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Railways Africa Editors Comment

After much speculation over the last few months with various reports guessing between Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom, the verdict is out and it is Siemens and Alstom! The press briefing took place this morning.

It would appear that the NRZ recapitalization tender might be reissued following reports that the current deal is dead. With controversy in the air, this makes room, according to various media reports for two bidders, one of which did not tender at all and the other that didn’t make it to the end. The issue with this is that it smells already! Will the private sector take the next round seriously?

Should we never have taken the first round seriously either and this is the tarnished brush that Africa just cannot afford – and with all of this hanging in the air, it is no wonder that neighbouring countries are looking at ways of avoiding Zimbabwe in their future plans to interconnect Africa. The loser, of course, is NRZ and ultimately the people of Zimbabwe – not great news at all!

It is budget time again, and I hope with all your planning we will see your brand proudly displayed right here in our weekly publication, taking your brand to market every week! Our 2018 rate card has been finalised, send me an email and I will send it right over!


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