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Black and White challenge of aspects of my life, no explanation.(C) Robin Coombes

Welcome…and news
Editor’s Selection 2 Film about the railways and it’s enthusiasts, 1960’s.(Huntley Film Archives)
Editors Selection 3  Service Steam in Bosnia and Serbia.
Editor’s Selection 4.The Story of The London Underground.(Glasgow Life on YouTube)
Editor’s Selection 5 Paul Salvesen: Bonfire Night at Lostock Junction and Black-Rabbiting in Great Lever
Editor’s Selection 6 London Mail Rail 04/11/17(Sean Dudden on YouTube)
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Welcome … and news..

A warm welcome to the December 2017 edition of “On Shed”

There is a great deal happening behind the scenes with the major restoration and rebuild projects, as the following items will show. And spare a thought..or a ££ or two, to the projects that don’t have the means to make major publicity announcements, but who soldier on in the hopes that someone reading will feel an affinity with the project, and get on board to help bring it to its completion! And there are a few projects in that group..

If there is a project that you would like to see featured here in “On Shed” , we will be delighted to do our part to help you, and “give something back” to the heritage and preservation movement.

So, please enjoy the contents of this edition..the “Film about the railways and it’s enthusiasts, 1960’s.(Huntley Film Archives)” is particularly touching.. as well as the films about the London Underground, and the Royal Mail underground too may prove to be of interest to you ..

So, read..and enjoy!


(P2 Steam Locomotive Company Image)

The Mikado Club funding the wheeling of No. 2007 Prince of Wales reaches 90% of extended £250,000 target

The project to build new Gresley class P2 steam locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the achievement of significant milestones both in construction and fundraising. The crank axle has been delivered to Darlington Locomotive Works (DLW) following its assembly by South Devon Railway Engineering Ltd at Buckfastleigh, Devon and finish machining by Unilathe at Stoke on Trent. In addition, The Mikado Club fundraising initiative to pay for the wheeling of the engine and tender has reached 90% of its revised target of £250,000 pledged almost three months earlier than anticipated.

The class P2 2-8-2 ‘Mikado’ locomotives were the most powerful passenger steam locomotives to operate in the UK, designed by Sir Nigel Gresley to haul 600 ton trains on the arduous Edinburgh to Aberdeen route. Sadly, the design was never fully developed and they were rebuilt in 1943/44 and scrapped by 1961.  The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (registered charity, builders and operators of famous new 100mph steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado) is building the seventh member of this class over seven years at an estimated cost of £5m. The project will demonstrate how the design can be fully realised through use of modern computer design techniques, enabling the new locomotive to deliver its full potential hauling passenger trains at high speed across today’s national network.

The delivery of the crank axle is a critical milestone for the project being the culmination of a long and expensive process including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) carried out by the railway engineering consultants, Mott MacDonald at Derby to eliminate a weakness in the original design that resulted in fracturing of the crank axle. It is anticipated that the fitting of wheels and tyres will take place in March which will complete the wheelset.It is hoped to have the engine wheeled by spring 2018.


Crank Axle Arrives. (P2SLC and Mandy Grant Images)

The Mikado Club was launched at the end of March 2016 to raise £200,000 from 160 members to wheel the engine and was extended in June 2017 to 200 members and £240,000 to also wheel the tender. The work involved wheeling the engine to create the first standard gauge ‘Mikado’ since 1945 includes:

  1. Machining axle and cannon box castings, manufacturing roller bearing details
  2. Boring eight coupled wheel bosses to finished size
  3. Assembling bearings and cannon box onto pony truck axle
  4. Assembling bearings, cannon and axle boxes onto plain coupled axles
  5. Trial fitting coupled axles to frame
  6. Pressing Cartazzi wheels onto axle, fitting & machining tyres and fitting bearings & axleboxes
  7. Pressing plain coupled wheels onto axles, fitting and machining tyres
  8. Assembling crank axle, fitting bearings & axleboxes, pressing wheels onto crank axle, fitting and machining tyres
  9. Finish machining crank bosses & boring crank pin holes and machining & fitting all crank pins
  10. Trial fitting wheelsets to frames at DLW.


