Full STEAM ahead for STEM — — 24,000 UK primary schools set to receive free STEM-themed storybooks —

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A pioneering project from an author and an engineer to supply free copies of STEM-themed story books to all primary schools in the UK will see 24,000 primary schools receive three books from the “Peter’s Railway” series, with access to online educational resources.

The project aimed at encouraging an early interest in STEM subjects, hopes to help foster a greater level of technical interest amongst young children.

The Peter’s Railway collection, written by Scottish-based author Christopher Vine, follows Peter, a young boy with a love of trains, railways and engineering.  The traditional illustrated storybooks, named after the author’s son feature a friendly narrative and stand-alone sections exploring STEM related topics such as energy, biology and climate.

The project has been funded by engineer Nick Jarmany, founder of Quixant Plc, a UK-based company engaged in development and supply of computer systems. Nick Jarmany became a fan of the Peter’s Railway books after reading them to his young children.

Christopher Vine, said:

“The Peter’s Railway books combine real science and engineering with true stories and adventures helping to feed inquisitive minds. Our lives are increasingly dominated by technology of all types, meaning there will be an ever-accelerating need for technical experts, innovators and entrepreneurs in the future. This represents an amazing opportunity for the youngsters of today, which is why we want to foster an early interest in STEM subjects and give more children a chance to enjoy science and engineering.”


Nick Jarmany, said:

“As a father of two young children, I came across a wonderful series of books that manage to combine traditional story telling with ‘how it works’ explanations. I was surprised how my son latched onto the technical aspects and wanted to learn more. Our simple aim is to encourage a growing interest in STEM subjects, and through this early interest to encourage more girls and boys to pursue exciting technical careers.” 


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