Long Buckby station better connected than ever before.(London Midland)

London Midland’s passenger service director, Tom Joyner; Chris Heaton-Harris MP and Steve Burd, managing director, Stagecoach Midlands.(London Midland Image)

A new, revised bus service has been launched in Northamptonshire, providing further connections between Long Buckby station on the West Coast Main Line, Rugby, Northampton and the surrounding area.

The brand new number 96 bus route was unveiled by Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry, local councillors and staff members from London Midland and Stagecoach. Morning commuters were greeted at the station with complementary tea and bacon sandwiches, before catching their trains.

A joint collaboration between London Midland and Stagecoach, the new number 96 bus route will form a vital link between Northampton, Rugby and the commuter hub of Long Buckby station.

The new route and timetable come into service on Monday 4 September and are the latest addition to Long Buckby’s array of transport links. Last year, the number 11 service was introduced, linking the station to Daventry, which does not have a station of its own. Commuters to London, Birmingham and Northampton often travel to Long Buckby.

The new route see the 96 bus running between Rugby and Northampton, calling at a number of stops, including Long Bucbky station, Crick, and East Haddon. For morning commuters, there are services arriving at the station to match with rail services. In the evening, there are further rush hour services, allowing commuters to catch connecting buses after arriving by train. Throughout the day the service will operate at regular intervals.

Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry, said:

“Northamptonshire is increasingly being recognised for its excellent transport links, both to the north and south. Commuting from Long Buckby to London has become a viable option in recent years and the revised bus service represents a fantastic joined up approach to the region’s transport infrastructure.”

Tom Joyner, passenger services director at London Midland, said:

“For commuters travelling to London, Northampton or Birmingham from Northamptonshire, this new bus service will no doubt be incredibly useful. The service has been planned with Stagecoach to ensure it allows enough time for connections to our West Coast services.

“Making travel simpler and easier for every single one of our passengers is a central goal for us and this service will mean people can access our services with ease, without having to travel out in the car.”

Further information about the number 96 bus timetable can be found here.The new bus route and timetable will be introduced on Monday 4 September.