News Brief – 14 July 2017:Welcome to the Community Transport Association’s News Brief

The start of July was Catch the Bus Week, a celebration of the role that buses play in our communities, and aimed at encouraging people to take the bus more. To champion the work of our members and the wider community transport network we released a blog talking about the role you play in supporting people to stay connected.

Community bus services are run under a section 22 permit which allows community transport operators to run local, not for profit bus services for the benefit of their community. Unlike commercial bus operators, community transport providers who run a community bus route on a section 22 permit never do so for a profit. This means that a greater variety of needs can be met, especially for vulnerable and isolated people and communities.

Take a look at our Catch the Bus Week blog where we look at some examples of community transport operators helping their communities to catch the bus!


The Future of Accessible Rail Travel

Rail is an increasingly important public service, carrying more than 4.5 million people per day. It plays a vital role in connecting people to jobs, housing and loved ones.

It’s important, then, to ensure that the railway is accessible so that it is as easy as possible for everyone to travel by train independently. Take a look at a recent blog written by the Rail Delivery Group for CTA where they discuss a recent report ‘On Track for 2020?: The Future of Accessible Rail Travel.’