Youth, sports, culture, refugee aid: German Railway Foundation supports nationwide 150 volunteering projects.(German Railway Foundation)



Just as DB assistant Kerstin Oldenburg in Dortmund women and men involved in the whole of Germany to society. The International Volunteer Day honors the strong personal commitment of helpers. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

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International Volunteer Day on December 5, recognizes community involvement • German Railways Foundation promotes voluntary work in Germany on a broad basis • DB staff from all provinces reach over 350 applications a • volume of around 90,000 euros

Berlin, 3 December 2017 | The International Volunteer Day on Tuesday (December 5) is a global day of action for the recognition of voluntary work. In Germany alone, some 30 million women and men accompany an honorary regularly. They worry about children, the elderly, refugees and the homeless; they bring experience one, often a lot of time and contribute with their volunteering in to its social cohesion.

With the “honor” promotes the German Railway Foundation volunteer work in Germany on a broad basis and contributes to the recognition and support of high personal commitment simultaneously. To support the German Railway Foundation every year profit organizations where DB employees do voluntary work, financially. Individual projects will be funded with up to 500 euros, team projects can be supported with up to 1,500 euros.

2017 more than 350 applications were submitted – a total of 151 charitable projects receive funding. This year, the funding will benefit 132 individual and 19 team projects from all 16 states. The delivery volume was increased compared with 2016 at around 90,000 euros.

to assume “social responsibility, which is part of social understanding and living in the DB business practice. As German Railway Foundation, we have revived this tradition and strengthen volunteering in Germany on a broad basis. Civic engagement deserves respect and recognition “, recognizes Tobias Geiger, Chairman Managing Director, commitment.

Markus Wahlandt (Karlsruhe): tutoring for learning difficulties

Markus Wahlandt (Karlsruhe) is engaged in tutoring for learning difficulties. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

Markus Wahlandt is a student at DB Netz and supports the area
Maintenance. At least once a week, he is committed to further the project “2. Chance “of the Workers’ Welfare Association (AWO). “As a teenager I attended one of the holiday programs. So I know how useful this work is. “The 33-year-old looks after learning groups, but is also active in the single promotion. Currently it supports an Afghan young people to acquire the high-school diploma. The funds from the honor promotion will use the association for learning materials and excursions, such as visits to museums.

Anna Bertram (Hannover): German lessons for refugees

Anna Bertram (Hannover) helps refugees in learning the German language. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Volkmer.

The 23-year-old works as a project manager in the sales DB Cargo. Two years ago, refugees of different ages to Hanover came, decided Anna Bertram, to help with the integration. “Most of the refugees did not speak German. For me this was the starting point for something to do – I wanted to help “Meanwhile, Anna Bertram solid club member in the neighborhood Kreis Hannover center, where every Tuesday evening German classes in a refugee shelter.. From the point of honor-aid money new books and learning books to be purchased.

January Kreßner (Brandenburg): Cheerdance in Schwanebeck

For about twelve years in January Kreßner has been with DB Netz in the area of ​​control and safety systems. After office hours, the 43-year-old supports the SG Schwanebeck 98 eV Main Board. “In the region Barnim we are the largest sports club with over 1,000 members,” said Kreßner. One of the 17 divisions in the association is Cheerdanc. The dancers call themselves after the logo of the Schwanebecker crest Blue-White Swans. They meet once a year on the so-called Swans Dance Day in front of large audiences and demonstrate their skills – a young group is one of the party. Thanks to honor the necessary equipment could be hired for this year’s event, among others.

Kirsten Weber (Frankfurt / Main): riding therapy for children and adults

Kirsten Weber (Frankfurt) supports equestrian therapies for children and adults. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

In Controlling the DB Vertrieb Kirsten Weber is responsible for planning and IT development. In her spare time she supported as a board member of the Frankfurt riding and driving club. “We organize the school horses of the club riding lessons for children and adults. We also offer riding therapy. “Of these people benefit with and without disabilities. In honor the 28-year-old has advertised together with two of their DB colleagues who are also involved in the club. Of the aid money among other things, a climbing aid can now be purchased that allows physically disabled people to independently get into the saddle.

Andreas Jung (Saarbrücken): Holiday in the camp

Andreas Jung (Saarbrücken) trained a children’s and youth team in judo. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

Andreas Jung undertaking training at DB Engineering & Consulting to decrease examiner for control and safety systems. For over 20 years he actively operates judo and trained now also a children’s and youth team in Grügelborn. The 27 year old is also involved on the board of Judo clubs. Each year in the first summer holiday week a tent camp is here traditionally focused – for the approximately 40 children and young people an exciting time. “The highlight is our warehouse Olympics. All compete in playful competitions and skits. The best groups will be honored with awards. From our point of honor-aid money we will buy new board games and games of skill. ”

Kerstin Oldenburg (Dortmund): Guest house instead Bank – food for the needy

Kerstin Oldenburg (Dortmund) takes care in their spare time for the needy. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

Sunday morning. It is just before 8 o’clock. Outside the door, the first guests are already waiting. Kerstin Oldenburg greets us warmly. As every Sunday it is today since 6:00 because to stock tables and populate trolley with food. The dining room is now filled to the last seat. During the morning up to 300 guests will be eating here. “To us, anyone can come who is in need,” said the 53-year-old. She had applied for a matter of honor already in 2016 and received funding for their submission: “We have been delighted by the support. We were able to acquire good warming army sleeping bags and spend the needy in winter. Although regular food donations received, often missing a lot. Thanks to honor we can if required now to buy butter, cheese, meat or fruit “The 19-year-old Annika leads the team of volunteers”. If you can hear: The breakfast has again tasted great ‘or’ Thank you, that you there ‘- of course it’s a better then. ”

Sven Hopfe (Eschwege): drums for youth

Sven Hopfe (Eschwege) drums for the children and marching band in the Werra Valley. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Wildhirt.

The 42-year-old platoon leader of DB long-distance transport is away on business in the ICE and Intercity. In his spare time Hopfe committed volunteer in the marching band Werratal eV 1956 he accompanied the youth and children’s train on tour and ensures that all are on the road serving drinks and snacks. Eschwege the musicians are called affectionately “Redcoats”. The name is borrowed from the distinctive uniform with the red jackets. Together with his daughter Jordin and colleague Antje Rex, which are also among the Redcoats, he has applied to honor. The awarded funding money now increased to the budget for the purchase of new drums and pipes for the young musicians.

Danny Christoph (Leipzig): promote sports education

Danny Christoph trained young footballers on the outskirts of Leipzig. Photo: German Railway Foundation / Klindworth.

DB long-distance rail vehicle electrician working at the Leipzig plant. Danny Christoph (42) holds the electrical, electronic and safety related parts in the ICE and IC 2 trains repaired. In SV Liebertwolkwitz he runs the football department. Particular attention he focused on the qualification of the coach: “Not only the sporty handling of our children and youth matters. It is important to correct pedagogical approach. I myself have purchased the B license and try to pass on my knowledge constantly, so train the people in the Saxon Football Association. “Due to injury can Danny Christoph no longer active play football, but trained in the vintage SV U11. The “honor” -Fördergeld two coaches the basic training was financed 2016/17. You now have the basic skills to work with children and adolescents.


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With honor the German Railways Foundation promotes voluntary work in Germany on a broad basis. This sets intended for employees of Deutsche Bahn, which do in their free time good; the Foundation supports 500 to 1,500 euros with amounts. This year, the funding was increased to 90,000 euros. Infographic with numbers and data for funding round in 2017. Graphic: German Railway Foundation / Sybille Wieschendorf.