Central Railway is one of the first European companies in passenger traffic, to receive certificate of conformity.(Zentralbahn)


ECM Certificate of Conformity for the Central Railway.

After an intensive review of the processes, the production and rolling stock division of the Central Railway has received the certificate of conformity according to the European Standard ECM (entity in charge of maintenance). This legislation sets standards regarding the maintenance of railway vehicles. The Central Railway is one of the first European companies in the passenger transport sector to receive this certificate of conformity.

ECM – Entity in charge of maintenance

The legal regulations surrounding ECM are aimed at setting standards in terms of maintenance in the liberalised European rail transport system. This to ensure a safe condition of the vehicles. They apply in principle to all standard gauge railway vehicles. However, the certification requirement, with its specific regulations and characteristics, still exists only for goods and service cars. The specifications of the ECM is becoming the standard in the maintenance of railway vehicles and is therefore also relevant for Swiss meter gauge railways.

What is the added value for the Central Railway?

Gerhard Spinner, head of production and rolling stock, explains that the review of the processes was initialized according to the European standard, so that all internal processes could be tested in the heart. In addition to the conformity confirmation, the Central railway benefits above all from the many tips for the future development of maintenance.


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