends 13 / 03/ 2017.

This is the link to Amazon for your copy:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011D1WBWY

Tornado…The Story so far…


Tornado’s packed main line and heritage railway diary for 2017 can be seen below or you can view/download the Tour Guide here:

  • Wednesday 1st March – ‘The Saint David’ – London Paddington to Cardiff – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Friday 31st March – ‘Belmond British Pullman’ – The Golden Age of Travel (Surrey Hills)
  • Saturday 29th April – ‘The North Briton’ – Leicester to Carlisle – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Monday 1st May – ‘The Heart of Midlothian’ – Peterborough to Edinburgh – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 6th May – ‘The Talisman’ – London King’s Cross to Darlington – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings
    through UK Railtours
  • Monday 29th May – ‘The Cornishman’ – London Paddington – Penzance – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is proud that Tornado will continue to be operated on the Network Rail main line by DB Cargo, which has worked successfully with the Trust since the locomotive’s completion in 2008.

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.

But as you will all know, Tornado has enjoyed a three day outing on the Settle and Carlisle Railway..well, part of it..between  Skipton and Appleby..on timetabled trains as part of celebrations in connection with the reopening of the S & C after a disastrous landslip last year.

Traditional DMU paths on 14th – 16th February were surrendered to Tornado. The 10:45hrs ex-Skipton and 15:07hrs ex-Appleby were steam-hauled trains supplemented by morning and evening extras, running in reverse order.

Here are some videos uploaded to Steam Tube on Facebook and YouTube by Steam Tube members…

LNER A1 class 4-6-2 number 60163 ‘Tornado’ passing through Gargrave Railway Station on Wednesday 15th February 2017 with the 10.44am Northern Rail service from Skipton to Appleby.(Christopher Lawton)

60163 ‘Tornado’ hauls the rarest of operations as it’s put in charge of timetabled public passenger trains over the S&C, which is currently in partial operation due to the Landslip at Eden Brows on northern section of the S&C. Although these special services are claimed to be the first timetabled steam passenger trains in 50 years, there have been other instances where steam has replaced normal public passenger trains. The operation of the Plandampf is to celebrate the pending reopening of the S&C and to get people interested in this famous line. Tornado will haul timetabled passengers trains for three days from the 14/02 – 16/02. The A1 is captured at Horton In Ribblesdale as it powers it’s way up the Long Drag towards Blea Moor Tunnel.

A special thanks to Steam Railway and sister publication RAIL, Northern, Network Rail, DB Cargo, Friends of the S&C and the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust for making this video possible.

I hope you enjoy the video.
Marsh Steam Videos™

60163 Tornado Roars over the S&C on day 2 of the Plandampf service 15/2/17.
LNER A1 60163 Tornado was on day two of the Northern rail Plandampf service train runs from Skipton to Appleby . We first see 60163 at Aisgill summit tender first just as the sun decided to go in . We then move onto Horton/Selside to see Tornado romping up the bank in the sunshine . The Horton shot was done yesterday by Liam(Marsh Steam Videos) but I had planned the same shot so decided to do it today instead .(Stephen G Thompson)

New & ReBuild News.

General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society


Cranking up the pressure

When people talk about the General Steam Navigation project the conversation inevitability leads to the question what happened to her crank axle. The locomotive has even been known to be called the Merchant Navy with the missing axle.

When General Steam Navigation was withdrawn from service in February 1966 she was placed in storage but in April 1966 fellow Merchant Navy 35026 Lamport & Holt Line was discovered to have a flawed central axle and to keep her in traffic it was decided to give her GSNs. General Steam Navigation was then transferred to Eastleigh works where the task of fitting 11s crank axle into 26 was undertaken. It was here that GSN was fitted with a new spare wheelset from a West County class so she could leave for Barry by rail. Ever since Barry its always been known that we have need to get a new crank axle made for her if she was ever to return to steam. When the previous owner agreed to swap axles with Braunton he simply exchanged a plain set for another plain set. The current axle is a couple of feet in front of sister Merchant Navy Brockbank Line at Sellindge and now we intend to launch an appeal to convert Brauntons old trailing axle into a new crank axle for GSN.

