Our new boiler contractors.(LMS Patriot Project)

Heritage Boiler Steam Services (HBSS), who we have signed up as our new boiler contractors following the decision by L&NWR heritage to cease contract work, are a new company set up by Andrew (Andy) Wilcock and Robert (Rob) Adamson which will operate from part of the West Shed at at Ripley in Derbyshire.
Both left the employment of L&NWR Heritage on 24th November and will start work on our boiler in the first week of December with a target completion date of January 2019 (or earlier). Both partners, who are apprentice served, have between them over 30 years’ experience in boiler repair and construction, Andy having also worked for Ian Riley. Both have worked on the Patriot boiler during its construction and it was the decision of L&NWR Heritage to get out of contract work that triggered them to approach us about completing our boiler. They told us that they have been discussing the possibility of launching their own business for the last five years but have held off until a first class opportunity came along. Well, they have certainly achieved this with what will be the first large traditional boiler to be built for a British operator since 1962.
As a new company they face a number of hazards as they build up their business and we are conscious of these and will be supporting them all the way, even to the extent of providing them with a mobile crane (now registered as an asset on our books) which they will buy from us at the original purchase price when the boiler is complete, and buying the expensive components (stays and tubes) direct from the manufacturers and supplying them free of charge to assist their cashflow. We have every confidence they can do the job to the highest standards and we are going to do all we can to help. The industry needs extra capacity if it is to prosper and this is our contribution to helping fill that gap. We have also introduced them to what we hope will be their next contract, the converted 8F boiler for County of Glamorgan, so their future looks bright.