The T1 Trust Purchases Long Haul Tender.

Dear T1 Trust Family Member,

I am writing to share with you great news about the T1 Trust! In an exciting step forward, the T1 Trust has purchased the last remaining 16-wheel PRR long haul tender in existence. Acquired from the Western New York Railway Historical Society, this is essentially a T1 tender minus the streamlining. The purchase of this PRR coast-to-coast tender negates the need to build a new tender for the T1 locomotive, and saves the T1 Trust an estimated $3 Million.

In an effort to safeguard the tender, T1 Trust members will travel to New York to complete a renovation of the brake system and replace the oil in the roller bearings. In addition, the T1 Trust’s crew will sandblast, prime and paint the tender in the appropriate Dark Green Locomotive Enamel. The overall cost of the tender preservation effort is estimated to be $45,000. About half of the work will be donated, and the T1 Trust is seeking support to cover the remaining cost.

To help, please visit the T1 Trust’s website and make a tax-deductible contribution today. All donors who direct $500 or more toward the 5550 Tender Preservation Fund will have their name engraved on a plaque which will be affixed to the tender.

All the best!

Bradford Ross Noble, DO
Chairman, The T1 Trust