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 LA Metro CEO Phil Washington to Headline Conference!

USHSR is excited to announce Phil Washington will be headlining our upcoming West Coast Rail Conference in Los Angeles. Phil Washington is one of America’s great leaders working to transform the car-culture LA region into a rail-served, walkable, affordable place for all. We thank Mr. Washington for his great leadership!
In his position as LA Metro CEO, Mr. Washington manages an annual operating budget of $1.6 billion and is responsible for overseeing $15 billion in capital projects and providing oversight of an agency that transports 1.4 million boarding passengers on an average weekday, riding on a fleet of 2,000 clean-air buses and six rail lines.
LA Metro also is the lead transportation planning and programming agency for LA County. As such, it is a major construction agency that oversees bus, rail, highway and other mobility-related building projects – together representing the largest modern public works program in North America.
Washington was a leader in the successful effort to pass a new half-cent sales tax in LA County, which garnered 71.15% voter approval. Measure M will build 40 major highway and transit projects in the first 40 years, create 778,000 jobs through construction and various programs, and provide $133.3 billion in economic impact.
Washington came to Los Angeles from Denver, where he was Assistant General Manager for nearly 10 years, prior to being named CEO in 2009.  More | LA Metro | West Coast Rail Conference
“This annual conference brings together some of high speed rail’s most knowledgeable people. Anyone who wants to know more about this transportation mode will learn not only about the California high-speed rail project, but also how private investment will be brought in, how Americans can advocate for high-speed rail, how to bring multi-modal transit centers into the mix, what the 21st century rail stations will include, and much more.”  -Rod Diridon, Mineta Transportation Institute 
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The West Coast Rail Conference brings together decision makers in government, the rail industry, related organizations and consulting companies. In the setting of a business conference with an atmosphere of serious knowledge sharing, information seeking and networking opportunities, we create an ideal platform to meet prospects and clients and to present your products and services. By making use of one of the promotional packages, your company will become an official sponsor of the West Coast Rail Conference.  More info | Exhibit your firm | Sponsor the Conference
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Recently, the California HSR Authority’s staff recommended awarding the early operator contract to the German led Deutsche Bahn consortium. DB Engineering & Consulting USA, a consortium of DB International US, DB, Alternate Concepts, and HDR were selected by the Authority (CHSRA) board of directors.
Four shortlisted bidders submitted proposals to CHSRA on September 6. DB Engineering achieved the highest ranking in the subsequent assessment, followed by Renfe in second place, FS First Rail Group in third, and China HSR ETO Consortium in fourth.
The early train operator will act as consultant advising CHSRA on the procurement of rolling stock, track, systems and stations as well as optimising the capital, operating, maintenance and whole life costs of these assets.
Other responsibilities include providing support on station design and operational planning, train interiors, fares integration and interoperability with connecting operators, security and safety, operations control systems and train dispatching, and opportunities to maximise revenue.

The winning bidder will also help CHSRA to develop ridership and revenue forecasts, and operating and maintenance costs. It will help to select a revenue collection system, and develop a marketing and branding plan.  Story | Early Operator | CA HSR | CA Rail Conference

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has chosen an STVWSP USAjoint venture to serve as its consultant on an acquisition of new heavy-rail vehicles and associated equipment.

The team will support the agency with project control, management and oversight of the rail vehicle contractor, STV officials said in a press release. Earlier this year, Metro placed an order for up to 282 cars with China Railway Rolling Sock Corp. The base order is for 64 new cars, with five options to order an additional 218 heavy-rail vehicles.

