The digital maintenance tool DIANA ensures functioning switches and better punctuality.(Deutsche Bahn)

19 May, Berlin 2017) How can preemptively prevented turnout disorders and thus delays are avoided? The answer has DIANA, the diagnosis and analysis platform for investments. to detect soft faults before they arise, which is DIANA’s ultimate goal. Delays of trains, which were triggered by faulty switches are so minimized preventively. In addition, repairs are easier to plan. By 2020, nearly half of all switches in the German rail network is connected to the diagnostic device. Each switch is selected according to their importance, and their operation delay minutes.

How does DIANA work?

The switch is powered by an electric motor with electricity. This current flow is measured in the switchboard by a DIANA sensor and compared with a desired curve – there are deviations, the system reports an error. The target curves are previously adjusted individually for each switch. The highly sensitive sensors are about the size of a cigarette lighter and do not sit at the switch itself, but on the power supply cables that converge in the signal boxes.

Who reads the data?

The results of the DIANA sensors can be viewed on the computer and on your phone by DIANA app from the relevant DB employees. With the traffic light system of the plant manager can read how to do it the soft, green: all right, yellow: failure risk, red: faulty. The colors yellow and red, there is also a push message and diagnose problems. The Investment Manager decides afterwards, if and when action must be taken to repair the corresponding turnouts.

Philipp Raffelsieper, DIANA Project Region East:

“The great thing about Diana that we can detect abnormalities course before they will switch disorders. By DIANA a digital revolution of switch diagnosis is initiated. ”

Marko Dörschel, maintenance manager DB Netz AG Berlin:

“Our employees have been extensively trained for DIANA and the corresponding app. A diagnostic platform allows us to fix any errors before the onset of a disorder. This increases the quality of equipment and the same employee satisfaction. “

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DIANA switch gear.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Claudia Münchow