Bridges from Athens home, October 21 – November 1 2017.(ronik24 on YouTube)

Trip over land home from Greece via Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. I spent one week in Greece around Athens and on the spectacular Bralos Pass mainline section near Lamia – including Asopos Gorge, Papadia and Gorgopotamos Bridges – which is supposedly about to be replaced by a newly built tunnel section within the next few months. From Thessaloniki, I continued to Sofia by MBV 360 – sadly with two bus replacement services, so not by train all the way – and via Vidin across the Danube to Craiova, Romania. As local football fans were just boarding a train, “Craiova” songs played on the station-wide speaker system. After a stop at the Iron Gates, my final overnight stay was Timisoara / Temesvar where old trams and railcars (Malaxa and as highlight a “Ferkeltaxe” ride) could be enjoyed


Ref: At 21.00 someone calls out (to Roni?) “I love you”

We do too!! Great video, as ever!