Public interest in seeing a new Gresley class P2 become a reality sooner rather than later is high and over 840 people have already signed up to the ‘P2 for the price of a pint of beer per week’ (£10 per month or more) covenant scheme since its launch.  In addition to this core scheme, funds have been raised through The Founders Club (over 360 people have donated £1,000 each – target 100 people, now closed), The Boiler Club (130people have pledged £2,000 each – target of 300 people), The Mikado Club (180 people have pledged £1,000 each – target now raised from 160 to 200 people and £200,000 to £250,000), Dedicated Donations (over £200,000 from existing supporters sponsoring a variety of components) and the sponsorship of the locomotive’s distinctive front-end by The Gresley Society Trust. This means that the project has already received pledges of over 54% (including Gift Aid) of the £5m needed to complete the new locomotive by 2021.

Other recent progress includes:

  • Frames: manufacture of spring hanger brackets is well underway with the combined frame stay and four spring hanger brackets fabrication nearing completion at North View Engineering Solutions Limited at Darlington. Four brake hanger brackets have been completed and are now fitted to the frames
  • Wheelsets: crank axle assembled and delivered to DLW. Cartazzi wheelset now complete and delivered to DLW, along with the Pony Truck axle. Three plain coupled axles being finished machined at Unilathe at Stoke on Trent. Final batch of cannon boxes and axle boxes expected to be delivered shortly from Timson Engineering at Kettering
  • Sandboxes: the original class P2 locomotives were fitted with gravity sanders for the leading coupled wheels and steam sanders for the driving (second) coupled axle – no back sanders were fitted; with No. 2007 likely to do significant work in reverse, mostly on heritage railways, haulage of substantial loads over significant gradients running tender first is likely to happen; all will now be air operated as per Tornado. All six sandboxes fitted to the frames along with their sand fillers and pipes
  • Fittings: the steam manifold and its associated valve body castings are being machined and having details made. The blower valve has been completed. Machining of the casting and manufacture of details for the exhaust steam injector is underway
  • Brake & spring gear: good progress has been made by I D Howitt of Crofton in manufacture of brake hangers and spring gear details
  • Boiler Cladding: a jig had been built to form and erect the boiler cladding. All the crinoline rings and battens have been formed and fitted to the jig, followed by approximately half the boiler cladding sheets
  • Tender: an order had been placed with ID Howitt of Crofton to construct the tender frames following their success with the similar frames for Tornado’s tender. Details are being worked up following the excellent sponsorship offer made by Cleveland Bridge UK at Darlington to construct the tender tank. The axles and tyres for the tender have been ordered. Most of the castings for the tender have been manufactured by William Cook at Sheffield
  • Design: the principle focus for design effort is the poppet valve gear and details of the cylinder block to enable approaches to industry for quotations to manufacture.


P2 Roadshows – last stop Aberdeen

We continue to promote the P2 Project as widely as possible and have already held eight P2 Roadshows this year in London, Peterborough, Doncaster, York, Darlington, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Dundee. All were very well attended and resulted in substantial donations and sign-ups on the day, with more coming in over the following weeks. The presentations run from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs on each of the days listed below, no booking is required, admission is free and open to existing supporters and interested members of the public:

  • Saturday 25th November 2017 – Aberdeen Jury’s Inn, Aberdeen.


These presentations are open to anyone wanting to know more about the project and we are encouraging our existing supporters to bring along interested family and friends.

Mark Allatt, P2 Project Director, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, commented:

“The delivery of the crank axle for No. 2007 Prince of Wales and the early hitting of 90% of the revised £250,000 pledged target for The Mikado Club mark two significant milestones in the project to build our new Gresley class P2 ‘Mikado’. We are delighted with the level of support that the project to build Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive has received since construction started only three years ago. Thanks to our supporters’ continued generosity, well over £1.3m has been spent on construction, over £1.7m donated and over £2.7m pledged.

“We are confident that we will have completed the rolling chassis for No. 2007 Prince of Wales in spring 2018 having already reached 90% of our revised fundraising target for The Mikado Club and we remain on-track for completion of the new locomotive in 2021. However, to maintain this rate of progress we need to raise more than £700,000 per year, which given the nature of the regular donation scheme becomes more challenging as each year passes. We would encourage all steam enthusiasts who haven’t yet contributed to this exciting project to help us to meet these deadlines by becoming a monthly covenantor or joining The Mikado Club. It’s time to get on board! This year will see further major announcements as the construction of new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales continues to gather pace.”

