8F 45170 News…. (SRPS)

The 45170 Appeal – ‘Preserving Scotlands 8F’ “Spirit of Scotland”


(SRPS Image)

In just over 2 Years the appeal has successfully raised over £125,000. and secured the locomotive! A truly remarkable achievement!  The locomotive purchase has been entirely funded by public donation and to enable its restoration we need more Covenantors to make a regular monthly commitment to raise funds . We realistically need about another £200,000 to restore her to working condition. The locomotive was built in Springburn, Glasgow at the North British Locomotive Co In 1942. She is in remarkable condition but will need a lot of effort and money to have her steaming again. We need your help!

It’s an 8F for less than the price of a pint per week!  – and less than a pint in some of the trendier parts of Edinburgh or Glasgow!


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