Dumpman Films Summer 2017 update

Hello there,

 In keeping with the ventures of the last few years, Dumpman Films took a couple of weeks out to go foraging for fresh film footage for your entertainment. Using Ringwood as a base and delving into disused railways in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, two disused lines were filmed. As a result, Dumpman Films proudly presents:
  • West Moors to Salisbury (Alderbury Junction)
  • Christchurch to Ringwood
West Moors to Salisbury was completed on foot, through 20 miles of some of the finest countryside on the edge of the New Forest and next to the River Avon. Numerous kindly locals, met along the way, helped to point out some of the best and most hidden features that remain quietly tucked away under years of vegetation. A variety brick structures not visible to the casual passer-by were exposed and some no longer to visible to anyone were pointed out. A pub garden built on the old track bed, next to a splendid Victorian railway arch, became a favourite watering hole for the duration of the visit.
Christchurch to Ringwood was somewhat shorter, clocking in at just under 8 miles, but required the full spread of transport forms to complete it: on foot, by bike and using the Polocam (camera bolted to a plank, perfectly sculpted to fit inside the sunroof opening of the car, so disused lines that have roads built over them can be travelled and filmed). Although bike filming was required, the rusty, trusty Raleigh Chopper was not used on this occasion (full explanation given on film) and a last minute stand-in was employed. Fans of the Chopper can relax in the knowledge that this was a one-off and be assured that it will be back on screen in 2018.
A particularly special event this time was being allowed access to film the private station at Avon Lodge on the outskirts of Ringwood. When the line was constructed, the landowner insisted that he should have his own private station for exclusive use of his staff, friends and family, when visiting Avon Castle. The visit to this unusual little station greatly added to what was already a feature packed film.
Both films contain reference to vintage maps and a slide show of stills taken en route appearing at the end.
Looking to next year, there are plans afoot to explore the Test Valley line and Alton to Basingstoke. Before the end of this year it is hoped to do a short number on Brookwood cemetary (the Necropolis line).
Films made in 2007 still remain at their bargain basement price of £5 a piece, in celebration of their 10th anniversary, rough and ready though they may be:
  • Brighton’s Kemp Town Branch Line
  • Brighton’s Devils Dyke Railway
  • Ardingly Branch Line
  • Three Bridges to East Grinstead
  • East Grinstead to Groombridge
  • Guildford to Christs Hospital
  • Christs Hospital to Shoreham
  • Heathfield to Polegate
  • Rye & Camber Tram/Rye Harbour Branch
  • Disused Railway Tunnels of Sussex
  • Volks Seagoing Tramway
  • Hamsey Loop Line
  • Views of Hellingly Mental Asylum
  • Hellingly Hospital Branch Line

As always, full details of all titles can be seen on the website www.dumpman.co.uk and the vast majority of them are listed on ebay for those of you that prefer that route. By all means email me directly if you have any questions about any of them or wish to buy.

As ever, please let me know if you would rather not receive these emails and I will immediately remove you from the list; Dumpman Films does not want to be an uninvited guest, apart from cheerfully careering into the occasional cavernous cutting if there’s a chance of catching a classic view of where carriages used to clatter or some such.

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