New highway and reconstruction of railways benefits from a further 19 billion crowns, in addition to the 150 billion from European funds.(Czech Republic)

The European Commission has made payments to the Czech Republic on a new highway, road and rail repairs a total of 150 billion crowns from the Operational Program Transport I. This program is so completely closed and the transport sector managed to run out of it successfully without any loss. From the follow-up Transport Operational Program II will go to building another 19 billion.

“For European money modernizing D1 between Prague and Brno, South Bohemian we build new sections of motorway D3, D6 Carlsbad or Třince bypass road I / 11th On the train, we can modernize the track Rokycany – Plzeň and Olomouc reconstruct the railway station, “said Transport Minister Dan Tok.

The exhaustion of the old operational program significantly contributed approval of the six remaining major projects at the end of the program period. In five cases, it is called. Phased projects, where II. phase of these projects will be implemented within the OPD II. These include the Opatovice section of D35, the Times and the Isle or optimize routes between Bystřicí over Olza and Cesky Tesin.

The European Commission confirmed that the process was formally correct and the Czech Republic at the end of 2017, these European funds have been raised. Ministry of Transport so successfully deplete all funds from the Operational Program Transport I.

Successful drawing also boasts subsequent Transport Operational Program II, it thrives comply with the limits pumping a year in advance. An amount equal to nearly 19 billion, which represented the minimum amount of withdrawal by the end of 2018, managed to run out in mid-December last year.