Stadler wins contract for the revision of up to 195 bogies in Finland.(Stadler)

Stadler has signed with Junakalusto Oy a contract for the revision of the bogies, which are used in the four-part electric multiple units of the type FLIRT. The trains were delivered from 2009 to 2014 by Stadler to Finland.


FLIRT Junakalusto (Stadler Images)

The contract includes a total of up to 78 engine and 117 bogies and several spare parts. After a mileage of about one million kilometer, the revision of the bogies is necessary and is carried out by the respective state of the bogies. For the purposes of this approach Stadler will check the condition and take the necessary measures to ensure that the trucks are safe and well maintained. The contract period for the overhaul of the first bogies will begin in January 2018 and ends when all bogies have been tested, but no later than by the end of 2022. The work is to be carried out by the experts of the Competence Center for Bogie revisions in Szolnok, Hungary.

Yrjö Judström, executive director of Junakalusto Oy, revealed further details of the agreement:

“Bogie revisions are an important aspect in the life cycle of a train. With this agreement we will be able to achieve the qualitative and financial goals we have set for maintenance. We are very pleased to be working with Stadler in this new project.
Jürg Gygax, Executive Vice President and Division Head of Service at Stadler, added:
“The provision of services for vehicles is for us an important business segment. In addition, we obtain in this way an excellent feedback channel for our trains. For this reason, the award is for us in tenders related to our vehicles always important. We are also very proud that we have succeeded in the face of extremely tough competition to give the best price and quality offer. ” 

The Services Division is responsible for Stadler for the maintenance of vehicle fleets in 16 countries and therefore serves more than 680 vehicles, which cover a total of more than 115 million kilometers annually. In addition to the comprehensive services Stadler service also offers the modernization of trains and the component auditors. For this reason, Stadler opened in 2013 in Szolnok, Hungary, a competence center for bogies revisions