Editor’s Selection 2.Film about the railways and it’s enthusiasts, 1960’s.(Huntley Film Archives)

A superbly detailed account by three railway enthusiasts of the Settle to Carlisle line which is now so famous but was, perhaps, almost unknown to those outside the area until this film won a ‘Ten Best Award’ organised by the magazine Amateur Cine World in 1964. When the Awards show was presented at the National Film Theatre, it was decided that it was too long to show in full, so an 18 minute extract was prepared and screened to great acclaim. Although the full version was shown later at the NFT, there is now some doubt as to whether the full version still survives. (this is it though! – ed) Shot on 16mm Bolex camera, the full film covered the whole line from Settle, to Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Ribblehead, Dent, Garsdale, Kirkby Stephen West, Appleby, Appleby West, Culgaith, Armathwaite, Cotehill and Carlisle, in some cases with an examination of the station buildings and town itself. Motive power is at a magic moment when diesel traction was just beginning to appear, represented by what are now historical exhibits in the form of D153, D158 and D165. Steam abounds, with LNER ‘A4’ 4-6-2 No 60023 Golden Eagle, BR ‘Britannia’ 4-6-2 Nos 70023 Venus and 70048 The Territorial Regiment 1908-1958, LMS ‘3’ 2-6-2T No 40075, LMS ‘4F’ 0-6-0 Nos 44149 and 44554 and LMS ‘5’ 4-6-0 No 45232 as well as an old Midland steam crane. The study of the camp that once served the building of Ribblehead Viaduct and scenes in the snow in the winter of 1962-63 are masterly.

Editor’s Selection 3 Service Steam in Bosnia and Serbia

Service Steam in Bosnia and Serbia. (Courtesy KochersbergTV on YouTube)

Steam-hauled service trains disappeared from Europe long ago. However, some unexpected spots remain where steam locomotives are used on a regular basis, shunting and -sometimes- venturing on the mainlines, as is the case in a number of collieries, in Bosnia and Serbia, as shown in the present video. Featuring ex-Yugoslavian Railways classes 33 (2-10-0, ex DRG), 62 (local copies of US 0-6-0T war locomotives), 126 (ex-Hungarian Railways 0-6-0) and a number of narrow gauge (760 mm) locomotives.

Editor’s Selection 4 The Story of The London Underground.(GlasgowLife on YouTube)

The London Underground (also known simply as the Underground, or by its nickname the Tube) is a public rapid transit system serving London and some parts of the adjacent counties of Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

The world’s first underground railway, the Metropolitan Railway, which opened in 1863, is now part of the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines; the first line to operate underground electric traction trains, the City & South London Railway in 1890, is now part of the Northern line. The network has expanded to 11 lines, and in 2016–17 carried 1.379 billion passengers, making it the world’s 11th busiest metro system. The 11 lines collectively handle approximately 4.8 million passengers a day.

The system’s first tunnels were built just below the surface, using the cut-and-cover method; later, smaller, roughly circular tunnels – which gave rise to its nickname, the Tube – were dug through at a deeper level. The system has 270 stations and 250 miles (400 km) of track. Despite its name, only 45% of the system is actually underground in tunnels, with much of the network in the outer environs of London being on the surface.[9] In addition, the Underground does not cover most southern parts of Greater London, with less than 10% of the stations located south of the River Thames.

The early tube lines, originally owned by several private companies, were brought together under the “UndergrounD” brand in the early 20th century and eventually merged along with the sub-surface lines and bus services in 1933 to form London Transport under the control of the London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB). The current operator, London Underground Limited (LUL), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transport for London (TfL), the statutory corporation responsible for the transport network in Greater London. As of 2015, 92% of operational expenditure is covered by passenger fares. The Travelcard ticket was introduced in 1983 and Oyster, a contactless ticketing system, in 2003. Contactless card payments were introduced in 2014.

The LPTB was a prominent patron of art and design, commissioning many new station buildings, posters and public artworks in a modernist style. The schematic Tube map, designed by Harry Beck in 1931, was voted a national design icon in 2006 and now includes other TfL transport systems such as the Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and TfL Rail. Other famous London Underground branding includes the roundel and Johnston typeface, created by Edward Johnston in 1916.

Editor’s Selection 5 Paul Salvesen: Bonfire Night at Lostock Junction and Black-Rabbiting in Great Lever

November 5th is a date burnt, literally, in the collective memory of Bolton railway enthusiasts of a certain age. Back in 1966 it was the last day of train services at the delightful (and then) semi-rural station of Lostock Junction. Several persons who shall for ever remain anonymous had arranged to give the last train a fitting send-off with the usual cacophony of detonators enhanced by fireworks.

The driver of the last train, a late evening Blackpool to Manchester stopper, had been tipped off to expect a few ‘bangs’. “I’ve heard nowt” was the appropriate railwayman’s response. At the appointed time, coming up to 21.50, the signal cleared and detonators were placed just in advance of the platform end. The train’s headlights appeared in the distance, seeming to be moving remarkably fast. We quickly realised why. It wasn’t the stopper but the late running Glasgow-Manchester express with a Brush class 47 at the front. The train hit the detonators, of which there were many, and an emergency brake application followed. The train came to a stand some distance beyond the signalbox and words were exchanged. The train continued, further delayed by this illegal guerrilla action. I would love to have seen the Train Register Book and what was recorded to explain the incident. The actual ‘last train’ trundled in a few minutes later. The party, numbering about 30, piled onto the train and away we went. “What, no dets then?” asked the driver before he got the two bells to depart. “Err no, different plan,” someone mumbled. The train pulled away from the station and Lostock Junction was no more. Was that the sound of police sirens in the distance? The train reached Bolton and members of the party disappeared into the night, preferring to use unofficial means of exit rather than be apprehended at the ticket barriers. There is a lesson in all of this – you can prepare as much as you can but always be prepared for the unexpected. Lostock station re-opened (though not as a ‘junction’) in 1989. It is now a highly successful commuter station.

The other bonfire musing is the quaint tradition, common in many places but with a very specific name given to it in a certain salubrious suburb of Bolton where I grew up, known as Great Lever. This is the practice of ‘black rabbiting’. It’s very simple – kids used to raid other bonfires and steal their wood. Fights often ensued. Two questions spring to mind: what was the origin of the term? Were the ‘black rabbiters’ some sort of underground gang which operated in the vicinity of Lever Edge Lane? And is the practice still so described? Answers, from Great Leverites only, please.

Editor’s Selection 6 London Mail Rail 04/11/17(Sean Dudden on YouTube)

A tour and ride of the unique and rare London Mail Rail 04/11/17 My name is Sean and I have over 2,250 subscribers 1,261.259 views and over 1007 videos Steam train and other railway videos and other videos filmed using my Sony FDR-AX33 4K also the Panasonic FullHD HC X920 3mos camcorder and I use Sony Vegas pro to render and edit my films. My videos are all free to watch on YouTube. Please feel free to browse my videos mainline steam trains from Isle of Mann and England, Steam railways in Wales and other railway related videos including steam trains from Poland, Australia, Italy and France Czech Republic, Sicily. East Somerset Rail, East Somerset Railway, for easy navigation take a look at my playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/XxBec350.


LNER Inspired Posters of “2007 Prince of Wales” & “60163 Tornado”.(Stephen Millership)

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, the registered charity behind famous new 100mph steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado and Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales, has today published two new posters by renowned railway artist Stephen Millership featuring its locomotives. The designs of the posters were inspired by the iconic posters of the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) from the 1930s and 1940s.

Tornado 10 Years in Steam has been produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the completion of new Peppercorn class A1 ‘Pacific’ No. 60163 Tornado at Darlington Locomotive Works in 2008. The poster was designed by Stephen Millership and drew its inspiration from the iconic Silver Jubilee poster by Frank Newbould published by the LNER to mark the entry into service of Britain’s first streamlined train in 1935.

A Giant Resurrected has been produced to promote the construction of new Gresley class P2 ‘Mikado’ No. 2007 Prince of Wales at Darlington Locomotive Works. The poster was designed by Stephen Millership and drew its inspiration from the iconic Giants Refreshed poster by Terence Cuneo published by the LNER to mark the restoration of its locomotives from wartime Black liveries to Apple Green and Garter Blue liveries in 1947.

Both posters have been produced on A1 size 200gsm paper and are available to purchase for £15.00 each (including postage & packing) from The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust atwww.a1steam.com with all profits going towards the featured locomotive.

Mark Allatt, Trustee, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, commented:

“The London & North Eastern Railway not only built some of the finest steam locomotives to operate in Great Britain but also promoted its services with some of the most iconic posters ever produced, working with artists including Tom Purvis, Frank Newbould and Terence Cuneo.

“As the re-creator of long-lost LNER steam locomotive designs, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust wanted to celebrate Tornado’s tenth birthday and promote the construction of the seventh class P2 Prince of Wales and we could think of no more appropriate way than to commission two new posters from renowned illustrator Stephen Millership whose work pays homage to the golden age of steam.

Tornado 10 Years in Steam and A Giant Resurrected are both available to buy from www.a1steam.com for only £15.00 each – the perfect Christmas present for anyone with a love of steam or a passion for travel posters.”

Stephen Millership added:

“When I was approached by The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust to design and illustrate posters for both Tornado and Prince of Wales locomotives, I was thrilled. The project was made even more exciting when I was asked to base the posters on the classic LNER designs of the past. Terence Cuneo’s original poster Giants Refreshed has always been a favourite of mine, so to try and capture some of the magic of that poster using my illustration style was a challenge and a joy. I feel very pleased to have played a small part in both these amazing railway projects.”

For details of how to help visit www.p2steam.com, email enquiries@p2steam.com or call 01325 460163.

For details of how to help or where to travel behind Tornado visit www.a1steam.com  or email enquiries@a1steam.com.

For more information please contact:

Mark Allatt, Trustee, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, on 07710 878979 or mark.allatt@a1steam.com

100 Trains….the journey so far….

Now that long-distance walking is no longer possible for me, I will continue my ataxia awareness-raising/fundraising efforts by making short city walks, and travelling between cities by train/bus.

And the first of these tours, which I am currently in the middle of, is a tour of Europe, highlighting the accessibility of the most-popular hotels and tourist attractions.

I’ll be sharing loads of articles/photographs of my trip as I go, which I will share here, and on Twitter and Facebook.

So sit back and enjoy a tour of Europe.

Steam Tube Photographic File.


Images courtesy: Hugh Cantlie.

Steam Tube Video Vault

Weekend with Czech steam locomotives “Ušatá” 464.102, “Pětasedma” 475.111 and “Štokr” 556.0506 around Prague.(Dominik Schön on YouTube)

The Chester Christmas Cracker, 60163 Tornado, 25th November 2017.(D1002 Western Explorer,Dave Wadley..on YouTube)
Filmed at Tring.

Sneak peek : Dresden Park Railway, Germany.(trainstrain1 on YouTube)

Czech steam locomotive “Štokr” 556.0506 on the track no. 120 Lužná u Rakovníka – Praha.(Dominik Schön)

Lerro Photography: Branch Line Steam on the Everett Railroad(Big Jim Video Productions)

Over a period of a day and a half, a small steam locomotive in central Pennsylvania was used to hearken photographers back to another era. This was a time when diesel locomotives were taking over on the main lines of the big railroads – and small branch lines were still using steam power to pull modest-sized trains through rural countrysides and small towns. In reality, this was November 4-5, 2017, and Alco-Cooke 2-6-0 #11 was being used to pull a photo charter along the Martinsburg branch of the Everett Railroad (although one shot was done on the Claysburg branch as well). Using a combine and coach, the train made various photo runbys in brilliant sun, overcast skies, fog, and rain, all over the course of a day and a half. Enjoy this look at Branch Line Steam on the Everett Railroad!

Czech steam locomotives 477.043 and 354.195 at the celebration of 150 years of track Bakov nad Jizerou – Česká Lípa.(Dominik Schön)

Steam Tube Blogs


Wilmington & Western #58: Test Run on Veterans Day(Big Jim Video Productions)
It’s an exciting time when a steam locomotive returns after a long absence – and Veterans Day 2017 was that day for the volunteers of the Wilmington & Western Railroad. 0-6-0 #58, the “Veterans Engine” (as it was dedicated years ago) made an appearance to be on display under steam at Greenbank Station for the day. After a pair of sold-out trips behind B&O EMD SW1 diesel #8408, the Baldwin switcher coupled to the front of the train and took it on a short test run up the line. Enjoy this footage from Veterans Day, and a test run of #58!

Restoring Class 08 Shunter Locomotives at the NNR.(railwayblogger)

The London Midland and Scottish Railway in partnership with English Electric designed the 350hp 0-6-0 shunting locomotive in the 1940s.

Class 08 Shunter at North Norfolk Railway

L-R RailwayBlogger, Phil Ward owner of D3935 and D3940 and Graham Findlay, Head of Ops at S&D

In April 2017, a group of working volunteers from the Somerset and Dorset Railway at Midsomer Norton decided to tour a number of heritage railways in East Anglia including the North Norfolk Railway. For me, this was also an opportunity to meet with Phil, who I’ve spoken to on a number of occasions on the phone about technical issues on Class 08’s. At Midsomer Norton we have D4095. Phil had kindly agreed to show me round the workshop at Weybourne where he and the team had been undertaking restoration work on D3935.

History of Class 08 shunter D3935

D3935 was built at Horwich in April 1961 and for the following six years was allocated to 61A Kitty Brewster. Then in August 1967, it became a 61B Aberdeen Ferry Hill allocation. Late in 1971 it was transferred to the Eastern Region at  51L Thornaby for six months before moving South to 30A Stratford. Within a month it was re-allocated to its final shed at 30E Colchester. In 1974 it was re-numbered to 08767 under the recently introduced TOPS system. It remained at Colchester for the next 22 years until withdrawal at the end of January 1994. Phil told me he worked on this loco numerous times albeit that during this period it was outstationed for long periods at Ipswich.

After withdrawal D3935 (or 08767 as it was now known) was sold along with two other Class 08s to Birds the scrap merchant. For some time the three locomotives were stored at the closed depot 32B Ipswich.  Sadly 08627 and 08748 were scrapped on site. However, the North Norfolk Railway purchased D3935 as they needed a diesel shunting locomotive. It was then used up until 2004 but unfortunately during its use it suffered a moved crank on one of the axles.

Major overhaul begins on D3935

After storage for a number of years, it was bought by Phil in 2012 and work began on its restoration. Phil clearly has massive experience on Class 08’s and knows the history of both this and D3940.

History of Class 08 shunter D3940

D3940 was built in March 1960 at Derby and was delivered to 50A York for the first three years or so of service. It was then sent to 52A Gateshead in June 1963 for a number of years before moving East to 52E Percy Main.  It remained here for three years before it returned to Gateshead. Towards the end of 1976 it moved South to 51L Thornaby. Its time there included a period of temporary storage. Its final reallocation was to Colchester around 1985 and was officially withdrawn by British Railways in mid-January 1994. Two weeks later D3935 was also withdrawn from traffic. Although the official withdrawal dates are recorded as January 1994 Phil believes that it was probably during 1993 that they were actually taken out of service.

Upon withdrawal D3940 was purchased by Phil and was for a number of years based at the East Anglian Railway Museum at Chapel & Wakes Colne before moving to the North Norfolk Railway to join D3935.

Progress on Class 08 D3935

Horwich works where D3935 was built had a very proud tradition of building locomotives to excellent engineering standards. Clearly time restrictions and productions schedules to deliver locomotives into service severely limited the time for cleaning, painting and polishing.  Fortunately there is a different situation on heritage railways.

The care and attention lavished on D3935 is outstanding. With a side doors open we were able to view the 350hp diesel engine. There was no trace of oil leakage. The engine looked resplendent in its cream paint work. It was set off with silver painted exhaust manifold and blue coolant pipework along with salmon pink lube oil lines.


The Future

I recently spoke to Phil and as of November 2017, the locomotive is nearing the end of its restoration. This is a fantastic achievement on such an iconic class of locomotive.

The Class 08 is well respected among the railway fraternity. The high standard of workmanship on D3935 will see it in service for many years to come. I congratulate Phil and his team as the quality of work on the Class 08 shunter is a credit to them all.

Complete article and images HERE 

Courtesy and (C) railwayblogger.

Tornado…The Story so far…

Travel with No. 60163 Tornado

Tornado’s packed main line diary for the beginning of 2018 includes:

  • Saturday 24th February 2018 – ‘The North Briton’ – Cambridge to Carlisle and return (Tornado comes on at Doncaster) –  A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 24th March 2018 – ‘The Sulis and Sarum Express’ – West Midlands to Bath and Salisbury – A1SLT promoted tour – bookings throughUK Railtours
  • Saturday 14th April 2018 – ‘The Ebor Flyer’ – London to York – FIRST 90MPH RAILTOUR –  A1SLT promoted tour – bookings through UK Railtours

Bookings by debit or credit card are via our ticket agents UK Railtours on 01438 715050 www.ukrailtours.com  or through www.a1steam.com.

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.

New & ReBuild News.

General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society


The Computer Aided Design work continues behind the scenes with the valve motion plunger guides being the latest components being worked on. The plungers are large hollow round shafts that slide in bushes and transmitalve motion from the valve gear inside the oil bath to the rods outside, which carry the motion forward to the valves above the cylinders. Despite the presence of the oil bath, the plungers have to be lubricated in their bushes by pipes that come from oil trays in the cab.


Valve Motion Plunger Guides (James Pearce )

A surge of last minute online purchases by our members has seen our EasyFundraising total pass the £250 mark for the year which is an amazing achievement for the number of members we have registered.  With Christmas fast approaching today is the perfect time to sign up as the project will get donation when you shop online. There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury’s – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Head to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/35011gsn/ and join for free.

2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges and 35011 General Steam Navigation will be really grateful for your donations. You can find out more about EasyFundraising here.


In last month’s update we launched our ‘Sponsorship component of the month’ scheme with the truck oil trays being its first component. We are delighted to have had received offers to cover the purchase of all 6 and we should arrive payment soon. Our thanks go out to these two gentlemen who wish to remain anonymous at this stage.  This month’s component that is available for sponsorship is the axle box covers for the pony truck and tender. The society will be getting a pattern made for this particular component with the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society kindly lending us one of Clan Lines spare covers for this purpose. The axle box covers can be used on both the rear pony and on the tender so to make the component more attractive to sponsorship and cut down on the costs we decided to make all 8 made available for sponsorship. Each cover costs £110 and will feature the distinctive cast at Eastleigh markings. Everyone who sponsors a component will get a certificate thanking them and their name on our roll of honour. If you’d like to sponsor one of the axle box covers please do get in contact.

As always thank you for your continued support.


The Clan Project..72010 Hengist

Patron: The Hon Sir William McAlpine, Bt          
President: Mr James Baldwin IEng, MIET, MIGPP, Dip Eng Mgmt        
Chairman: Allan Jones 

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76084 and Sale of ‘B’ Shares

On 5 September 2017, the 20th Birthday of the Company, John Oldcorn, our only ‘B’ shareholder, informed the Board of Directors that he wanted to sell his shares. This came out of the blue and was a shock to the rest of the Board. Initial reaction was that a clone of John (another private buyer) would not come along and buy his holding. The prospect of a heritage railway owning a controlling interest was not a welcome one if it meant that the ‘A’ shareholders would have little say in 76084’s management and operation. The question was asked; ‘Is it time for 76084 to go into single ownership?’.

The latter option put the Board in something of a spin. It was certainly the way that John Oldcorn was thinking to maximise his return on investment when he advertised our locomotive‘For Sale’. Possibly due to the short timescale for ‘Expressions of Interest’ set by John and the way the numerous expressions faded away very quickly thereafter it came as no surprise that a sale of 76084 did not come to pass.

Shareholders were notified quickly as was the North Norfolk Railway because of possible consequential disruption to them. The matter was then put into the public domain to market the available shares quickly. The railway press was contacted too. Formal expressions of interest from several heritage railways and a number of individuals were received. All were engaged individually that led to meaningful discussions with three railways taking place.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, whose location is of considerable interest to many of our Shareholders and supporters, was first. A proposal to both the NYMR plc and Trust Boards resulted in a preference to spend its money on resident locomotives 80135 and 75029 instead of buying into 76084.

The East Lancashire Railway could be considered a natural home for 76084 with the locomotive having been built at Horwich, shedded at Lower Darwen and having worked in the North West. They were initially very interested but then seemed to lose interest possibly due to their appeal to buy “City of Wells“.

The North Norfolk Railway was immediately extremely very enthusiastic. They worked very hard and came up with a firm proposal for the NNR to buy the shares. As the Board preferred a private individual to buy them so that it would remain an independent locomotive company a lot of work was done and a private individual identified to meet these objectives. A deal was agreed and 76084 Locomotive Company Limited has a new ‘B’ Shareholder.

