17,000 free tickets – BVG and S-Bahn Berlin support volunteers .(Deutsche Bahn)

DB12027 Train station Gesundbrunnen

Bahnhof Berlin Gesundbrunnen with S-Bahn Berlin – Trains of the ET 480 series.Copyright: German Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben

A successful cooperation will continue: BVG and S-Bahn Berlin ask again free single tickets for volunteers are available. To support the work of the volunteers even better, increased BVG and S-Bahn Berlin originally planned number by 3000 to now 17,000 tickets.
A corresponding agreement was signed today eV between the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Welfare, the BVG and the S-Bahn Berlin and the Joint Welfare Association, National Association Berlin. The signing took place at the nursing home from the Union’s Fund “Am Kreuzberg” instead.

Social Senator Elke Breitenbach says:

“I thank the partners for their support of voluntary work and especially that they have (increased?) slightly compared to last year again. Now there are 17,000 free tickets – an encouraging number. This is a very concrete support to those who volunteer their time and help others. This successful project – sealed with a contract today – enhancing social cohesion in our city. “

Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, CEO and Board operation of the BVG:

“Volunteering and the Berlin public transport – that fits together. Because just as we do with our buses and trains many volunteers make with their courageous commitment that Berlin is a city worth living in and stays. The BVG has the greatest respect for all those who advance in their spare others. And it is our pleasure to support this with travel tickets every year to some extent. “

Peter Buchner, CEO of S-Bahn Berlin, said:

“Talk less, act more: ! That is the strength of those people who take care of their voluntary work that in our city to be maintained over time a wide range of leisure, cultural, health and care services. Many help with – even those who themselves have very little money for a living. Take advantage of the 17,000 single tickets, which we support their services to the public “and Buchner adds:”.! Make a contribution yourself an honorary “

Dr. Gabriele Schlimper, Executive Director of the Joint Welfare Association Berlin:

“Every single ticket is important and promotes civic engagement in general and especially of people that otherwise could not afford. Only through the use of the many volunteers Berlin is what it is: a social city. It is important to us to support that. “

The coordination of the allocation is done by the welfare organization Berlin as a cooperation partner of the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Welfare. The distribution of single tickets via district centers in the districts.

The cooperation between the partners has been around for eight years. Last year, 235 facilities and carriers used berlin far the opportunity to give free tickets to voluntarily Committed. They include youth in the areas, the elderly, the homeless active volunteer at the museum or assist the sick.

For an overview of the awarding bodies in the district centers here: