“Czech on the move”- a Czech Republic nationwide survey of travel behaviour.(Czech Republic)

The Transport Research Center launched a nationwide survey “Czech in motion.” Its aim is to find out where, where such means of transport and for what purpose Czech citizens traveling. The information obtained will contribute to effective transport planning in order to better meetthe needs of citizens.

The survey will run until autumn next year. Interviewers will appeal to 40,000 randomly selected households from across the country, so as to obtain high-quality data for traffic planning. In the selected households, interviewers will (ascertain) equipment and means of transport mode of transport for each of its members over six years. Participation in the survey is not too time consuming. It involves filling out simple travel diaries. Respondents will be able to choose between paper or electronic version, or will be able to use the phone.

All data that interviewers gather up will remain anonymous. Interviewers will show evidence of the agency FOCUS, which will include a photograph, signature and stamp. The proof will be placed in a visible location. They will also have a flyer with information about the survey and information letter. All materials specified telephone number, which is also on site www.ceskovpohybu.cz . If in doubt about the identity of the questioner, the respondent can contact the helpline.

Transport Minister Dan Tok, said:

“Examination of the transport behavior of this magnitude has never been done in the Czech Republic. If  we are to serve citizens effectively, we need the most accurate data. I understand that people are now more vigilant with surveys  and want to  protect their privacy. In this case, however, please do make an exception and help us. All data is anonymous and (we) guarantee their protection.” 

The survey results will be published in 2019. The Ministry of Transport will then serve as a basis for strategic planning of transport infrastructure.

Jindřich Frič,research director of the Transport Research Center, stressed the importance of the survey,adding:

“Information on traffic behavior is important both for planning at the national level and the creation of sustainable urban mobility plans, and evaluating investments financed from public resources.


The State will pay about 13.7 million crowns for this extensive survey.

Statistics from the Ministry of Transport last year show that the Czech population travels more often than it used to be in the past. For example, trains have run a record number of people. By rail, more than 179 million passengers have been transported in 2016, the most in history. Similarly, this was also the case for urban public transport. More than two and a quarter billion passengers have used it for their journey last year, even in this case it is a historic maximum. The increase in passengers was also recorded in air transport. The airport in the Czech Republic has taken off nearly 14 million people last year, which is almost one million passengers in comparison to 2015.