Regional workshop Neuruppin performance after renovation.(Deutsche Bahn)

Foundations for stable operation of trains on the RE 6 and use of modernized vehicles

(Berlin, September 27 2017) After several months of rebuilding the workshop Neuruppin DB Regio North East went in mid-August with full power operation. Here also the modernized trains of the series 648.1 can be held now repaired that are on the RE 6 in use.

DB27296 From Markt Erlbach to Nürnberg Hbf

A VT 648 traction unit of the DB Regio, Mittelfrankenbahn, runs as RB 58855 from Markt Erlbach to Nürnberg Hbf and passes a blooming rape field at Markt Erlbach.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Uwe Miethe

During the extensive construction work, the vehicles were in other workshops – such as Neubrandenburg – waited and were due to longer routes not multiply in sufficient capacity. In order to still perform the safety inspections and maintenance, some had trains are replaced by buses.

Olaf Möller, workshop manager of the Northeast region, spoke of the improvements in the workshop and thus also for the working conditions of 15 employees.

“Over the past few weeks has been shown, this investment affects how positive of just over one million euros. In the workshop, the roof has been completely renovated to incorporate a retractable roof platform. For this, a massive separation wall and the center roof pillars were dismantled. The pit is now five meters longer and the hall floor completely renewed. In order to raise the VT 648, a new jack system was installed. It contributes about working under the vehicle. Ultimately, the hall received a LED lighting and an extraction system for the exhaust gases of diesel engines and Vorwärmgeräte will be installed shortly. “

Delays in the planning and procurement of the works have led to the dismantling of the roof and the concrete work could not be started in late 2016 due to the upcoming winter period. The reconstruction phase has been added to the first half of the 2017th

Since 21.08.2017 the workshop Neuruppin is in operation and takes over the site maintenance of the BR 648, which makes the workshop conversion necessary and is used on the RE. 6
The new vehicles are distinguished from the old fleet with more seats and space for wheelchairs, wheelchair-accessible restroom and twice as many bicycle parking from. In addition, there are sockets at the seats and LED lighting instead of conventional fluorescent tubes.

Bernd Schniering, head of production in the Northeast region,emphasized:

“We have meticulously examined in recent weeks, the operations and looked to see which screws there is still to stabilize the processes. With delivery of the last missing VT 648 should be stable again in double traction on the way the modernized trains no later than December.”

First experiences from the trial operation have shown positive effects. Faults are eliminated rapidly, the conversion effort is reduced in other workshops and planned maintenance can be carried out at the scheduled downtime within the network.

In the course of the year, the bulk component replacement will be possible, ie the replacement of diesel engines, axles and bogies.
Furthermore, the maintenance of the VT 646 previously used, in individual cases is carried out which, the following year to come on routes from Berlin to Poland used.