LMS Patriot Project Release New Statement Regarding Royal British Legion.(LMS Patriot Project)

(LMS Patriot Project Image)

The LMS Patriot Project, which is building new-build  Steam Locomotive The Unknown Warrior to steam on the railway, have released a statement about their relationship with the Royal British Legion.

In 2009, the Projects secretary, Richard Sant, and Andrew Laws, who is Marketing and Publicity Director… had a meeting with the Royal British Legion about their new locomotive. They met Mr Stuart Gendall, who is the Director of Corporate Communications at the Royal British Legion. Mr Gendall said whilst they could not support the project with money, they said that the project could use the Legion Crest.

The group have since used the crest and have promoted the project in the correct manner.

This year, The Project wrote to the legion about their potential involvement in their Armistice Centenary events next year.

Unfortunately, they have announced that Terry Whittles, who is head of the Legion’s Board of Trustees, replied saying he was unaware of the decisions taken by Mr Gendall. He was not authorised to make these decisions without consulting the board.

As a result, Mr Whittles has asked the group to stop claiming the Royal British Legion’s involvement. Also to stop using the crest.

Last month, the Project had a meeting with Mr Whittles. He made it clear that there was no possibility of endorsement by the legion, including the use of the crest. In his words “doing so would, in the Legion’s view, imply that we had received financial support from the Legion”

The project are as expected very disappointed. But have no choice other than to comply with the wishes of the Royal British Legion.

What next?

A new crest will be mounted above the nameplates, which the group will now produce. LMS Patriot Project will also continue to have good relationships with local branches in their common aim to promote Remembrance.