New bridges in Rückersdorf (South) and Bad Erna.(Deutsche Bahn)

Bridges replacing last remaining crossings • On 10 December an important milestone in the expansion of the Berlin-Dresden reached

(Berlin, November 23, 2017) Today the last two bridges were officially opened on the stage of construction of the Berlin-Dresden. All planned crossings have been replaced as planned. The two railway crossings in Rückersdorf (South) and Bad Erna be dismantled. Road traffic flowing freely from now on, no waiting at the closed gates.

The new, approximately 18 meter long flyover in Rückersdorf (South) which together with the ramps a new road of nearly 520 meters. Bad Erna the new bridge is about 14 meters long, the entire road construction here comprises almost 345 meters.

Construction began in June 2016. Around 4.6 million euros will cost the equivalent of the level crossing in Rückersdorf (South). Bad Erna around 3.1 million euros were invested. The two road construction, the State Office Highway Brandenburg, for the road L622, and the community Rückersdorf, represented by the Elsterland for the walkway, a cost-third. share for the bridge in Rückersdorf (South) The other two-thirds of the Federation and the web. For the bridge in Bad Erna, the federal government, the railway and the town Rückersdorf wear, represented by the Elsterland, one-third of the production costs. The state of Brandenburg promotes share of municipal road construction for both crossing measures.

The new road overpasses were built in the course of the expansion of the Berlin-Dresden railway for Tempo 200th Until 10 December this year the distance between Wünsdorf Forest City and Hohenleipisch is locked. Since August of last year, tracks, platforms and railway systems have been completely renewed and 18 level crossings replaced by road bridges or underpasses. The aim of the overall expansion of Berlin-Dresden railway is to shorten the travel time between the main stations of the Saxon capital and the capital of the Federal Republic of perspective to 80 minutes.

DB96133 In front of the bastion

S-Bahn Dresden train near Rathen.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Kai Michael Neuhold