CAD work with thanks to James Pearce

The work involved to do achieve this will feature the manufacturing of a new crank axle which is built up out of the two stub axles, crank webs and the big end journal which are all keyed and pressed together. Then pressing off of the old flawed axle and the crankpins and remachining the BFB wheel pans to accept the new crank axle and crank pins. Then the wheel pans will be pressed on to the new axle together with the new crank pins and then balanced by filling the pockets with lead to counteract the crank.

Rob Le Chevalier the South Devon Railway Engineering’s Workshop manager is working on a quote for the work. The South Devon Railway Engineering workshop is the best in the country and has previously created the crank axles for the P2 and the LMS Patriot. The cost is expected be about £25,000 which will include the cost to replace the tyres and the transport of the axle from Sellindge.

This where we need your help to help us raise the money in any way you can whether it the purchase of shares in the company, a £5 month standing order or spreading the word by helping on sales stands.

We very much hope to be able to tell you this time next year that the job is proceeding on the new crank axle wheelset with your help. This will greatly enhance our credibility and put us in the foothills of the mountain that we need to climb to put the steam in back in GSN again.

You can donate to this appeal by purchasing shares in the locomotive or via a one off donation be can online via PayPal.

We are now delighted to announce to you that we have purchased a further component for GSN a cab steam manifold. Or to give it its correct name steam combine which supply’s steam to all the auxiliaries on the locomotive, we hope to buy the Klinger and A/B valves that fit on it when funds permit.

A big thank you goes to out to our shareholders whose backing has enabled these purchases.

The Clan Project..72010 Hengist


Latest News at  www.theclanproject.org

The Brighton Belle

Excursion programmes will be launched in early 2017!


The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has recently announced that it will be holding a series of presentations on the project to build new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales at venues along the route of the East Coast Main Line from London to Edinburgh and all the way to Aberdeen during 2017. Each presentation will feature key Trust personnel including Mark Allatt (Chairman) and David Elliott (Director of Engineering) and will cover the background to the project, progress to-date, future plans and details of how to get involved. The presentations will run from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs on each of the days listed below and are open to existing supporters and interested members of the public:

• Saturday 18th February 2017 – The Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough
• Saturday 18th March 2017 – Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery, Doncaster
• Saturday 22nd April 2017 – York Railway Institute, York
• Saturday 13th May 2017 – Darlington Locomotive Works, Darlington
• Saturday 17th June 2017 – Newcastle Mining Institute, Newcastle
• Saturday 1st July 2017 – Edinburgh Jury’s Inn, Edinburgh
• Saturday 14th October 2017 – Dundee Heritage Trust Discovery Point, Dundee
• Saturday 25th November 2017 – Aberdeen Jury’s Inn, Aberdeen.


Latest News at : www.lms-patriot.org.uk


Latest News at www.125group.org.uk


US Projects


Big Boy, PRR T1, and Chesapeake & Ohio  2-6-6-2 projects..

Updates: Big Boy: www.up.com

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust

More information at: http://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/news.php

Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2

Latest news on Facebook HERE


Photo courtesy B & O Museum


Project 6029 (Beyer Garratt 6029 ex-NSWGR)

Latest news from The Project 6029 blog HERE

UPDATE! The buffer beam has been made. Thanks to all for your support and donations to the group so far….. More details at: http://www.claudhamiltonlocomotivegroup.co.uk/

With design work well underway and the cab being handled by the fabricators, we would now like to ask for your continued support.

By signing up to pledge $5 a week ($22 per month) we will be able to produce more new parts and drawings of V499.

If you would like to help us out and see the locomotive built, please visit our website and click the PayPal buttons.

See more

Welcome to the official website of the Victorian Steam Locomotive Company, which will keep you up to date and informed about the V499 Project.

B & O Railroad Museum TV

Each month the B&O TV Network, starring actor Michael Gross, spotlights a moment in B&O Railroad history. Take a journey into the past and view one or all of these episodes posted on YouTube.