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The Brighton Belle

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Heritage Boiler Steam Services (HBSS), who we have signed up as our new boiler contractors following the decision by L&NWR heritage to cease contract work, are a new company set up by Andrew (Andy) Wilcock and Robert (Rob) Adamson which will operate from part of the West Shed at at Ripley in Derbyshire.
Both left the employment of L&NWR Heritage on 24th November and will start work on our boiler in the first week of December with a target completion date of January 2019 (or earlier). Both partners, who are apprentice served, have between them over 30 years’ experience in boiler repair and construction, Andy having also worked for Ian Riley. Both have worked on the Patriot boiler during its construction and it was the decision of L&NWR Heritage to get out of contract work that triggered them to approach us about completing our boiler. They told us that they have been discussing the possibility of launching their own business for the last five years but have held off until a first class opportunity came along. Well, they have certainly achieved this with what will be the first large traditional boiler to be built for a British operator since 1962.
As a new company they face a number of hazards as they build up their business and we are conscious of these and will be supporting them all the way, even to the extent of providing them with a mobile crane (now registered as an asset on our books) which they will buy from us at the original purchase price when the boiler is complete, and buying the expensive components (stays and tubes) direct from the manufacturers and supplying them free of charge to assist their cashflow. We have every confidence they can do the job to the highest standards and we are going to do all we can to help. The industry needs extra capacity if it is to prosper and this is our contribution to helping fill that gap. We have also introduced them to what we hope will be their next contract, the converted 8F boiler for County of Glamorgan, so their future looks bright.

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US Projects

“Big Boy”

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust

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Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2


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Project 6029 (Beyer Garratt 6029 ex-NSWGR)

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Victorian Steam Locomotive Company.

LMS Ex inspection 45036

The short term aim is to have a fully restored chassis and then rebuild it as a saloon in the long term , she is located at Tanat Valley Light Railway (TVLR)

Andrew Barclay 2352…

First 2018 Volunteer Work Week (5 March 2018 – 11 March 2018)

Tanat Valley Light Railway Company
SY10 9HW Nantmawr, Shropshire

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B & O Railroad Museum TV

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Mainline Steam Schedule

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5043 at Honeybourne 4th October 2014

On This Day in History.


–/12/1928        Great Western Railway of England commences series production at its Swindon Works of ’Hall’ Class 4-6-0 steam locomotives, of which there will eventually be 339.

01/12/1929        Underground Electric Railways Company of London officially opens its notable new headquarters building at 55 Broadway, above St. James’s Park tube station, designed by Charles Holden

01/12/1909       The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway publicly inaugurates England’s first suburban surface railway electrification system on its South London line, known as the “Elevated Electric” (overhead wire 6.7 kV a.c. at 25 Hz)

03/12/1927       Official opening of London Post Office Railway.

04/12/1957       Accident at Lewisham (90 fatalities. 176 injured)

16/12/1914         O. Winston Link, American photographer who documented the end of steam locomotive use on the Norfolk and Western Railway in the 1950s born.

17/12/1915        The St Bedes Junction rail crash in England kills 19 people.

20/12/1909       Henry Fowler is appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Midland Railway, succeeding Richard Deeley

24/12/1901        The New Zealand Government Railways become the first major railway to place a 4-6-2 steam locomotive into service, having ordered thirteen Q class from the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia

24/12/1910        The Hawes Junction train disaster in Cumbria, England, occurs when a busy signalman forgets about a pair of bank engines waiting at his starting signal and he then allows two trains into the one block section.

Radstock to Frome Railway Project

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Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.

Book review: The English Railway Station

Christian Wolmar is a regular speaker at conferences, meetings and seminars both in the UK and abroad on transport and, specifically, rail matters. He often speaks at conferences on the latest development in the rail and transport industries and gives lectures on all his rail history books

Christian gives around 30 talks per year and has spoken all around the country, as well as in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, the United States and Australia where he has twice been invited to provide his expertise. He has given two lectures at the Royal Geographic Society.


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Around the Turntable Great Western style at a top 50 depot, a Hall, 2 Castles and a pannier tank. 5043 ready to work the down Capitals United Express to Cardiff.(C) Robin Coombes.