For commissioning weekend closures required • S-Bahn network completely equipped by 2025 with a new train control system.(Deutsche Bahn)

Announcement: Engineering Works

Rail passengers be disrupted in the coming years no longer works at the Berlin light rail. With recent work for the new train control system S-Bahn (ZBS) continues the German train here after the comprehensive renewal of these highly stressed Magistrale a final point. In two years, 152 night and some weekend track possessions were used to install on the 15th kilometer section West Cross-Ostbahnhof at 231 signals the new technology. To 561 beacons were installed in the track, and integrated into the existing signaling system. 205 route stops of the old system have been removed.

For commissioning on July 24 comprehensive closures and commuter services are coming weekend again necessary:

From Friday, 07.21., 22 pm to Saturday, 7.22., 22:00, exists between Lichtenberg and Berlin central station replacement bus service with buses.

On the night of Friday, 21.07., On Saturday, 22.07., Is shuttled 22-6 watch between Berlin Central Station and Western Cross with change in zoo and Savignyplatz in 15-minute intervals between Westkreuz and Grunewald or the Olympic Stadium is S-Bahn shuttle in 20-minute intervals.

On Saturday, 7.22., Is 6-22 watch between Berlin Central Station and Zoo train shuttle in 15-minute intervals.

From Saturday, 07.22., 22 pm to Monday, 24.7., 1:30, exists between Lichtenberg and Friedrichstrasse replacement bus service with buses.

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