Mainline Steam Schedule

This listing is offered in good faith, so there is no guarantee offered or implied.Please confirm running with the relevant tour operator.
And adhere, please, to Network Rail’s photographic guidelines…..HERE
The tour schedule for February 2017.and beyond..can be found  at  Railway Herald

On This Day in History.


The body of Queen Victoria is conveyed by the London & South Western,London, Brighton & South Coast and Great Western Railways from Gosport via London to Windsor, England for her funeral

Great Western Railway of England begins production of ‘Star’ Class 4-6-0      locomotives at its Swindon Works, beginning a series of successful 4-cylinder designs

06/02/1964      1964: Green light for Channel Tunnel
The British and French Governments have announced their commitment to build a tunnel under the English Channel.
Both countries now have the capital and technical skills to bring the project – first mooted 162 years ago – to life but their official statements do not give a definite timetable.
British Transport Minister Ernest Marples told the House of Commons: “It remains to be decided when and how best the expense involved can be sustained.”
The scheme – first proposed by Napoleon as an invasion strategy – has the keen support of French President Charles de Gaulle.
Precise details of design, engineering and financing still need to be confirmed, but the Channel Tunnel is most likely to be a twin-tunnelled rail link, costing at least £160m and taking five years to build.
The Channel Tunnel finally opened, a year late, in 1994, leaving Eurotunnel with debts of £925m a year later.
By 1999 Eurotunnel declared its first net profit.
It was voted the best construction achievement of the 20th century in a survey of 400 engineers in March 1999.

Great Western Railway of England turns out prototype of ‘Saint’ Class 4-6-0 locomotive from its Swindon Works, beginning a series of successful 2-cylinder designs

London and North Eastern Railway (Great Britain) takes delivery of express passenger 4-6-2 steam locomotive Flying Scotsman from its Doncaster Works

Check availability of the above Limited Edition Prints at Bondgate Gallery.

North British Locomotive Company established as a locomotive builder in Glasgow,  Scotland, by merger of Dübs and Company, Neilson, Reid and Company, and Sharp, Stewart and Company

Bristol Castle (7013) substitutes for 4082 Windsor Castle on King George VI ‘s funeral train..bearing  4082’s nameplates etc, which were never returned to the actual locomotive.

The Hull Paragon rail accident in England kills 12 people

21/02 1804
Richard Trevithick’s Penydarren – used to transport iron across nine miles of track –      becomes the first successful steam locomotive run on rails.

The final members of Class 52 diesel hydraulic locomotives (Westerns) ran on BR bringing to an end the independence of the Western Region and the GWR and the end of Swindon rule .

A Class 52 on display at the NRM York May 2016

A London Underground train has crashed at Moorgate, killing the driver and at least 29 passengers and injuring more than 70 in the worst-ever Tube disaster.
The 0837 train from Drayton Park to Moorgate was packed with commuters going to work when it overshot the platform and ploughed into a dead-end tunnel at 0846.
Passengers on platform nine said the train appeared to shudder and accelerate as it arrived at the station.

The Selby rail crash (also known as the Great Heck rail crash) was a high-speed train accident that occurred at Great Heck near Selby, North Yorkshire, England on the morning of 28 February 2001. 10 people were killed and 82 people suffered serious injuries.

Radstock to Frome Railway Project

Latest News from this group can be found HERE


Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.Global Conquest: How Railways Took Over The World.(rescheduled)

Book review: The English Railway Station

Next event:Tuesday 21st February 2017: Global Conquest: How Railways took over the World.

