Berlin S-Bahn Ring Opens Fully after 15 years!! (Deutsche Bahn)

(Berlin, June 14, 2017) The signs of red-yellow S-Bahn trains on the S41 / S42 reveals nothing about the destination – and yet all want to ride! For 15 years the Berlin ring road is again fully operational. Exactly 60 minutes takes a spin on the “route without end.” At 18 of the 27 stations there are interchanges to other subway and train lines – and it is this combination makes the offer particularly attractive.

As the symbolic ring closure was completed on the afternoon of June 15, 2002 with the coupling together of two S-Bahn trains at the station Westhafen, this Free the Sender Berlin was worth a one-hour live TV transmission. Many Berliners was not yet clear at this point that would in some cases considerably shorten the travel time by public transport with the recovery of the entire 37 km long S-Bahn ring. The need for the use of bus services on links accounted favor of new Connecting the rail network. In some compounds, the journey time halved. For example Pankow – Messe Nord / ICC: from 39 to 19 minutes.

The construction of the Wall in 1961 and the cessation of operations on the West Berlin side of 1980 had made largely forgotten the performance of Berlin’s S-Bahn-Ring. Here earlier generations had acted extremely farsighted and 1877 (ie 140 years ago) introduced a tram-like traffic on the ring road with steam locomotives and compartment car, which from 1926 the operation of electrical S-Bahn trains joined. These traffic planners we can be grateful.

Germany’s only railway line without terminal is long again indispensable for commuters, students and the many visitors from home and abroad. Daily 1,100 train journeys to eight S-Bahn lines, driving on the ring road in whole or in sections, carrying over half a million passengers every day.

With the joint quality program “Ringbahn PLUS Berlin” DB Netz and the S-Bahn Berlin are currently working to increase the reliability and punctuality in the heart of Berlin’s S-Bahn system. And the beginning of the year 2021 there is again a reason to celebrate: the first trains of the latest generation of vehicles of the Berlin S-Bahn have premiere at the south ring. Within a few years they replace the older models on the “route without end” completely. – Only the ring makes the S-Bahn in Berlin really round. Happy Birthday, circle line!

DB95921 Hauptbahnhof Berlin: Einfahrt S-Bahn und ICE

Hauptbahnhof Berlin: Einfahrt S-Bahn und ICE.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Axel Hartmann