German web remains exclusive partner at Hertha BSC and celebrates the association’s anniversary.(Deutsche Bahn)

Festival 125 years Hertha BSC in July • Exhibition in Berlin Central Station • “Hertha-train” travels on the rail

(Berlin, July 14th 2017) Since 2006, Hertha BSC and the German train a good team. Now the company has extended based in Berlin his commitment as an exclusive partner for the season 2017/18. One more reason due to celebrate the 125th club anniversary in July.

Antje Neubauer, Head of Marketing / PR Deutsche Bahn:

“At the station Gesundbrunnen are the roots of Hertha and the S-Bahn most fans go to the home games in the Olympic Stadium. These are good reasons to celebrate with Hertha BSC the anniversary at the Well, and the association with an “own” S-Bahn to congratulate. “

Ingo Schiller, Chief Financial Officer at Hertha BSC:

“The partnership between Hertha BSC and Deutsche Bahn has grown over many years, so we are very pleased that we can now continue this in our anniversary year. The now implemented ideas pay one on our birthday and the tradition of Hertha BSC and will certainly find very popular among our fans. “

To kick off the “Hertha Festival Week” at DB is at the station Gesundbrunnen on July 21, an event in a ceremony held. At the site of the legendary first Hertha venue “Crude,” a information column is revealed that pays tribute to the historic site and the Hertha idol Hanne Sobek. Offering extensive professionally designed mural on the train leaving the platform 2.1 will also point permanently to the historical founding of Hertha BSC.

On July 24, the S-Bahn Berlin presents a train that is completely designed with sticker for club anniversary. It is used by the end of December in the East-West traffic on the lines S5, S7 and S75, which cross the Berlin light rail.

Three days later, on July 27, opened in Berlin Central Station on a centralized area on the ground floor an exhibition of eight large-scale exhibits for Hertha history.

The German railway was 2006-2015 main sponsor of Hertha BSC and since the beginning of the season 2015/2016 exclusive partner.

DB12027 Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen. (Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben)