Appeal: Bringing Fred Dibnah’s back to steam

Fred’s home and workyard was sadly left to go derelict after his untimely death, We have worked tirelessly to bring the site back to life, we have carried out a Major repair of Freds 50ft chimney and completely refurbished the stationary steam engine Fred intended to use to power the site, once we are back to steam this beaautiful engine will drive the whole site, machinery and all, there is one piece of the jigsaw missing, Fred’s old boiler was beyond repair, so we need to raise the funds for a replacement  reconditioned boiler to bring the amazing workyard of Dr Fred Dibnah MBE back to steam power so it will be the last remaining completely steam driven workyard left in the UK, visitors will be able to see all Fred’s machinery working at full speed all driven by steam power. This site is an extremely important piece of English History and it is essential that it is preserved in as near as possible to its original form for future generations to experience.