Construction work around the Ostkreuz in the plan Until 21 August.(Deutsche Bahn)

Construction work around the Ostkreuz in the plan
Until 21 August, the train traffic between Ostkreuz and Lichtenberg and Karl Horst is interrupted • buses in the replacement bus, U5 as an alternative • New tracks, platforms and interlocking technology for S-Bahn


Eleven days remaining for the construction work in the large summer lockout at Ostkreuz. Since July 21, here the S-Bahn traffic restricted to build new tracks, platforms, signals, signal boxes and safety technology and to put into operation, a prelude to the Baufinale around the Ostkreuz.

As of 21 August, the S-trains run again from Lichtenberg and Karl Horst to downtown, from 10 December, the S-Bahn from Schonefeld. In addition, as of December maintain the regional train lines RE 1, 2, 7 and 14 RB in the largest public transport hub of Berlin.

In recent weeks, the Bauschwerpunkte have included track work between Ostkreuz and Nöldnerplatz, here is the original building used tracks and a temporary bridge over the Karlhorsterstrasse were dismantled and placed new S-Bahn tracks and build retaining walls. New signals were built and installed the necessary cables. In the electronic signal box Ostbahnhof a software change has been carried out to adapt to the train control of the train.
Since yesterday – with the beginning of disabling between Ostkreuz and Karlshorst – even toward Rummelsburg connect the new tracks, switches and signals. Work is still at the platforms in Ostkreuz and Warschauer Straße and at the rebuilt already largely historic footbridge at the station Ostkreuz. By 21 August, all new systems are tested, approved and put into operation. The weekend before the commissioning test runs take place.

Christian Welzel, project manager at DB Netz AG:

“We have to do a tight schedule and even hands full. But we are on time on August 21, finished with the start of operation. Then the train will go back to the city, the S 3 runs from that date between Erkner and West Cross and holds back in Rummelsburg. ” 

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