Selling titles that had come of age at a discount! ( Dumpman Films)

What with the success of celebrating Dumpman Films’ 10th anniversary last year, marked by selling titles that had come of age at a discount, it seemed like fun to continue the idea.

While 2006 was the start of Dumpman Films, 2007 was an incredibly busy year, spent hurtling around Sussex, recreating vast numbers of disused railway journeys at great speed to create a catalogue. No other year since then has seen that level of output.

Many of these titles appear quite rough and ready in comparison to latter day output, but they retain their popularity and remain the favourites of many. To celebrate their 10 years of entertaining folk, the following will be available for £5 each for the remainder of 2017:

  • Brighton’s Kemp Town Branch Line
  • Brighton’s Devils Dyke Railway
  • Ardingly Branch Line
  • Three Bridges to East Grinstead
  • East Grinstead to Groombridge
  • Guildford to Christs Hospital
  • Christs Hospital to Shoreham
  • Heathfield to Polegate
  • Rye & Camber Tram/Rye Harbour Branch
  • Disused Railway Tunnels of Sussex
  • Volks Seagoing Tramway
  • Hamsey Loop Line
  • Views of Hellingly Mental Asylum
  • Hellingly Hospital Branch Line
As usual, a full description of the content of each film can be seen on the website along with a host of other interesting features. All titles are available directly, just email your requirements to or find them on ebay if that is your preferred route.
Fans of the Crowhurst to Bexhill West line may be interested in this; having filmed the entire line in 2009 (deliberately getting in there before the new road was built on the track bed), a return visit was made to take stills in 2015. In addition to taking stills all along the disused route, access was gained to the clock tower at Bexhill West Station. Legend has it that each railwayman that climbed the tower to set the clock, wrote his name and the date and sometimes even a few lines of verse.
Anyone buying the Crowhurst to Bexhill West title will now also receive a free dvd rom that contains over 160 stills taken at this time, including numerous views inside the roof and clock tower of Bexhill West Station as well as elsewhere along the route. Two very short video clips are also included, one inside the clock tower and another driving along what used to be track bed approaching Sidley station site. This dvd rom is also available separately for £5, but needs to be played in a computer, not a normal dvd player that plugs in to your telly.
My sincere thanks for all the support along the way. All being well, I will be back in touch in April or May to announce the release of another couple of titles filmed in Hampshire and Wiltshire.
All the best,