The STV-WSP team’s service scope includes schedule analysis, consultant budget control, engineering support and warranty program implementation support. The joint venture also will perform a final configuration audit and safety certification, and develop a reliability demonstration test program.  Story | LA Metro projects | Rail Conference

Senator Eric Lesser (Massachusetts) launches website to push for east-west rail connecting Boston and Springfield with high speed rail. Lesser has been advocating for a study of high-speed rail in that corridor since he took office.
“What that’s about is really trying to take a step back and making sure the focus is less on legislative maneuvering and the back and forth of the political world and re-centering the conversation where it needs to be centered, which is on people and why this is important and why we need this,” Lesser said.
Senator Lesser launched a new website showcasing stories of people and how a new rail line will change their lives and give them new opportunities.  Rail Matters website
The Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 24 on Lesser’s bill requiring the Department of Transportation to conduct a feasibility study of east-west rail.
Nashville Mayor Megan Barry unveiled a monumental proposal for a $5.2 billion mass transit system. A visionary move, Mayor Barry want Nashville to follow the great successes of Los Angeles and Seattle that both passed massive funding measures to pay for major expansions of their metro systems.
Calling it a necessary “investment in Nashville’s future,” Mayor Barry wants Nashvillians to go to the polls in May to approve via referendum raising four taxes to pay for the massive undertaking – a combination of 26 miles of light rail, expanded bus service and a massive tunnel below downtown that would serve as a central connecting point for the city’s new transit lines.
“This is exactly the kind of bold, visionary thinking and planning we need to be doing in many cities across America,” said USHSR President Andy Kunz. “Mayor Barry is one of today’s leaders that understands the great value of rail, and its ability to reshape regions, encourage economic development and TOD, smart growth, sustainable development, and creates great new living/working/travel opportunities for all.”  Story | Mayor’s proposalEconomic development
-LA METRO MOVING AGGRESSIVELY ON $120 BILLION – LA Metro has announced it’s moving toward a series of public-private partnerships (P3s) that will deliver Measure M transportation projects to L.A. County residents even faster, and more efficiently than expected.  More info
-LA METRO TRANSPORT PLANS – The Active Transportation Strategic Plan is Metro’s county-wide effort to identify strategies to increase walking, bicycling and transit use in Los Angeles County.  More info
-LA METRO JOBS – Metro is expanding rapidly to keep up with the project demand and rapid system expansions.  More info
-LA UNION STATION MASTER DEVELOPER INDUSTRY FORUM – Takes place October 13th from 9am to 11:30am in the Ticket Concourse area of Union Station.  More Info | LA Union Station
-630 FIRMS CONTRACTED – The California High-Seed Rail Authority is stimulating economic development and jobs across a large sector.  Report
-CAHSR CONSTRUCTION ADVANCES – Construction continues up the Central Valley with more than 119 miles of heavy civil construction underway bring America’s first bullet train to life.  Updates
-$ BILLIONS MORE CONTRACTS IN THE WORKS – With more than 700 miles of brand new high speed rail still to build, many more multi-billion-dollar contracts are coming!  More info
-EARLY TRAIN OPERATOR PROCUREMENT – The California High-Seed Rail Authority received proposals from four world class teams including China HSR ETO Consortium, DB Engineering & Consulting USA, FS First Rail Group, and Renfe.  Info
-JOB CREATION – CA HSR Construction is creating thousands of jobs across all functions – from planning and environmental clearance to engineering and construction. These jobs are not only in the state of California, but in factories spread across America (see map below).  Report
“The governor has created a climate-resistant, economically supercharged state – is this the blueprint for a more progressive America?”

When Brown returned to this city in 2011 for his second time as governor, California’s finances were a horror show; on the presidential stump, Mitt Romney compared its economy to Greece’s. But with a combination of tax hikes and temporary belt tightening, California eliminated a $25 billion deficit, paid off $32 billion in debt and has stocked away a rainy-day fund that will soon top $8 billion.
Along the way, Brown signed bills that granted driver’s licenses and access to college loans for undocumented immigrants; required background checks to buy bullets; raised the minimum wage to $10.50 – heading to $15 by 2022 – and put California on target to hit 50 percent renewable power by 2030.
In recent months, Brown has signed a new gas tax to fund more than $50 billion in repairs to the state’s roads and bridges, and he extended California’s cap-and-trade program, which has raised $4 billion for clean energy, electric cars and high-speed rail.
Contrary to Republican dogma, Brown’s brand of progressive, green economics hasn’t killed jobs – it has spurred the creation of 2.34 million. In the past five years, with just 12 percent of the U.S. population, California has driven one-quarter of America’s economic growth.  Story
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