Shuttle Traffic for January 2017.(Groupe Eurotunnel)

Shuttle Traffic for January 2017


Jan-17         Jan-16         Change

Truck Shuttles  

Trucks                                   131,117       131,191             0%

Passenger Shuttles

Passenger vehicles*          152,552       151,038            +1%

*Includes cars, motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, caravans, camper vans and coaches

In January 2017, Truck Shuttle traffic remained stable compared to January 2016, with 131,117 trucks transported – being the second best January ever – despite the return to normal of the Port of Calais and the effect of severe weather on the production of fresh fruit and vegetables in Spain.

Passenger Shuttle traffic increased by +1% compared to January 2016, with 152,552 vehicles transported confirming the upward trend observed over the last few months.

The figures for the month of February will be published on Monday 13 March 2017 prior to the opening of trading.