Venue: Conference Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
NW1 2DB – See more at: http://www.bl.uk/events/global-conquest-how-railways-took-over-the-world#sthash.ui5wcZhy.dpuf          ..and check ticket availability…

Railway network map

In 1830,  the world’s first railway opened between Liverpool and Manchester. By the end of the century, there were 200,000 miles of track across the world, and this continued unabated into the 20th century, with the world’s longest, the Trans Siberian, completed in 1916. By the time Harry Beck produced his influential London Underground map in 1933, cities and whole countries had been re-shaped by the possibilities of mass transit. Author, commentator and railway historian Christian Wolmar charts how the iron road spread so rapidly and extensively. – See more at: http://www.bl.uk/events/global-conquest-how-railways-took-over-the-world#sthash.ui5wcZhy.dpuf

Around the World in 80 Railways (No 78: La Trochita-The Old Patagonian Express)

Argentina 2014 – The Trochita is back

A video report of a tour on the “Trochita” (the Old Patagonian Express), a 400 km narrow-gauge line (75 cm) between Esquel and Ingeniero Jaboacci in the Argentine Patagonia. Five different steam locomotives are shown; they were built around 1922 by Baldwin and Henschel. All are 2-8-2 oil burners. They are shown on parts of the line that are not normally used nowadays. Still pictures of the same trip are here: http://www.ona.vu/trochita

Courtesy : KochersbergTV on YouTube


“At the moment we are preparing the case for the continued use of coal in steam locomotives and how members can reduce their carbon footprint when operating steam traction. One of our longer term projects is we intend to create an electronic version of the Alexandria Library. This was set up in the eighth century BC by Ptolemy 1, Pharaoh of Egypt, to collect all the world’s knowledge. Whilst we don’t want to collect all the worlds knowledge we do want to collect as much knowledge on railways as possible. It is hoped that this will not only disseminate information and advice but also facilitate the search for those seeking to resource specialist parts, equipment and services..”

The next WATTRAIN Conference is in 2018 in Frisco Texas.


The APHTRO conference 2016 was held in New Delhi, India (19-21st October 2016)

A presentation on Indian Heritage Railways, by Rajesh Agrawal can be found  HERE

Principles of our international co-operation (Kyoichi Oda, President)

This year, our conference in New Delhi, India was the biggest we have ever held and successful thanks to much effort and support of our dearest Indian friends and Indian Railways. I would like to thank them very much and hope it was fruitful for all participants. To confirm premise of our activities, I would like to show three principles for our international co-operation by heritage railways.

Firstly, for every country, for every activity, all must be treated equally. Each country has its own history of railway development and the extent to which railways have been used and are used today can be very different. People’s understanding of railways, industrial heritage and heritage railway can vary from country to country. In some places activities are more advanced, in others, less so. It would be unfair to see and evaluate only their present state without considering the social and historical context.

Secondly, administration of an international organisation must not be done solely to one country’s way of thinking or business style. Things can be very different by region or country. We have members and potential members in; New Zealand and Australia in Oceania, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea in Eastern Asia, South East Asia, each country in a different social situation, India and Sri Lanka in Central Asia, and Jordan in the Middle East. Their ways of thinking, business styles and social situations are not the same region by region, or even country by country in the same region. It is very important that we try to understand such differences. Our international organisation of heritage railways must be administered by balancing ways of thinking and business styles. This might not be so easy, but administration as ‘one size fits all’ is entirely wrong, because that could never be supported by people with different backgrounds.

Thirdly, we must not forget our friends who are making the effort in difficult situations in developing countries. Around three quarters of our members and potential members are from developing countries, or third world level. We know ordinary life is not so easy in some developing countries so we have to consider this in administering this, our international organisation. For example, we must keep our conference fee at less than 300USD. It is very good price this year, 105USD for APHTRO members thanks to the efforts of our Indian friends. If the price is too expensive, say more than 500USD or 1000USD, it would be like saying to the people in developing countries: “We don’t need you”, even though this were far from our purpose. If our administration were to be planned only from the viewpoint of people in richer countries, we would not be an Asia-Pacific organisation but a rich countries’ organisation. We must never allow this.


New Europe Railway Heritage Trust Logo

NERHT is a voluntary society founded in 1999 to help railway preservation in the former Soviet Union and the other ex-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Access the latest Eastern Star newsletter: HERE

30742 Charters

Latest News from Martin Creese….
Find 30742 Charters on Facebook at www.facebook.com/30742charters

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Manor and Castle Class double head an Express near Warwick on Hatton Bank.
Great Western Locomotives had an elegance about them on the GWR. (Gods Wonderful Railway)

(C) Kevin Parrish