Russian Railways attracted over 12 million tons of additional cargo since early 2017.(RZD)

Alexei Shilo, Director for Commercial Activities of JSC Russian Railways, General Director of the Center for Corporate Transport Services, took part in the panel discussion “Orientation to the client in the railway industry: realities and challenges, how to confront them” at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi.

In the course of his speech, Alexey Shilo noted that at present the company’s work is aimed at increasing customer focus, the formation of new logistics products and the development of modern client services, which ultimately contributes to attracting additional cargo to the railroad.

As he said, for small clients the holding offers services of booking carriages on trains. This allows you to take advantage of the technology, in which small consignments are collected in a train that goes a long distance without processing. In the case of large customers, a parking service is introduced for them, where customers can place their rolling stock on the infrastructure of Russian Railways, awaiting the formation of a ship lot, freight trains on a special schedule, and delivery on time.

Alexey Shilo said:

“We understand that we live in the age of digital technologies, without them it is impossible to move on.” We have our semblance of Uber – this year launched the electronic trading platform ” Freight transportation “, which provides a comprehensive cargo transportation service. site: there will be logistics services and terminal-warehouse complex services.” 

According to him, for 9 months of this year due to the improvement of the service the company managed to attract more than 7.5 million tons of cargo to the railway transport in addition. More than 4.55 million tons of cargo was attracted through the use of available instruments at the disposal of the company flexible tariff policy – the “tariff corridor” and the provision of discounts in certain areas.


Freight container transportation on Russian Railways’ network increased by 24.4% in first three quarters of 2017


In January-September 2017, the transportation of loaded large-capacity containers on the network of Russian Railways increased by 24.4% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 1,921,700 Twenty Foot Equivalent containers (TEUs).

Transit traffic increased by 74% to 245,900 TEUs, exports by 16.7% to 611,200 TEUs and imports by 52% to 394,200 TEUs.

Traffic in domestic services increased by 8% to 670,400 TEUs.

The greatest increases measured across all services were in the transportation of freight in the following categories. Figures in brackets show the percentage changed compared to the same period last year:

  • chemicals and soda – 331,200 TEUs (+ 13.5%);
  • paper – 214,100 TEUs (+ 5.1%);
  • timber – 197,300 TEUs (+ 28.4%);
  • manufactured and durable goods – 187,300 TEUs (+ 51.4%);
  • general metal goods – 169,500 TEUs (+ 52.3%);
  • machines, machine tools, engines – 128,800 TEUs (+ 49,4%);
  • cars – 127,800 TEUs (+ 62.9%);
  • non-ferrous metals – 82,900 TEUs (+ 7.7%);
  • ferrous metals – 78,200 TEUs (+ 28.5%);
  • construction materials – 66,600 TEUs (+ 2.8%);
  • chemical and mineral fertilisers – 39,500 TEUs (+ 56.4%);
  • ferrous metal scrap – 17,500 TEUs (+ 10.8%);
  • agricultural machinery – 8,800 TEUs (up by a factor of 2.8).

In 2016, the Russian Railways’ network transported 2,134,700 loaded TEUs on all services, an increase of 11% compared to 2015.